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The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses parts of Whiteside County and Bureau County in Illinois. Focus is on Tampico, Hume Twp., Hahnaman/Deer Grove, & Prophetstown in Whiteside County & Yorktown & Thomas in Bureau County.
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Debra L. Peterson
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Apr 19, 2006
9:03 PM
Hi Allen! Nice to hear from you. I have sent you an e-mail. Deb Peterson
Debra L. Peterson
44 posts
May 29, 2006
5:30 PM
Hi Allen- Les may be gone- he had said he would be traveling a lot this month- are you coming in July?
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Jun 02, 2006
11:41 PM
i am lucky enough to have the book on david glassburn the pionear. if you have any questions write me @ archrecords@hotmail.com or call 765-437-4241
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Jun 06, 2006
12:31 PM
Hi: I am a granddaughter of Ambrose and Linda Shere. I lived in Yorktown with them from about 1920-28. My mother Mabel Edna Shere was their youngest child.
Yes, I am 87 years young but still remember many things about that area. I remember the "Dummy" railroad that ran through Yorktown as my grandpa had some stock in it and we would ride it part way and then walk to the family farm.
I now live in Arkansas(have since 1952) and know Helga, Mike and also knew their mother Lisa. Robert Shere was my cousin.
I have much more to tell you but this is getting too long.
Another day and I will continue to share and have some questions.
Am so happy to have found this site.
Debra L. Peterson
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Jun 06, 2006
6:50 PM
Oh how wonderful to hear from you Edna! I can't wait until you have time to post more! It is hard for me to imagine Yorktown when it had a bigger population. Will you be able to come to the reunion? I hope so!
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Jun 08, 2006
6:26 PM

It is truly great to hear from you and I look forward to meeting you. William SHERE (Ambrose's brother) was married to my g-grand aunt Zilla nee DOW.

I have been transcribing the Tampico Tornado for some time & have a number of A.A. SHERE articles - but I thought you might enjoy this one announcing the birth of your mother in 1896!! And the marriage announcement of your mother and father in 1914!


Ps - I had her listed as Mable BLANCH Shere - I have corrected it to Mable EDNA Shere.

From the Tampico Tornado:
July 25, 1896
Ambrose SHERE, of Yorktown, is the proud and happy father of a handsome young daughter, who arrived at his home last Tuesday.

Tampico Tornado
October 15, 1914
The wedding of Miss Mabel SHERE and Harry MARTIN two prominent Yorktown young people occurred Wednesday at high noon at the home of the bride's parents southwest of Yorktown. The ceremony was performed by Rev. M. BROWNRIGG pastor of the Tampico-Yorktown Christian chruches and only the close friends and immediate relatives were present. After the ceremony the wedding party and guests partook of a fine repast served by the bride's mother.
The bride is the daughter of A.A. SHERE one of the well known farmers and stock raisers residing southwest of Yorktown. She is a pleasant, refined young lady who has numbers of friends not only in Yorktown but also in Tampico who tender their best wishes. The groom is a splendid, hustling young farmer.
Phyllis Kay
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Jul 04, 2006
11:30 AM
I was a teacher at Brown School for 2 years, 1947-48 and 1948-49. Last month, after 59 years I decided to check out Hooppole and try to locate the school, and asked directions from a man fixing a fence. He pointed a few yards down the road, and said, "I live in it." Turned out he was my old pupil, Robert Kuelper, and gave us a tour, showed an enlarged photo of 11 students, and updated me on many of them. When I got back to Florida, I found this website about the HY&T Railroad, the various messages, and spotted Mike Shere's name. I taught him and his sister Helga the first year they arrived in the US from Germany, so emailed him right away. He phoned this AM and plans to attend his family reunion on the 8th. Will send him photos after he returns. Phyllis Kay Begens
Debra L. Peterson
50 posts
Jul 04, 2006
7:10 PM
How wonderful! Isn't this website great?!
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Aug 22, 2006
11:29 AM
Hi there - I was just typing my surname (Shere)on Google to see what came up and found your site. I was wondering if anyone has traced the Shere name back over here(the UK)? My family has done a little research and found that most of the Shere's in the UK can be linked together by some degree. My Father discovered that the earliest Shere's he could trace came from a village in Devon called Collupmton. Could a Shere have crossed the pond?? I would be interested to know if so!
Many thanks - Helen Shere
69 posts
Aug 22, 2006
5:14 PM
Hi Helen.
Yes, the Tampico (Yorktown) SHERE's trace back to England - Devonshire, UK

