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1872 Whiteside Directory

These Businessses are gleened from an 1872 Plat Map of Whiteside County; Warner & Beers, Publishers; 62 & 64 W Lake St., Chicago; Union Lith. & prints Co., Chicago. The book is on loan from Dr. Sharon Callaghan. (Use your Control F key to find surname)

E. H. Nevitt - Lumber, Real Estate & Insurance, Albany, Ill
Mrs.  W. S. Barnes - Eagle Hotel, Water Street, Albany, Il
D. Heflelbower (sic) - Heffelbower & Co. Manufacturers & Dealers in Lumber, Albany Ill.
S. C. Happer - Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats and Caps,Notions & Groceries
C. Knapp - Town Collector, Albany, Ill.
Geo. W. Parker - Dealer in Drugs, Chemicals, Millinery & Fancy Dry Goods.
J. Burlingame & Co. - Dealers in Boots & Shoes, Yankee Notions, Confectionery, Patent Medicines, &c.
Ernest Schneider - Manufacturer and Dealer in Furniture.
S. B. Hanks - Pilot of Steam Boat 'Ida Fulton'
D. C. Hanks - Pilot of Steam Boat 'Hiram Price'
C. B. Paddock - Dealer in Small Fruits, Grape Vines & Strawberries.
Henry Pease - Town Clerk
James Higunin - Pilot, Albany, Ill.
Jas. Early - Bolls & Early, Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats & Caps, Notions & Groceries.
Van Order & Dinneen - Manfs. of Wagons. Sleigs, Buggies, Horse Shoeing & Repairing. Also manufacturers  of Rockafellows Walking Spring tooth Horse Rake.
Geo. Mitchell 0 Meat Market, Main Street.
C. P. Ege - Attorney at Law, and Dealer in Real Estate.

Wm. B. Wolley - Justice of Peace. Sec 36
Zachariah Dent - One of the oldesst settlers. Sec 15
Samuel Haldeman - Dealer in Flour & Feed. Sec 23
G. F. Goodell - Dealer in Seed Potatoes. Sec 21
J. B. Platt - Town Clerk. Sec 15
C. E. Demmen - Dealer in General Merchandise, Fair Haven, Carroll Co., Ill.

E. Brookfield - Dealer in all kinds of General Merchandise.
S. S. Cobb - Druggist & Mfr. of Green's Alternative & Tonic Powders for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Hogs & Poultry.

H. K. Wells - Town Clerk, Physician, Dealer in Drugs, Perfumery & Yankee Notions.
J. C. Hubbart - Proprietor of Erie Flouring Mill. Sec. 5
Noble F. Eddy - Dealer in FAncy Stock - Sec. 2
L. D. Newton - Dealer in Stock
A. J. Osborne - Original Writer on American Finances, Sec 16
Joseph Cocking - Manufacturer & Dealer in Boots and Shoes.
Wm. L. Mitchell - Dealer in Agricultural  Implements.
John Freek, Sr. - First Settler in the town of Erie.
George Paddock - Dealer in Stock. Sec 18
Marshall Newton - Living on the land he drew for his services while in the war of 1812. Sec 14

G. W. Wood - Township Clerk & Treasurer. Sec 15
J. M Pratt - Supervisor  Sec 26
Van B. Weeks - School Teacher 
O. J. Porter - School Teacher  Sec 16
Arthur McLane - Ex. Supervisor of Fenton   Sec 30

