Welcome to Tampico, Illinois
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Booth Park

 T.A.R.P. - Tampico Area Revitilization Project organized in 2005. Originally a vision of Ruth Adams and carried on by LaMonica Henrekin, Shirley Lester and Linda Brown. They inspired the community, and rekindled a sense of pride in our town. Area businesses donated materials, citizens offered their time and labor, and the village of Tampico contributed $20,000 towards playground equipment for Booth Park. In June, 2007, it all came together with the help of many volunteers. Our kids now have a beautiful new playground, with modular slides, tire swing, skateboard and bike ramps. If you build it . . . .they will come. . . .


Reagan Park is a beautiful, tranquil and historic park at the SW edge of town. The views from the gazebo are "reminiscent" of an era long gone. To the south, you can see the founding father of Tampico's home, which is next door to Ronald Reagan's boyhood home. To the east, you can see "Pig Alley" and the stockyards; to the north is the grain elevator and is also the direction where the old depot was located. To the west is the Soldiers' Monument, erected in 1907. Just beyond it is where the Electric Light Plant and the old Phillips 66 were. The Electric Plant is gone, but the "66" building is now a private residence. Prominent citizens are memorialized with name plates on the benches strategically placed throughout the park. All of it says, "Welcome to our little corner of the world."

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