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Cora & Myra Daniels
The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Jan 07, 2010
10:46 AM
My name is Marion Daniels Farrar. My grandfather was David Daniels. My father was Orril Monroe Daniels. Cora and Myra (Almira) were my father's sisters. The info we found from you stated Orril Manuel but that is incorrect. It should be Monroe. My gradmother's name should have been Olive Elizabeth Goff (think spelling is ok may be golf) instead of Hough. (Hough and Goff :)!) It could be Goeff do not know. Linda Farrar (Marion's daughter) and I are typing this together. We are very new to this. Olive Hare Lefaber was the daughter of Myra. Myra came to live with my father and mother until her death. Myra is burried in Noxubee County (city Macon) Mississippi. Her daughter Olive at 5 years of age went by train alone to live in California with her father. Olive died in 2009 but her son Bruce Lefaber lives in Pennsylvania now. His brother, Dale lives in California. Looking forward to hearing about our family. Marion is 90 and sharp as a tack!!!
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Jan 07, 2010
10:47 AM
We are still trying to find Carl Amidon. Carl is Ida Daniels Amidon's son.
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Jan 07, 2010
11:47 AM
I believe you are referring to an earlier post by Mary (Daniels) Schott started back in Feb. 2009:

I am not related to this family - I am just a mediator for the information. You should continue this on the original msg. thread so you have all of the information in one place. If you need an email contact, please let me know and I'll ask permission to exchange.

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Jan 07, 2010
7:08 PM
I see I just switched names on you, Lawlis is my maiden name, I married Ralph Daniels [John W.'s grandson] in 1954 and we had 4 daughters who are now in the 50's age group. Ralph was killed driving a truck in CA in 1979, his younger brother , Donald, was killed in Korea, and his little sister, Margaret Rita lives in Charlston, SC, recently she and her husband have retired. I am also in contact with Jackie Schinkel, who is a granddaughter of Herbert, the other half-brother who came to Nebraska.
I have corrected my mistakes, I was copying censuses and they often have names incorrectly spelled, but I made the mistake on Olive's name , I meant to put Gough [or Goff] I have found both.
There isn't much of the older family left , I am an in-law but my four daughters are your cousins and they have lots of kids and grandkids. I am so excited !
I am quite sure Carl Amadon is dead,he was born about 1905, so would be dead from old age, likely, but I think I remember Ralph mentioning him in the late 1970's and that he had died. Wasn't he a bit of a 'ne'er do well'? Remember them talking about him working for a time, maybe just a summer, on the ranch [35 miles southwest of Valentin, NE] and I got that impression.
You have me a bit confused--are you Marion? Or are you writing for Marion. Or are you Roberts daughter also named Marion? Help me out on this, please !
My name as I said is Mary Schott, and I live at 6060 Rock Road, Alliance , NE 69301, e-mail is gramary1@gmail.com
and phone is [308] 762 9778.
If you will send me your mailing address I will send you the informtion I have put together, just checked and I have 24 pages, so you might find some stuff that is new.
I had traced you guys to MS, and there was a
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Jan 07, 2010
7:20 PM
young man in maybe the University of Mississippi that I thought could be the right Daniels. Was I correct?
This computer just did a funny to me and I am not sure I am sending all of my meassage but will give it a try.
Again, so nice to meet you and I will contact Rita and Jackie and give them your address, if you car to send it.
Jackie Schinkel
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Jan 08, 2010
6:53 PM
Hi, Marion. This is Jackie Ritenour. My mom was Herberta Daniels married to Jack Ritenour,Herbert Albert's younger daughter. It is good to hear from you. We haven't heard from you for a long time. My email is barry_schinkel29@msn.com. You would probably remembr me as Jackie Young...finally remarried almost 3 year ago and we live in Broken Bow, NE.
Jackie Schinkel
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Jan 08, 2010
7:07 PM
There were brother and sister living in Morrison, IL. Merle and Shirley Daniels. I wrote Merle for some time but have lost contact. Does anyone have info on them?

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