B. Robinson - Proprietor Robinson House, Good Stabling for Teams, Good Sample Rooms, Omnibus to and from all regular trains.
J. McCoy & Sons - Attorneys at Law & Solicitors in Chancery, Fulton, Ill.
W. C. Snyder - Real Estate & Insurance Agen, Fulton, Ill.
Calbertson, Smith & Co. - Manufacturers & Dealers in Lumber, Lath, Sash, Doors & Blinds, Fulton, Ill.
G. J. Booth & Sons - Proprietors, Fulto Journal, Plain & Fancy Job Printing. G. J. Booth, A. J. Booth, Fulton, Ill.
J. M. May* - Bakery, Restaurant & Groceries.
Enos J. Perry - D. D. S. (Graduate Philadelphia Dental College. Dentist. all work done in the most modern & approved manner, and fully warranted.
Langford & Hall - Manufactureres & Dealers in Lumber, Wooden & Willow Ware. The largest & most complete Stock in the City. Fresh Goods constantly arriving. Quick Sales & Small profits - Their Motto: Highest Market price paid for Butter, Eggs & all Country Produce. Base St.
A. D. Mitchell - Dealer in Staple & Fancy Groceries, Green, Dried & CannedFruits, Glass Crockery, Stone Utensils, &c, &c. Corner of Base & Wall Streets.
O. Cowles & Co. - Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Hardware, Farming Utensils, Cor. Base & Wall Sts.
F. L. Norton - Editor, Whiteside Democrat, a Weekly Democratic Newspaper - $2.00 per year, in advance. All kinds of work executed neatly and promptly.
J. F. Martin - Farmer & Dealer in Stock, Cattle & Hogs. Also, buys and sells first class Horses.
J. Thorp - Principal, Union Graded School.
S. E. Seeley - Physician & Surgeon
Garton (sp? - Garten?) Bros. - Fulton Pipe Manufactory. Manufactureres of Clay Pipes. Orders respectfully solicited and promptly filled.
S. Lunt - Liver & Feed Stable, opisite (sic) Ill. Soldiers' College, Sec. 35
A. Suller - Proprietor of Fulton City Mills, Dealer in Grain, Potatoes, and all kinds of Farm Products.
N.  Moll - Manufacturer of Tin Ware.
Chas. Kahl - Manufacturer & Dealer in Cooperage.
J. C. Sommerfeld - Merchant Tailor.
J. P. Jacobs - Carpenter & Joiner & Stair Builder, Cor. Oak and Broadway Sts.
Geo. He*des (Heades?) - Constable
Herman Fisher - Manufacturer & Wholesaler dealer in Cigars. Base St.
R. B. Myers - Manufacturer of Wagons. The best materials used. All work warranted. Reparing in Wood work, in wagons, plows & all kinds of machinery.
C. H. Arfman - Saloon & Billiard Hall.
Joseph Geiger - Sallon & Billiard Hall.
Dr. Flower - is permanently located in Fulton, Whiteside Co., Ill. Cor. Walnut & Prairie Sts.

Reed & McIntyre - Dealers in Grain, Lumber, Coal, Salt, &c.
John D. Hendricks - Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c., &c.

J. M. Eaton - Supervisor
E. D. Stone - Physician & Surgeon
Levi P. Hill - Blacksmithing & Wagon Making
R. R. Murphy - Bee Keeper, Manufacturer of Bee Hives, Honey Extractors, & Dealer in Italian Bees.

Edward Parkinson - Supervisor  Sect 13
V. Rice - Trustee  Sect. 17

A. C. John, M.D. - P. O. Address, Sterling, Ill.
Benjamin Bressler - Proprietor of Grist Mill. Sec 33
Z. E. Hess - Carpenter & Builder. Sec 23
J. Sykes Wilson - Custom Miller. Sec 3

Scott & Hazaard - Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Ready-made Clothing, Notions, &c.
H. L. Richardson - For reliable Insurance, Hartford, Etna, Chicago LIfe.
C. L Parkhurst - Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, Yankee Notions. Sells as cheap as the cheapest in Lyndon.
John Roberts - Proprietor of Pe*k House, the only first class House in the Place. Passengers taken to and from Prophetstown.
Dr. Aaron P. Holt - City.
Wm. Manning - Proprietor of the Old Lyndon Ferry.
M. Lathe - Town Clerk. Sec. 20
B. V. Kniskern - Manufacturer of half square shouldered and square shouldered Brooms. Hurl or stock. Sect. 17
L. H. Pratt - Dealer in Stock. Buys & Sells. Sect. 29
Wm Wait - Prophetstown Ferry
Chas. H. Burdsall - Burdsall & Stevens, Dealers in Hardware, Iron, Nails, Stovees, Tinware, Farming Implements, House-keepers'  Hardware, &c.
H. G. Putnam - Dealer in Real Estate, at Lyndon, Contractor & Builder. Sect. 15
H. B. Freeman - Road Commissioner - sect. 4
J. Lathe - School Teacher
G. W. Fitch - Dealer in Coal and all kinds Stock.

