Index to 1885 Bureau County Biographies
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Index to Bureau County Bios 1885
Source: History of Bureau County, edited by H.C. Bradsby, Chicago: World Publishing Co. 1885



PREFACE: "History of Bureau County, Illinois, H. C. Bradsby, Editor, Chicago: World Publishing Co., 1885." (Reprinted by Higginson Book Company, 148 Washignton STreet, P.O. 778, Salem, Massachusetts 01970, Phone: 978-745-7170,

The history of Bureau County, Illinos, after much toil and patient research, is now completed, and it is believed that no object of public importance or interest has been omitted, save where the most diligent efforts failed to secure reliable results. 

The cheif aim of this book is to give the facts and dates as we found them in the recollections of the few surviving early settlers, the private and public records in the County and State achives, the few private diaries, family Bibles and on the tomstones placed by the hands of affection over the final resting-places of the departed, in their chronological order. The legends and traditions have been carefully gone over, and no small part of the work has beenin collating and verifying them, and in every case where fiction had found its way into the web or woof of the story, to retain the true and reject the false. 

In some respects the reader may think, especially if he should be a stranger to the pioneers and their descendants, that at times there is a tediousness of detail, or even that some are unimportant, but a generation from now these very details will be the more highly prized the more full and complete they are. 

In telling the story of the general county  history we have combined and woven together the account as best we could, and inaddition to the county's genealogy and chronology will be found that of the people, together with the biographies and lives of the living and the dead, that will some day be an invaluable prize in the hands of the future historian, as well as of interest andprofit to the readers of today. 

We believe the whol will be found clothed in a literary garb, and brightened with reflections, suggestions and philosophical deductions that will make it a store-house for the young and old, where they may find new and valuable ideas, and thus gain knowledge and pleasure that will repay them many times the original outlay for the book. 

This work has cost us much labor and a large expenditure of money, and as the territory is but a single county, and, therefore,  our patronage can be but limited, yet we have given here more than we promised, and we feel assured that all thoughtful and fair-minded people will recognize and appreciate the work and its permanent value. 

There is a perceptibly constant increase in the interest in the history of the pioneers. This, of course, commenced in the orignial States of the Union, but is extending all over the West. In the New England States it is still far in advance of the Mississippi Valley. It may be true that these are richer historical grounds than the new States can present, but it is not certain that, therefore, there are not great fields here for the real historian. because there is much in the man who writes the history of a people as to whether he finds and suitably points out, and fully works up the actual material that may lie within his possible reach. 

In this work we have followed no beaten track in formulating the story, the subjects treated, or the manner of treatment, and some readers may conclude that to that extent we have marred what we have done, yet we have followed a general plan, and made prominet those special subjects that we have, after long study and reflection, conceived to be for the best in the end, even if not now. 

And all we care to say in self defense is, that where the reader may fall upon chance paragraphs that do net meet his cordial approval, that in justice to the writer he withold his judgements until he can fairly view and estimate the work as a whole - the story in all its lights and shadows. ~ December, 1884   H. C. Bradsby


Jacob B. Adams
; Daniel Albrecht; John Albrecht; Jashub W. Aldrich; Sullivan Aldrich; Elisha Allen; Joseph Allen; Mark Anderson; E. B. Anthony; George Anthony; John Armstrong; William Arnett; Thomas Aughey

A. N. Bacon; G. H. Bacon; P. C. Bacon; D. D. Bailey; John W. Bailey; John W. Bailey; Charles C. Baird; Judge Martin Ballou; J. J. Bamburg & Co.; George Barr; Benjamin Barrett; Charles P. Bascom; Edwin Bass; Eugene C. Bates; T. Bates; Maj. Silas Battey; O. W. Battey; John H. Bauer; C. Henry Bauer; Amasa E. Belden; Eli B. Belknap; Julius Benedict; T. N. Bennett; A. Benson; Burghard Berge; John Berkstresser; Jacob Bernhard; G. C. Betz; Philip H. Betz; George M. Betz; W. D. Billhorn; George W. Black; Isaac C. Black; William H. Bloom; G. F. Blust; Dr. James F. Boal; Robert Boardman; A. C. Goggs; Alden Booth; Irwin Borger; William Bowen; Nathaniel Boyd; Albert W. Boyden; E.P. Boyden; Dr. Simon Peter Breed; Martin Brenneman; Joseph H. Brigham; E. H. Brooks; Capt. Robert Bruton; THE BRYANT FAMILY; Arthur Bryant; Edward Raymond Bryant; Marcus Bryant; John G. Bubach; M. Buhler; J. P. Bumphrey; Thomas Burden; J. Y. Burnett; Col. N. C. Buswell