I am interested if you can find a tie to John Ellis and Maria nee ARTLETT SHERE. Thanks, Les Niemi

SHEREs from Devonshire, UK - L. Niemi

1. John Ellis Shere

John was born Devonshire, England September 20, 1810. John was an apprentice Devonshire, England, ca 1826. He resided London, England 1831. He married Maria E. Artlett London, England, December 18, 1831. He emigrated, 1832. Point of origin: pt of origin unknown. At 22 years of age John became the father of Thomas A. Shere Albion, Orleans Co., NY, December 15, 1832. At 24 years of age John became the father of Maria Louisa Shere Albion, Orleans Co., NY, June 18, 1835. At 27 years of age John became the father of Carolyn "Carrie" Amelia Shere Albion, Orleans Co., NY, October 4, 1837. At 29 years of age John became the father of Mary Jane Shere February 22, 1840. At 32 years of age John became the father of Ambrose H. Shere 1843. At 35 years of age John became the father of Ann "Annie" Eliza Shere Albion, Orleans Co., NY, June 18, 1846. At 37 years of age John became the father of William E. Shere in Albion, NY, July 24, 1848. At 44 years of age John became the father ofEmma Shere New York, 1855. At 48 years of age John became the father of Ambrose A. Shere Yorktown, IL, September 7, 1859. John died April 20, 1901 Yorktown, IL, at 90 years of age.

1.1. Thomas A. Shere

Thomas was born Albion, Orleans Co., NY December 15, 1832. He married Amanda S. Flint 1852. At 20 years of age Thomas became the father of William Henry Shere Humboldt, NY, April 12, 1853. At 22 years of age Thomas became the father of Eugene Edward Shere IL, April 24, 1855. At 33 years of age Thomas became the father of Illa Shere 1866. At 51 years of age Thomas became the father of Charles Herbert Shere 1884. He married Lizzie Smith Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA, May 24, 1890. He married Laura L. Deyo November 19, 1893. Thomas died December 20, 1915 Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA, at 83 years of age.

1.1.1. William Henry Shere

He married Eva Adella Norton. William was born Humboldt, NY April 12, 1853. At 31 years of age William became the father of Nellie Shere Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA, October 15, 1884. At 37 years of age William became the father of Frank Flint Shere Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA, July 30, 1890. William died October 2, 1932 Welch, Craig Co., OK, at 79 years of age.

1.1.2. Eugene Edward Shere

Eugene became the father of Charles Shere. Eugene was born IL April 24, 1855. He married Ruth McKay Dakota City, Humboldt Co., IA, January 27, 1883. Eugene died October 8, 1927 Welch, Craig Co., OK, at 72 years of age.

1.1.3. Illa Shere

She married J. Henry Mayer. Illa was born 1866. Illa died 1952 at 86 years of age.

1.1.4. Charles Herbert Shere

He married Nella Ethel Scott. Charles was born 1884. At 24 years of age Charles became the father of Nina Leota Shere Iowa City, IA, March 24, 1909. He resided Humboldt, IA 1927.

1.2. Maria Louisa Shere

Maria was born Albion, Orleans Co., NY June 18, 1835. She married Joseph Kemp Bureau Co., IL, November 25, 1852. At 18 years of age Maria became the mother of Edward A. Kemp New York, November 23, 1853. At 21 years of age Maria became the mother of Charles Kemp Lennox, Commonwealth, Canada, December 17, 1856. Maria became the mother of John L. Kemp Canada, Ca 1860. At 27 years of age Maria became the mother of Anna L. Kemp Canada, July 6, 1862. Maria became the mother of Joseph Kemp Canada, Ca 1866. Maria became the mother of Herbert A. Kemp IL, Ca 1867. Maria became the mother of Fredrick Kemp Illinois, Ca 1870. Maria died June 3, 1875 Tampico, IL, at 39 years of age.