J. N. Baird - Circuit Clerk
E. W. Payne - County Clerk
W. H. Thatcher - County Treasurer
Ed. A. Worrell - County Sheriff
M. W. Smith - Superintendent of Schools
A. Farrington - Supervisor
Wm. H. Montague - City Marshall
A. J. Jackson - Cashier of First Nat'l Bank
C. J. Johnson - Atty at Law
O. F. Woodruff - Atty at Law
F. D. Ramsay - Atty at Law
Geo. H. Fay - Atty at Law
Johnson & Wilkinson - Atty at Law
A. C. Johnson - Atty at Law
Wm. Lane - Atty at Law & Probate Judge
W. S. Wilkinson - State Senator
Frank Clendenin - Post Master
Warren Wilder - Real Estate & Insurance
Leander Smith - Pres. of First Nat'l Bank of Morrison
Chas. Bent - Editor Sentinel and U. S. Revenue Assessor
M. V. B. Smith - Rail Road and Express Agent
H. Sam. Vroom - Proprietor of Revere House
D. S. Sp*fford - Groceries, Crockery, Glassware, Table and Pocket Cutlery
W. F. Johnson - Dealer in Grain, Lumber, Lath & Shingles, Coal, Salt, Cement, &c. Market St.
Spears & Bros. - Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing &c.
Spears & Shafer - Dealers in Dry Goods, Notions, Crookery, Hats, Caps, and Carpets.
M. G. Preston - Livery, Sale and Feed Stable
J. M. Cobleigh - Merchant Tailor. Hats and Caps, &c.
John S. Green - Druggist and Bookseller
J. C. Jones - Dealer in Agricultural Implements and Stock.
John McDonald - Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing & Carpets.
E. M. Westphal - Saloon & Billiard Hall.
John P. Bickert - Boots and Shoes
Alfred J. Webster - Manufacturer of Carriages.
H. C. Donaldson - Physician & Examining Surgeon for Pensions, Office in Mosher building, Residence on West side of Base St., two doors North of M. E. Church.
Martin & Clendenin - Druggists, Booksellers, and News Dealers.
Jas. A. Fisher - Groceries, Crockery, Notions, Wood and Willow Ware.
James Snyder - Farmer & Stock Grower.
Wm. Duffin - Livery and Feed Stable.
B. H. Bacon - Watchmaker & Jeweler. Millinery, Notions, Toys, &c
Henry Levett - Billiard Hall & Restaurant
R. V. Stocking - Foundry & Machine Shop.
Warren Woods - Groceries, Provisions, Crockery, Glassware, Cutlery and Salt.
Sampson & Warren - Abstract Office
John Clark - Saloon Keeper
D. Drake & Switzer - Eagle Hotel
C. Foster - Produce Dealer
Lyman Gregory - Principal of Morrison Public Schools
M. Kahn - Dry Goods, Clothing, Ready-made and made to Order, and every article from bottom to top, for fancy and comfort to wear at M. Kahn's.
J. R. Brown - Photographer
Geo. King - Produce Dealer
Canfield Blodgett - City Gardener
B. C. Bailey - Dealer in Live Stock.
Wm. Taylor - Manufactureer & Dealer in Harnesses of all kinds, both Fine & Heavy. Also Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Whips, Curry Combs, &c. kept constantly.
Mrs. E. A. Cotton - Dress Maker, Corner opposite Spears Bro's. Main Street.
Ed J. Conger - Town Collector
Pat. Quinn - Station Agent, Round Grove,
E. S. Holm - Teacher Public Schools, Round Grove. Sec. 24
W. W. McElrath - Dealer in Stock. Sec. 1
Brewer & Co. - Dealers in Dry Goods, Hats and Caps, Notions, &c. Cash trade solicited.
Jetham McKee - City Constable
G. H. Dimick - Importer & Breeder of American improved Spanish Merino Sheep.
James H. Lewis - City Drayman.

Wm. A. Passmore - Proprietor of Mineral Springs. Good Bathing Rooms. Sec 24.

J. Fradenburgh - Town Clerk and Dealer in Drugs, Spring Hill
Levi Fuller - Dealer in Gen. Merchendise, Spring Hill
J. L. Fuller - Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware and Choice Family Medicine. Highest price paid for Butter, Eggs and Rags. Spring Hill.
D. F. Cole - Justice Peace & Supervisor. Sec. 23
Arbela Adams, Sec. 13
Guy Ray - Dealer in Fancy Stock & Town Treasurer. Sec. 12
P. B. Besse - Township Trustee. Sec 12
A. J. Bracken - Dealer in Stock. Sec 23
John S. Logan - Justice of Peace. Sec. 29
Frederick Knapper - One of the oldest settlers in Portland. Sec 34
E. J. Talcott - Physician, Spring Hill
Robert Woodside - One of the oldst Settlers, Sec. 22
John Riley - Physician, Sec 24

A. J. Mattson - Banker
Silas Sears - Town Clerk
A. J. Warner - U. S. Assessor
E. C. Hutchinson - Huse Builder
J. H. Mosher - Physician and Dealer in Drugs and Medicines
Baldwin Bros. - Dealers in General Merchandise
J. C. Moise - Physician
J. M. R*nsier - Dealer in Furniture and Undertaker. A full stockalways on hand. No. 7 Washington St.
H. A. Sturtevant - Dealer in Stock.
P. B. Reynolds - Farmer & School Treasurer.
L. W. Lewis - Supervisor
J. Andrews - Dealer in Stock.
H. F. Kellum - Livery Stable. City.
G P. Richmond - Dealer in Stock.
P. W. Spencer - Dairyman
Hall & Green - Dealers in Grain, Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Coal, Salt, Cement, Plastering, Hair, &c.

