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Union Cemetery S
AKA: Greenville/Fairfield or Whittington






Birth/Death Age Location (Sect., Lot#) Lot Owner Parents Spouse Comments
SAATHOFF William O.            
SALLEE Frances            
SALLEE Robert L.            
SANSTED Mrs            
SAUSSER Arnold Neil (inf)            
SAUSSER Beverly Jean (inf)            
SAUSSER Eda            
SAUSSER Vernon L.            
SCHULTZ Amols H.            
SCHULTZ Mary D.            

SELLS Edythe

SELLS Elizabeth            
SELLS Francis C. (inf)  b. April 10, 1852-d. Nov. 13, 1853      Jacob & Mary A Sells    Headstone
SELLS Fred B.            
SELLS Jacob  b. Mar 13, 1811-d. Aug. 19, 1876        Mary A ____  Headstone
SELLS James  b. Mar. 12, 1844-d. Sept. 20, 1870      Jacob & Mary A Sells    Headstone
SELLS Janette H or M  d.. 28, 1946 Oct  87y      John Sells  Obit
SELLS John W            
SELLS Mary A  b. Feb. 3, 1821-d. Jun 3, 1870        Jacob Sells  Headstone
SELLS William  b. Sept. 30, 1864-d. April 12. 1897          Headstone
SHOFFNER Minnie             
SHOFFNER Rose Lee            
SHOFFNER William B.            
SHUGART Clara            

SIBLEY Kenneth A Obit

 Jan. 2, 1916-Oct. 17, 1991 75y


Owned by: Frank Rasmussen, & Kenneth & Margaret Sibley

Frank C. and E. Maude (Arnett) Sibley Marzata Jacobson West side of Cemetery/Old section
SIBLEY Marzata M  April 25, 1919-NDS  


Owned by Frank Rasmussen & Kenneth & Margaret Sibley

  Kenneth Sibley West side of Cemetery/Old section
SIMMONS James Mrs.            
SMITH Amanda Jane            
SMITH James d. Feb. 11, 1851 "In the 53 year of his age"

Section B

Lot 91 - 1

Owned by Daniel Batty & later by James Smith

SMITH Lavina            
*SMITH Martha A           *see Martha A. Smith Murdock
SMITH Mary E d. April 10, 1862 ?y, 6m, 29d

Section B

Lot 135 - Grave 2. Owned by George W. Smith

D.H. & M. L. Smith   Notation: George W. Smith's sister. Grave 1 is another sister of Geo. W. Smith - Martha Smith Murdock - w/o Geo. Murdock
SODERBERG Andrew M.            
SODERBERG Emma Sofia            
SODERBERG Johanna            
SOUSER Calvin            
SOUSSER Idella            
SPEAR Charles            
SPEAR Hepsabeth            
SPEAR Mary Ann            
SPRAGUE Chas. W.            
STAMPS Walter R.            
STEELE jOHN            
STEELE Matilda            
STEERS Arminda R.            
STEERS Gladys (inf)            
STEERS William F.            
STENROS Ester V (inf)            
STENROS Matthias S.            
STIDD Ella M 1885-1941   Sect A, Lot 4, Grave 2 Lot owned by Miss Sisssa Nelson     Ella is listed below S. B. & Sissa Nelson (siblings). Ella is listed as "mother"
STIDD Ella Margaret            
STOCKING Hattie M.            
STOWELL Martha Ann            
SULLIVAN Howard H.            
SWAN Albert L            
SWAN Andrew A            
SWAN Andrew A (inf)            
SWAN Andrew C            
SWAN Anna C            
SWAN Betty            
SWAN Charlotta            
SWAN Charlotte            
SWAN Eda            
SWAN Edward W            
SWAN Gladys I            
SWAN Hattie N            
SWAN Hettie M?            
SWAN Hulda            
SWAN Kenneth Oscar            
SWAN Lennie A            
SWAN Leonard            
SWAN Mae Lenore            
SWAN Nettie M            
SWAN Oscar            
SWAN  Peter A            
SWANSON Albin            
SWANSON Alden C            
SWANSON  Anna            
SWANSON Anton            
SWANSON Edith L            
SWANSON Esther J            
SWANSON Ethel E            
SWANSON Frank A            
SWANSON Freda            
SWANSON Hilda (inf)            
SWANSON Hilma            
SWANSON Ingrea            
SWANSON Nels S.            
SWANSON Ruby I            
SWANSON Ruth V            
SWANSON Selma            
SWANSON Stenros            
SYMMOND Charlie (inf)            

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