1.2.1. Edward A. Kemp

Edward was born New York November 23, 1853. Edward died March 3, 1875 Tampico, IL, at 21 years of age.

1.2.2. Charles Kemp

Charles was born Lennox, Commonwealth, Canada December 17, 1856. He married Lillie Dale Burns February 26, 1880. He resided Tampico, IL 1880. At 24 years of age Charles became the father of Fred B. Kemp Tampico, IL, January 3, 1881. At 25 years of age Charles became the father of Lena Cecil Kemp Tampico, IL, March 12, 1882. At 31 years of age Charles became the father of Essie May Kemp Ord, Valley, NE, January 29, 1888. At 31 years of age Charles became the father of Myrtle Kemp Ord, Valley, NE, December 3, 1888. At 33 years of age Charles became the father of Mildred Louise Kemp Elyria, Valley, NE, June 20, 1890. At 35 years of age Charles became the father of Pansy Kemp Ord, Valley, NE, July 19, 1892. At 45 years of age Charles became the father of Leonard Wilton Kemp Ord, Valley, NE, May 12, 1902. Charles died April 29, 1930 Ord, Valley, NE, at 73 years of age.

1.2.3. John L. Kemp

John was born Canada Ca 1860.

1.2.4. Anna L. Kemp

Anna became the mother of Blanche Teach. Anna was born Canada July 6, 1862. She married Newton J. Teach Whiteside Co., IL, February 27, 1883. Anna died March 13, 1898 Tampico, IL, at 35 years of age.

1.2.5. Joseph Kemp

He married an unknown person. Joseph was born Canada Ca 1866.

1.2.6. Herbert A. Kemp

Herbert was born IL Ca 1867. He married Lizzie Hall Rock Island, IL, March 4, 1893. Herbert became the father of Arthur Kemp Mississippi, Ca 1896.

1.2.7. Fredrick Kemp

Fredrick was born Illinois Ca 1870. Fredrick died August 11, 1876 Tampico, IL, at 6 years of age.

1.3. Carolyn "Carrie" Amelia Shere

Carolyn was born Albion, Orleans Co., NY October 4, 1837. She married Alexander Brown Malone, Beaver Co., IL, December 1, 1855. Carolyn became the mother of Frank Brown Illinois, Ca 1859. Carolyn became the mother of Emma Brown Illinois, Ca 1861. Carolyn became the mother of Burtin Brown in Illinios, Ca 1863. She resided Ottawa County, KS ca 1900. Carolyn died October 2, 1912 Minneapolis, Ottawa Co, KS, at 74 years of age.

1.3.1. Frank Brown

Frank was born Illinois Ca 1859.

1.3.2. Emma Brown

Emma was born Illinois Ca 1861.

1.3.3. Burtin Brown

Burtin was born in Illinios Ca 1863.

1.4. Mary Jane Shere

Mary was born February 22, 1840.

1.5. Ambrose H. Shere

Ambrose was born 1843.

1.6. Ann "Annie" Eliza Shere

Ann was born Albion, Orleans Co., NY June 18, 1846. She married Charles Henry Branch Malone, Beaver Co, IL, July 3, 1864. At 20 years of age Ann became the mother of Hattie L. Branch IL, September 28, 1866. At 21 years of age Ann became the mother of Nellie Annie Branch IL, March 4, 1868. At 26 years of age Ann became the mother of Clarisa Gertrude Branch Minneapolis, KS, February 11, 1873. At 29 years of age Ann became the mother of Minnie Olive Branch Minneapolis, KS, April 22, 1876. At 34 years of age Ann became the mother of Fred Branch Minneapolis, KS, August 19, 1880. She resided Ottawa County, KS ca 1900. Ann died September 22, 1912 Minneapolis, Ottowa Co, KS, at 66 years of age.

1.6.1. Hattie L. Branch

Hattie was born IL September 28, 1866. She married Joshua Lowel McGavran Centerville, IA, March 1, 1883. Hattie died February 14, 1892 at 25 years of age.