A. P. Smith - Office of Furniture Store.
L. H. Woodworth - Residence Sect 27
J. B. Ralph - Allopathic Physician & Surgeon, also Post Master.
C. K. Brown - Dealer in Dry Goods, Hats & Caps, Hosiery, Notions, &c.
Smith & Phelps - Mfr. of Kiln Dried Corn Meal.
W. E. Lukens - Proprietor of Coloma Nusery.
Grove Wright - Propr. of Maple Grove Nursery.
Phelps, Bros. & Co. - Dealers in Groceries, Teas, Crockery, Glassware, &c. Goods delivered in any part of City.
J. F. Shaw - Propr. of Baltic House, Good Sample Rooms & every attention to Guests.
J. D. Davis - Contractor & Builder.
Keystone  Mfr. Co. - Mfr. of Agricultural Implements.
Bowers & Gollinger - Custom Millers, Manufacturers of Flour Fandeed.
H. F. Batcheller - Mfr. of Batcheller's Hand Corn Planters.
C. Gullford Glenn - Principal of School & Justice of the Peace.
M. R. Adams - Supervisor, Coloma Tp., Sect. 34
J. A. Patterson - Dealer in Live Stock of all kinds. - Sec 34

Patterson & Co. - Bankers
First National Bank - John s. Miller, Prest. W. A. Sanborn, Cashier.
C. M. Worthington - Editor of  "Sterling Gazette."
Theo. H. Mack - Editor of "Sterling Standard."
W. M. Kilgour - Atty. at Law
Dinsmoor & Stager  Atty's at Law. Res. Walter Stager, Lots 9 & 10, Block 1
C. L. Sheldon - Atty at Law
Wm. H. Bennett - Atty at Law
Jno. G. Manahan - Atty at Law.
J. M. Wallace - Atty at Law
M. S. Henry - Atty at Law.
Fred. F. Sheldon - Atty at Law.
M. M. Royer = Physician & Surgeon
F. W. Gordon - Homeopathic Physician & Surgeon
R. B. Witmer & Co. - Merchants. Largest Stock in the North West.
E. W. Edson - Dealer in Fancy & Staple Dry Goods. Carpets, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, &c. Farwell Hall, Locust Street.
Z. T. Galt - Cash House, Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes.
Robertson & Elsey - New Grocery Store. Dealers in General Groceries & Provisions. Crockery, Glassware, Wood & Willow Ware, Tobacco & Cigars, Notions, Table & Pocket Cutlery, &c., &c. Teas a specialty. Cash for Butter & Eggs. In Galt & Anthony's New Brick Block. Mulberry Street.
Smith & Dillo* - Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Groceries & Provisions.
S. Ross Morgan - Dealer in Groceries & Provisions.
Peebles Bros. - Dealers in Groceries & Provisions. Wood & Willow Ware. Cigars & Tobacco, Notions, &c. Union Block.
J. H. Boynton - Propr. Boynton House, & Dealer in General Merchandise.
G. A. Mosher - Propr. Wallace House
Robinson & Dillon - Dealers in shelf and Heavy Hardware, and Farmers' Tools. Everything kept in a general Hardware Store.
Diller & Heitshu (?) - Dealers in Hardware.
Novelty Iron Works - Manufacturers of School Furniture.
Sterling Pump Works - Manufacturers of the latest imporved Pumps, (Iron & Wood Cylinder.)
J. V. McKinney & Co. - Merchants Millers, & Dealers in all kinds of Feed.
Church, Patterson & Co. - Union Pacific Flouring Mills.
Tuller & Sides - Dealers in Grain & Lumber. Elevator & Lumber Yard, south side of Railroad Track.
J. Goder & Son - General Dealers in Grain, Lumber, Coal, Lime, Cement, Salt, &c.
H.Lefever - Dealer in Lumber, Grain, Shingles, Lath, and Oglesby Third Vein Coal.
John S. Miller - Distiller
Sterling Hide & Leather Co. - Tanners & Curriers. Manufacturers & Dealers in Leather, Harness, Collars, Fly Nets, &c.
J. Harvey - Brick Manufacturer.
Sidney M. Crane 0 Monroe & Rochester Central Nurseries, Rochester, N. Y., and River Bank Nurseries, Sterling, Ill.
C. L. Ginkinger - Real Estate Agency. Also Justice Peace.
