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Obit for L.T. Johnso_1878
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vivian gudgell
Jan 26, 2005
3:16 PM
Could someone lookup an obituary for Loyal Thomas Johnson who died 27 Feb. 1878 in a railroad accident in Newman, Perry, Kansas. I have a newspaper clipping from the Oskaloosa Independent, of Kansas, but would like to have an obituary from the Tampico Tornado if there is one. L.T. Johnson is on the 1867 Fairfield Twp.Plat map Section 27 as an early settler and is the father of William Goodheart Johnson. Both of them were civil war veterans.
I have been searching for the names of the parents of Loyal Thomas Johnson, and hoping to find them on an obituary.
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Oct 31, 2006
9:29 AM
Hi, Interested in Loyal T Johnson Family. Believe he is son of Oliver and Elizabeth Sacket Johnson who came to Illinois from Erie Co., NY. in 1820. Oliver's brother Charles was a Col. in the NY militia during War of 1812 and later. Wish to correspond with descendants of Loyal T and Mary Goodhart/Goodheart Johnson. Loyal/Royal?? T Johnson was probably the brother of John Johnson of Livingston Co., Il.;Nathaniel Plyn Johnson of Logan and McLean Co., and Oliver P Johnson of Lee Co., all in Illinois. There were several sisters also. Hope to hear from you soon. pb
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Nov 01, 2006
11:13 AM
I would like to compare notes on L T. Johnson family with you.
I give Denise permission to send you my e-mail address.
This is exciting. I have been looking a long time for Loyal Johnson's parents.
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Nov 02, 2006
6:20 AM
Hey! This is great! Hope you two can connect. Vivian, I have passed your email on to Patty.
Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
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Nov 10, 2006
2:59 PM
Thanks, Denise for the research on Loyal Thomas Johnson.
Now, if someone will just give me a hint on Loyal T.'s parents, I will be very happy.
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Nov 11, 2006
4:43 AM
Hi Vivian,
I figured you probably had that info, but was posting to give any one interested in the family some insite. Unfortunately, the census records do not start listing family members by name until the 1850 census. By then, of course, he was in his 30's and on his own.

At least I have a "time frame" for his birth. It would be nice if we knew WHICH NY county he was born in. You could contact their historical or genealogical society. (although I have found the east coast fees to be astronomical!). Do you alreaady have a copy of his marriage certificate? I know they don't always list the parents' names, but would be worth a shot.

Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society
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Nov 11, 2006
1:04 PM
I'm sure you probably already have this, but here it is just in case:
Museum of Wayne County History

Museum of Wayne County History
21 Butternut Street
Lyons, New York 14489

Wayne County Historical Society

County Historical Society
21 Butternut Street Lyons, New York 14489
(315) 946-4943
e-mail: WCHS4943@aol.com or
This site lists "historians" by county, town or village!

Family History Coordinator
Tampico Area Historical Society

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Nov 14, 2006
11:14 AM
Hi All, I believe that Loyal T. Johnson is a missing sibling of Nathaniel Plyn Johnson of Logan Co., IL ; John Johnson of Livingston Co., IL and Oliver P Johnson of Lee Co., IL. Their father was Oliver Johnson and mother was Elizabeth Sacket. They were probably married 1794/6 in the area of Westfield and Southwick, Massachucetts. They spent some time on the Hudson River before moving to Ontario Co. NY where John was born in 1804 at Canadaqua (spelling??). They were in Erie County by 1806 where Nathaniel was born at Boston Center. They came to Illinois in 1820 via Shawneetown then White Co., before moving on to Sangamon Co. John's bio in Livingston Co., IL History says they were about 6 miles from present day Springfield. In 1830 they are at Mackinaw Township in Tazewell Co. Oliver died in 1835 and is buried in Putnam Co., in the Caladonia Cemetery. Elizabeth went to Logan Co., in 1840 she is living next door to Nathaniel. I believe that they were in Putnam Co., living with John who purchased land there in 1834 before he went to Livingston Co., Elizabeth is buried on John's farm there about 6 miles west of Pontiac at Rooks Creek Township.
I have been searching for sisters Elizabeth, Lucretia Malvina and Marie. It appears that Lucretia married a Benjamin Piper who died young then she married a Wilbury/Wilberry Miller in Tazewell Co. We have been looking for Royal Johnson but I think there was a transcription error somewhere and that Loyal who married Mary Christine Goodheart/Goodhart is him. His mother Elizabeth Sacket had a brother Royal and I think there was some confusion there.
Also Oliver Johnson had a brother Charles and a sister Anna. Charles was a Col in the militia in Erie Co., and lived at Hamburg, NY. He served as a Capt in War of 1812. Charles married Ozinee Sacket who I believe was an Aunt to Elizabeth who married Oliver. Sister Anna married David Chaffee and had a daughter Anna who married Elihu Johnson son of Charles and Ozinee. Oliver, Charles and Anna were the children of Nathaniel and Anna Chester Johnson. Nathaniel died at Camp Morristown, NJ after the Battle of Millstone River. He died of exposure in Jan 1777. In 1778 a few days before the Wyoming Valley Massacre Anna fled with her children back to near Springfield in Massachusetts. Westfield and Southwich are just south of Springfield.
I would be so happy to communicate with all interested in this family. I believe that Loyal belongs to it. If you have evidence that proves me wrong I will accept that. There are too many similarities right now for me to see any difference.
My temporary ph# is 815-467-0820 and my address is 1414 Sherborn Ct. S.; Minooka, IL 60447 my e-mail ia patriciabohler@sbcglobal.net. I have some pretty concincing proof for my information. Patty B

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Mar 15, 2015
1:25 PM

Looks like I've joined the "party" VERY late. Is anyone still working on this Johnson line? My grandmother has never been able to verify/find parents for Loyal T.

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Mar 18, 2015
10:46 AM
@ Utena42 - The email address I have for Vivian is outdated. I am trying to contact some people that may have the current address or phone #. She would be in her 90's now.
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Mar 21, 2015
11:46 AM
Nope; but Vivian's last name fits with other descendants of Loyal T's.
I have gotten a direct email from her! THANKS so much, Denise! :)
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Mar 22, 2015
12:41 PM
Utena42 - I gave your email contact info to Vivian (I found her!). She said she will contact you - she said she will enjoy talking with you!

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