1.6.2. Nellie Annie Branch

Nellie was born IL March 4, 1868. She married William H. McGavan March 13, 1887. Nellie died March 17, 1938 Larned, KS, at 70 years of age.

1.6.3. Clarisa Gertrude Branch

Clarisa became the mother of Living White. Clarisa was born Minneapolis, KS February 11, 1873. She married Hiram Lucius White Galsco, KS, January 27, 1904. At 32 years of age Clarisa became the mother of Helen Muriel White Minneapolis, KS, December 5, 1905. Clarisa died December 12, 1949 Topeka, KS, at 76 years of age.

1.6.4. Minnie Olive Branch

Minnie was born Minneapolis, KS April 22, 1876. She married George H. Barbrick October 6, 1909. Minnie died March 17, 1962 at 85 years of age.

1.6.5. Fred Branch

Fred was born Minneapolis, KS August 19, 1880. He married Effie Fessler Cleveland, OK, November 13, 1905. Fred died June 17, 1913 Cleveland, OK, at 32 years of age.

1.7. William E. Shere

William was born in Albion, NY July 24, 1848. He resided Beaver, Iroquois Co., IL 1860. He married Charity Wilsey Henry County, IL, March 1,1874. At 26 years of age William became the father of Clarence E. Shere Tampico, IL, 1875. William became the father of Albert Shere Ca 1876. At 28 years of age William became the father of Lilly Mae Shere Henry County, IL, July 17, 1877. At 45 years of age William became the father of Darlene "Nellie" Shere Henry County, IL, April 28, 1894. He married Zilla Adelle Dow Yorktown, IL, June 12, 1895. At 48 years of age William became the father of Temple Musset Shere 1897. At 55 years of age William became the father of Harry Boyd Shere Yorktown, IL, July 4, 1904. William died August 13, 1932 Fairfield Township, Bureau Co., IL, at 84 years of age.

1.7.1. Clarence E. Shere

Clarence was born Tampico, IL 1875. He married Flossie Merriam Yorktown, IL, December 6, 1895. At 23 years of age Clarence became the father of Darlene Shere Yorktown, IL, 1898. He moved 1901 in Yorktown. At 29 years of age Clarence became the father of Pauline Shere Yorktown, IL, 1904. He resided Drinkwater, Canada December 11, 1919. He resided Drinkwater, Canada 1939.

1.7.2. Albert Shere

Albert was born Ca 1876. He married Lena Rebecca Gerber Henry County, IL, December 28, 1904. He resided in Sommergrove, Canada February 11, 1915. He resided Cedar Falls, IA 1939.

1.7.3. Lilly Mae Shere

Lilly was born Henry County, IL July 17, 1877. She married Fred W. Johnson Whiteside Co., IL, January 12, 1898. At 20 years of age Lilly became the mother of Lloyd Johnson Prophetstown, IL, 1898. She resided in Mitchell, South Dakota November 12, 1914. She resided Prophetstown, IL 1939. Lilly died August 27, 1947 Leon, IL, at 70 years of age.

1.7.4. Darlene "Nellie" Shere

Darlene was born Henry County, IL April 28, 1894. She married Roy Heintzleman in Morrison, Whiteside Co., IL, July 3, 1913. She resided Joliet, IL 1939.

1.7.5. Temple Musset Shere

Temple was born 1897. She married Arthur R. Pierceson Whiteside Co., IL, June 24, 1914.

1.7.6. Harry Boyd Shere

He married Opal Beatrice. Harry was born Yorktown, IL July 4, 1904. He resided Deer Grove, IL 1939. Harry died February 25, 1986 in Pineville, Izard Co., AR, at 81 years of age.

1.8. Emma Shere

She married Fred A. Landwehr. Emma became the mother of Jed "Jeddie" Landwehr. Emma was born New York 1855. At 24 years of age Emma became the mother of Pearl Landwehr Illinois, 1879. Emma became the mother of Frank Landwehr Illinois, Ca 1880. She resided Tampico, IL April 29, 1899. She resided Whiteside County, IL ca 1900. She resided Tampico, IL April 6, 1901. She resided Rock Falls, IL November 30, 1939.