M. H. Kreider - Real Estate & Fire Insurance Agency. Also, Agent for Penn Mutual Life Insurnace Company. Special attention paid to renting Houses & Collecting Rents.
Edmund Bowman - Jeweler.
L. C. Johnson - Marble Works.
R. B. Colcord - Marble & Freestone Works.
Utley & Jenne - Booksellers & Druggists.
T. Williams - Dealer i Coal, corner Locust & Second Sts.
Jesse Penrose - Dealer in Crockery & Glassware.
S. D. Smith - Dealer in Coal, Grain, Lumber, Dressed Hogs, Salrts, Lime, Hair, Cement, and Plaster Paris.
John Charter - Cigar Manufacturer & Tobacco Dealer.
Henry S. Wanter - Feed Stable, near Boynton House.
Samuel Reecher - Dealer in all kinds of Meat, near Boynton House.
Peter Young - Dealer in all kinds of Meat.
H. P. James - Dealer in all kinds of Meat.
J. A. Morgan - Dealer in all kinds of Meat.
J. R. Blair - Ice Dealer & Drayman.
E. H. Wildasin - Ice Dealer, Drayman, and Propr. Saloon.
C. Eisele - Sterling Bakery.
S. M. Seely - Bakery, Confectionery & Eating House. Dealer in Fruits, Confectionery, Fancy Gorceries, &c. Oppostie Wallace House.
Dr. J. Y. Lehman - Veterniary Physician & Surgeon. Office over T. E. Eye's Jewelry Store.
Maxson & Allen - Dealers in Dry Goods, Boots, & Shoes, Hats, and Caps, Notions, &c. Stone Front, Third St. Building nearly opposite Wallace House.
T. A. Galt - Residence Third Street.
A. A. Terrell - Secretary Novelty Iron Works.
Mr. Electa E. Smith - P. M.(Post Master), Stelring, Ill.
Wm. M. Rogers - Assistant P. M.
Johnson & Styer - Stock Dealers.
L. A. Lincon - Deputy Sheriff.
Ed. L. Worhtington - Propr. Worthington Corn Harvester.
P. L. Whitman - Mfr. & Dealer in Carriages & Wagons, at the Sterling Carriage Works
Geo. BAker - Carriage Trimmer. Also, Mfr. and Dealer in Carriages of all kinds.
H. S. Street - Dealer in Farm Machinery of every description.
F. B. Hubbard - General Agent for Wooster, Ohio, Reapers, Mowers & Threshing Machines. Also, Dealer in all kinds of Farm Machinery.
John H. Snavely - Mfr. & Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, Upholstering, Third Street.
Victor Schiffmacher - Mfr. of all kinds of Cooperage.
Jas. H. Woodburn - Dealer in Small Fruits, Grape Vines &c., Near City Limits.
Robert L. Wilson - Small Fuits, Grapes, &c.
C. R. Powell - Propr. Nursery. Dealer in Evergreens. Sect. 23
W. C. Kier - Dealer in Hats, Caps, & Gents' Furnishing goods.
M. Robbins - Propr. Billiard Saloon, &c. Under Wallace House. Also, Dealer in REal Estate.
James Adams, Photographer.
L. Stoeckle - First-class Barber.
J. W. Brown - First-class Barber.

G. T. Marfleet - Justice of the Peace, Sec. 6
J. G. Banes - Dealer in General Merchandise
John W. Glassburn - Dealer in Real Estate
Alpheus Fox - Fox & Wallace, Dealers in Hardware
J. C. Swayze - Dealer in General Merchandise
J. H. Cain. - Dealer in Dry Goods, Gorceries, &c &c.
S. B. Winters - Dealer in Groceries
George K. Allen - Constable and Dealer in Vermilon Paints.
Chas. M. Morrill - Dealer in Drugs

A. B. Gibbs - Township Assessor, Sec. 25
E. V. Lapham - Dairyman, Sec. 35
H. E. Burr - Teacher, Union Grove
Wm. Annan - Miller, Millwright & Dealer in Flour & Grain
John Y. Jackson 0 Justice of Peace, and Commissioner of Highways Sec. 25
S. R. Hall - Town Clerk Sec. 12
G. O. Odlin - Commissioner of Highways, Sec. 5
F. W. Chapman - Dealer in Bees  Sec. 24

G. W. Mackenzie - Proprietor Spring Valley Farm Nursery & Vineyard. All leading varieties of Apple & other Fruit Trees, Grape Vines & Small Fruits. Vinegar, Plants, &c. &c. P. O. Address, Morrison, Ill.
O. Baker & Son - Farmers & Stock Dealers. Sec. 18

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