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The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Feb 21, 2013
9:04 PM
Family Album
Hello Denise,
As I was researching my ancestors from Whiteside County circa 1847 I came across this web site

In it I found your link for inquiries regarding the following:
G. M. Cassens; G. W. Castle; E. H. Chamberlain; G. W. Chamberlain; J. H. Chamberlin; J. K. Chester; C. A. Clark; Mary J. Cocking; Carl S. Coe; E. M. Coe; Marcus L. Coe; H. C. Conrady; John Courtright; R. W. Covel; F. M. Crandall; Dr. J. B. Crandall; J. L. Crawford; T. H. Crocker; M. N. Crohan; J. H. Crump; Turman Culver; Michael Cunniff; A. E. Curtis; C. G. Curtis

I also noted some inquiries about the Seaton/Chamberlain families in the newsletter but noted there was no contact information

I am interested in Whiteside County Illinois Circa 1847 due to my Great X 4 Grandfather and Grandmother Richard and Sarah Ann West (nee) Chamberlain being issued a marriage license by Clerk Roy Clark in June of 1847

excerpt from History of Whiteside county, Illinois
from its first settlement to the present time
by Charles Bent
Published in 1877, [Clinton, Ia., L.P. Allen, printer] (Morrison, Ill)
and being married as evidenced by the license of July 4, 1847 signed by Mr. Brooks. ( See attached)

I also have access to the Family Bible of the George Chamberlain and Margarett Chamberlain (nee) Green from Ky, In. and eventually Fulton City, Whiteside Co IL. The Bible contains family notes that were made by Sarah’s brother Hezekiah Purcell Chamberlain dated 1850.

After Richard who was born in England and is of half Native American blood were married, they had a daughter Francis Ann b 26 May 1848. By 1850 Sarah and Richard had separated apparently due to family pressure and him being of Indian blood. In the Whiteside Census of 1850 it shows the Chamberlain family and my two grandmothers living with them. George, Margarett, Hezekiah Purcell, and Hirum Chamberlain.

My GX5 Grandfather Richard relocated from Whiteside Co to St. Louis Mo. Where he worked at Tony Faust’s Oyster Bar and the Planters Hotel circa 1850. He eventually being embittered moved to Oklahoma Indian Territory and was later joined by his daughter Francis after her mother married a riverman Branson Brewer as his second wife in St. Louis Mo, Sarah having moved to St. Louis after allegedly being disowned by her father. Branson Brewer and Sarah Brewer (nee) West, (nee) Chamberlain relocated to Keithsburg Illinois to live at the Brewer family home. Sarah had two daughters with Branson but only one, Margaret survived to marry a Roderick Seaton. The later offspring of this union eventually wound up in Oregon.

My GG Grandfather Adolf Bolhofner met and married Francis West after he discharged from the Kate Hastings in 1863 and they settled in St. Louis Mo. Grandmother Francis had a photo of her father Richard in his Indian clothing and kept it in her flat to remind her children who she was and where she came from.

I am trying to find out information on my G X 4 Grandfathers family as well as any historical information on his family from England. In the ‘50’s, some family members sought to find Richards Birthright in England and found his family and property there but the back taxes were prohibitive. That information and those family members are now deceased and I only have the oral history and some writings of my deceased Grandmother Amelia Louise Nowotny (nee) Bolhofner who knew her grandmother Francis to relate to.

Any suggestions or records you may have would be greatly appreciated.

The photos of the Marriage Cert and Licence of Richard and Sarah are scanned copies of Xeroxed copies taken years ago and I don’t even know how they were obtained.
Thank you for your time,
Semper Fidelis
Chuck Nowotny

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