1.8.1. Jed "Jeddie" Landwehr

1.8.2. Pearl Landwehr

She married Will H. Hall. Pearl was born Illinois 1879. She resided Erie, IL February 1, 1902.

1.8.3. Frank Landwehr

Frank was born Illinois Ca 1880. He resided Yorktown, IL January 14, 1899. He married Pearl McGrady Tampico, IL, November 20, 1901. He resided Erie, IL May 23, 1903.

1.9. Ambrose A. Shere

Ambrose was born Yorktown, IL September 7, 1859. He married Linda Swanson in Geneseo, Henry County, IL, September 6, 1877. At 20 years of age Ambrose became the father of Bessie Leona Shere 1880. At 20 years of age Ambrose became the father of Ralph Shere 1880. At 25 years of age Ambrose became the father of Jesse Leroy Shere Yorktown, IL, 1885. At 27 years of age Ambrose became the father of John Ellis Shere Yorktown, IL, 1887. At 36 years of age Ambrose became the father of Mable Edna Shere Yorktown, IL, July 21, 1896. He resided in Franklin Grove, IL January 18, 1917. Ambrose died November 24, 1939 Yorktown, IL, at 80 years of age.

1.9.1. Bessie Leona Shere

She married D. J. Lewis. Bessie was born 1880. She resided Yorktown, IL April 29, 1899. She resided Chicago, IL November 13, 1903. She married Harry E. Dow Yorktown, IL, July 5, 1906. She resided Chicago, IL August 30, 1907. Bessie died 1925 at 45 years of age.

1.9.2. Ralph Shere

Ralph was born 1880. Ralph died 1880 Yorktown, IL, at less than one year of age.

1.9.3. Jesse Leroy Shere

Jesse became the father of John Arthur Shere. Jesse became the father of Edward Shere. Jesse became the father of Robert Leroy Shere. Jesse was born Yorktown, IL 1885. He married Gertie George Davenport, IA, October 13, 1903. He resided Mineral, IL October 20, 1903. He married Eloise B. Fouth Chicago, IL, November 29, 1916.

1.9.4. John Ellis Shere

John was born Yorktown, IL 1887. He married Linnie A. Denison Whiteside Co., IL, January 6, 1909. John died 1950 Tampico, IL, at 63 years of age.

1.9.5. Mable Edna Shere

Mable became the mother of Marge Martin. Mable was born Yorktown, IL July 21, 1896. She married Harry Martin Yorktown, IL, October 14, 1914. She married George Blackert August 7, 1926. Mable died June 11,1994 Yorktown, IL, at 97 years of age.

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Debra L. Peterson
55 posts
Aug 22, 2006
7:38 PM
Oh My! Let's hope there is a connection here! Thanks Les for posting all the info! Deb
2 posts
Aug 23, 2006
10:55 AM
I am currently looking into the John Ellis Shere connection but thought you might be interested to know that my Dad has visited the graveyard in Collumpton, Devon and the earliest Shere he found was an Amos Shere buried in 15th century.

I also had a chuckle to myself looking at various postings to see another Mike Shere - this is my brother's name - and the fact that there are many posts about 'York Town' - I was born and brought up in York, England.

There is also a village in England called Shere - although this is not where the name originates.
Debra L. Peterson
56 posts
Aug 23, 2006
6:09 PM
Hi Helen- the 15th century - that really goes back aways! I met Mike Shere for the first time this summer- he is a very nice man- hopefully you can find a connection to our Shere line- the we can have two Mike Shere's in the family.
1 post
Sep 03, 2006
6:14 PM
hello, I just happened across this website. Interesting. Didn't know that there were that many Sheres out there. My maiden name is Shere. My grandfather was Herbert Charles Shere. You don't seem to have much info on him or his many decendents. Let me know if I can help. I may not know everything about him, but I know he had at least ten children.
73 posts
Sep 03, 2006
7:22 PM
I show a Charles Herbert SHERE, son of Thomas A. & Amanda S. nee FLINT SHERE who was born in 1884 and lived in Humboldt, IA in 1927. This Charles Herbert was married to Miss Nella Ethel SCOTT. Is this the same person as your grandfather?
2 posts
Sep 04, 2006
2:27 PM
My grandfather was Charles Herbert Shere. I thought his name was Herbert Charles because he was always called Herbert. He was born in 1911. I was asking my dad about this stuff today. He said that his dad was the third Charles Herbert. My grandmother's name was Helen, but she was not his first wife. I know my dad grew up in northern Illinois.
76 posts
Sep 04, 2006
7:24 PM
I'm not sure if this Charles Herbert SHERE is part of your Charles Herbert SHERE line or not; however, I posted below what I have regarding his ancestry - Les Niemi

Ancestors of Charles Herbert SHERE

Generation 1 (starting person)
1 Nina Leota Shere: Nina was born Iowa City, IA March 24, 1909.

Generation 2 (parents)
2 Charles Herbert Shere: He married Nella Ethel Scott. Charles was born 1884.
3 Nella Ethel Scott: She married Charles Herbert Shere.

Generation 3 (grandparents)
4 Thomas A. Shere: Thomas was born Albion, Orleans Co., NY December 15, 1832. He married Amanda S. Flint 1852. He married Lizzie Smith Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA, May 24, 1890. He married Laura L. Deyo November 19, 1893. Thomas died December 20, 1915 Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA, at 83 years of age.
5 Amanda S. Flint: Amanda was born New York Ca 1835. She married Thomas A. Shere 1852. Amanda died 1889 Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA, at 54 years of age.

Generation 4 (great-grandparents)
8 John Ellis Shere: John was born Devonshire, England September 20, 1810. He married Maria E. Artlett London, England, December 18, 1831. John died April 20, 1901 Yorktown, IL, at 90 years of age.
9 Maria E. Artlett: Maria was born County of Kent, England December 19, 1812. She married John Ellis Shere London, England, December 18, 1831. Maria died October 25, 1893 Yorktown, IL, at 80 years of age.
10 Asher Flint: He married Laura Unknown.
11 Laura Unknown: She married Asher Flint.

Generation 5 (great-great-grandparents)
16 Mr. Shere: He married Mrs. Shere. Mr. died ca 1816.
17 Mrs. Shere: She married Mr. Shere. Mrs. died ca 1826.
karen artlett
1 post
Jun 19, 2007
7:21 AM
hi if anyone is interested in the family of maria artlett i have the whole artlett family tree going back to 1590 and maria i beleive was baptised in caple le ferne and on the morman site recorded as mariah. it would require a trip to maidstone in kent to look at the orignal handwritted records on mircrofilm to see why she is recorded as mariah its probaly due to bad handwritting or fading of the orignal records. i will be happy to supply the complete tree.
Debra L. Peterson
75 posts
Jun 20, 2007
8:19 PM
How wonderful you have found this site! Maria Artlett was my great great grandmother. I would love to have the Artlett family tree! My email is debra@wmccinc.com
4 posts
Jun 24, 2007
6:13 AM
I received a copy of this email and thought I would post it to the site. It has some nice information. ~ Denise

Hi Bob,
We got your address while reading messages in the Tampico Historical Society web pages. Under the Shere/Pierceson Family back in Jan of 2006 you were having a conversation with a Mike Shere. A Gary Myers was mentioned. Do you think that this might be Gary Paul Meier? He was a cousin of Chuck's born 8-23-1940 and died in April of 1987. Chuck does not remember that they went to the Brown School. Chuck thought that when they lived in that area they were closer to Hooppole and went to school there. We hope to see Ray at the Satterfield 'Rebellion' in July and will try to remember to ask him.
They were the four children of Arnold 'Buck' and Virginia 'Satterfield' Meier. Ray, Gary, David, and Rosemary, who married Glen Ferguson. Ray and Rosemary live in or near Annawan and David is in Michigan.
Perhaps the proper spelling would have helped in the search if, in fact, this is the Gary that you were looking for.
We hope that you and yours are all well.
Donna and Chuck Satterfield

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Debra L. Peterson
76 posts
Jul 04, 2007
8:36 PM
Karen- thank you for responding to my post- I look forward to exchaning information with you!
Debra L. Peterson
77 posts
Jul 19, 2007
12:24 PM
Yes it was a great weekend! One I will never forget!
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Nov 04, 2007
12:05 PM
My name is Jack Shere. I am pleased to see so many interested in the Shere name, in which I'm very proud of.
My father was Frank Flint Shere,his father was William Henry Shere. Frank my father married Gladys Ann Mc,Kay
my mother. They raised 8 childern and resided in Craig Co.
I welcome all contacts.
This is a wonderful Web site
Thank You Adminastrator for allowing my two cents
Jack D Shere
Palmdale Ca.
141 posts
Nov 10, 2007
6:56 AM
Hi Jack,

How good that you found this website. Your great grandfather, Thomas A. SHERE, was the brother of William E. SHERE. William married Zilla Adelle DOW June 12, 1895 (after his first wife, Charity WILSEY died in 1894).

Zilla was the sister of Lauer J. DOW, my g-grandfather and the great grandmother of Debra Peterson. You will find Debra's posting throughout this website.

I look forward to hearing more from you.


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May 23, 2008
5:07 PM
Possibly LesN can help.

I'm seeking information about the tornado death of my Greatgrandmother's brother, Isaac Norton, who was supposedly killed in a tornado in Welch, OK, while visiting his sister Ruth Norton McKay Shere & family in Oct. 1914.

I noted your mention of a Ruth McKay marrying Eugene Edward Shere on Jan. 1883, and of Eugene Edward's death in 1927 in Welch, OK.

It would seem likely to be the same Ruth McKay.

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179 posts
May 24, 2008
5:05 AM
My microfilm files of the Tampico Tornado stretch from 1886 thru 1920. I checked the files I've transcribed and found no other mention of NORTON or McKAY.
2 posts
May 24, 2008
11:52 AM

My error. Copy of partial note I received from Brad Shere referred to article being sent to: Editor, Jackson Sentinel, Maquokata, Iowa.

Maquokata area had evidently been long term home to Isaac Norton and Mrs. Oscar Norton was forwarding a clipping from some local newspaper near Welch, OK, to Jackson County,

Ruth Norton McKay was sister to my grandmother Kezziah Norton Channel and Isaac Norton and was first married to a McKay near Garnett, KS.

Ruth married Eugene Edward Shere and they eventually moved to Welch, OK. They had no natural children, but did adopt a nephew, Charles Shere and also Gladys (?). Ruth had two surviving sons, JG McKay of Parsons, KS, and LE McKay of Galena, KS.

Thanks for your rapid response.

1 post
Mar 02, 2009
12:23 AM
Is this still active? I have been trying to learn more about my family and just discovered it. My grandfather Charles Smith was adopted by E E Shere while his sister Anna was adopted by Frank Flint Shere. I was in contact with Brad Shere several years ago, and lost contact with him, would like to reconnect.
Debra P
1 post
Mar 10, 2009
9:17 PM
Hi Jim- Will Shere was my g grandfather- he & Thomas were brothers. I too have lost contact with Brad Shere. If I find an email address for him I will send it to you. I do not know antyhing about E. E. Shere.
481 posts
Mar 11, 2009
5:05 AM
Brad has a Facebook account. I dropped him a line on his account when I saw Jim's posting & suggested he "drop back in" to this TAHS website, but it doesn't look like he has.
Debra P
2 posts
Mar 12, 2009
8:10 PM
He seems to be a little independent that way!
4 posts
Oct 16, 2009
12:11 PM
Hi everyone! I was thumbing through the posts and something caught my eye relating to the John Ellis Shere Obit.

"Dec. 18, in London he was married to Maria E. ARTLETT. His choice did not meet the approval of his uncle and guardian, as his mother and father were both dead".

My Grandmother wrote what she remembered about our Shere family genealogy before she died in 1985. She had some facts wrong and when I first started tracing the family (1996) she started me off in the wrong direction. She said "Ambrose E. Shere" came to the US from England instead of "John E. Shere". But one thing she said collaborates the quote from the obit. She said that Ambrose (John) and his new wife left Englad because they had been shuned by the family because he married the house servant.

I have been away from genealogy for a while but getting the bug again. A friend recently put together a CD book documenting her family history. I am tied to that family and provided SHERE information. That put me in the puzzle solving mode again. I want to find which part of the SHERE family in Devon Englad where we came from.

Debra P
3 posts
Nov 01, 2009
8:41 PM
Hi Brad! itis great to see you posting here! I am sure a lot of peole would like to see more info from you!
1 post
Oct 27, 2010
6:06 PM
I also am a Shere. I have been tracing our family history as well, and this is what I have been able to trace so far:

Ambrose Shere born 1712 married to Sara Bater born 1715.

Amrose Shere born 1743 married to Jenny Salter who was born 1746 -1785. He then married Sarah Slee.

Ambrose Shere born 1764 married to Elizabeth Elliott born 1762.

Thomas Shere born 1793 married to Elizabeth James born 1801.

Henry James born 1828 married to Mary Berry born 1834.

John Henry Shere born 1858 married to Sarah Kelsey born 1868. (GGF)

Albert Harold Shere 1907 married to Blanche Aileen Bartholomew (GF)

Jack A Shere (Father)

From what I have been told by family members, John Henry Shere was the first Shere to come to America from Devonshire England and came on the ship Somerset in 1878. He became a naturalized citizen in 1890. His wife Sarah Kelsey Shere was also from Devonshire England and came to America in 1870 on the ship Isaac Web. My Grandfather, Albert Shere had siblings Nellie Rose Shere 1885, henrietta Irene Shere 1887, John Henry Shere 1889, Eva Emile Peggy Shere 1892, Alma Shere 1895 who died at 1 year of age, Lottie Mabel Shere 1897, William Harrison Shere 1901, Charles Marion Shere 1903, Merle Duane Shere and Earle Dwight Shere 1912 (twins who died at birth)

I am looking to see if I can trace back farther than Ambrose Shere as I have been told that the Sheres go back to 1060.

If anyone has any information, please feel free to share!
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Oct 27, 2010
8:56 PM
Hi, all my Family ( Johnson and Shere in Whiteside County, IL I Have a new E-mail address
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Oct 30, 2010
9:08 AM
Hello Al,
I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you are. Thanks for the update on your email address. You've had quite a few through the years. Maybe you should consider getting a web-based email address. That way, it doesn't matter who your ISP is, your email stays the same and you can access it from anywhere. I like g-mail, but a lot of folks use Yahoo. I also have a hotmail acct that I have had for almost 11 yrs. Anyway, don't forget to register to receive our e-newsletter again. I cannot do that for you. Just click on the tab at top of page that says NEWSLETTER/MAILING LIST and follow instructions. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation email that you must respond to in order to activate the newsletter. Great hearing from you!
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Mar 19, 2011
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Hi-- My name is Julie Hinterthuer. My grandmother Marjorie (Marge) Hinterthuer had last posted on here in 2006, three months before she died. She was the daughter of Mabel Shere Blackert, who was the daughter of Ambrose A. Shere and Linda Swanson. My great-great-great grandparents are John Ellis Shere and Maria E. Artlett. I'm just getting into tracing ancestry and am fascinated with the small amount I've already found online, much through this website. I'd be interested in any information on the Shere and Artlett families as John and Maria are as far back as I've been able to trace thus far. My email is juliehinterthuer@yahoo.com and I look forward to hearing from anyone.


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Mar 19, 2011
8:58 PM
Hi Julie,
You will find obits for some of the SHERE family members in our obit section. They were misspelled, but I have corrected that now. OBITUARY INDEX
Also see the "S" section of our Tampico Memorial Cemetery This index will give links to other information, such as obits, photo of headstones, bio's, etc.
Do a site-search from our HOME PAGE

There is an Artlett Family Genealogy Chart in our Family History section, submitted by Les Niemi

Again, do a site-search from our HOME PAGE for ARTLETT for other links on this site.

Lynn & Craig Kolb have contributed quite a bit on the site as well for the families. Perhaps she will see this and can offer more advice.

Also see Genealogy Trails/Whiteside County and do a site search for the surnames of interest.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.


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