Thomas J. Cahill; Thomas C. Callinan; Armstrong Campbell;Thomas R. Capperrune; Rufus Carey; Mrs. Delila L. Carey; Luther F. Carpenter; Adam Carper; Jacob S. Carper; John R. Cass; Peter J. Cassidy; George Castendyck; William Catherman; Oliver Chaddock; O. E. Chapman; Rodolphus Childs; E. D. Chrisman; William Chrisman; J. Chritzman; Horation Churchill; Seth C. Clapp; John Clapp; Atherton Clark; James T. Clark; Samuel P. Clark; Adam Cleer; Gilbert Clement; J. Harvey Coddington; Henry C. Coddington; N. P Colberg; F. Colby; Rev. John Cole; O. T. Collins; Cyrus Colton; Jacob Colver; Joshua J. Colver; Oliver Cook; Henry Cooley; Calvin Cooper; Hamilton F. Corey; Martin Corley; Cornelius C. Corss; James R. Cottle; B. C. Couch, Esq.; James McCreedy; William Chrisman; George Crossman; J. C. Crossman; William Cummings; Fitchyou Cummings; J. T. Currier; T. P. Currier; J. M. Curtis 

Thomas Dale
; Lyman L. Dana; George G. Dana; J. H. Dana; William Davenport; Ami L. Davis; Charles A. Davis; Marsell Davis; Chauncey L. Dayton; William Decker; Elijah Dee;Thomas W. Delaney; J. H. Delano; G. Deuterman; Benjamin Fenno Dewey; Hon. Martin R. Dewey; W.W. Dewey; James M. Dexter; Henry Dodge; John Dorn; E.M. Douglass; A.G. Downer; The Drake Family; J. A. Draper; James M. Draper; William Dremann; Denis Driscoll; Aaron Dunbar; James Dunbar; William F. Dunn; Henry Dunteman; Ernest Dunteman;

J. R. Earnest; O.M. Eastman; Mrs. Lovey Eaton; Richard Edwards, LL.D.; George Eldridge; J. S. Eldridge; Gen. I.H. Elliot; Hon. Simon Elliott; Abbott Ellis; James H. Ellis; Judge Jesse Emerson; W. S. Evans

Casper Faber; Fred Faber; Patrick O. Farrell; Elisha Fassett; E.W. Fassett; FAY FAMILY; B. C.Fear; H. H. Ferris; W.W. Ferris; Harry C. Field; John Field; Charles Fifield; Mrs. Lurana Fifield; David C. Fisher; E. D. Fisher; Micahel Flaherty; Patrick Flaherty; William A. Fletcher; M.C. Flowers; Capt. Rufus Ford; William Fordham; S. H. Foster; George S. Foster; Roderick B. Frary; Milford Frazee; David Fribley; Peter Funfsinn; Thomas Funson 

A.T. Galer; James Gallaher; James M. Gardner; Michael Gennett; James Gerrond; Hiram Gheer; Daniel Gingery; Veit Goetz; Andrew Gosse; William H. Gould; James Graham; Thomas Granfield; George W. Graves; Nathan Gray; Hermas Gray; Clark Gray; W.I. Greeley; A.G. Greenman; Niclaus Grosz; Moses Grumbine; William G. Gudgell; John Gugerty; Henry Guither; George Gunkel; John Gunning;

Armstead T. Hagan; J.F. Hale; THE HALL FAMILY; George B. Harringon; N.A. Harrington; Hon. Joseph W. Harris; William M. Harsh; Orren Hasard; THE HASLER FAMILY; Leonard Hathaway; J. E. Hathorn, M.D.;Robert Hay; J.K. Hazen; Isaac Heaton; John Hechtner; Adam Heiliger; Gen. Thomas J. Henderson; W.C. Henderson; James Hensel; Sebastian Herbolsheimer; James Herrick; Samuel Hills; L.O. Hills; J.W. Hills; Nelson Hinkston; H. Hinman; George C. Hinsdale; Marion Hite; William C. Hoblit; G.W. Hockenbury; Andrew Hoffman; George E. Hoffman; H.H. Hogeboom; J.T. Holbrook; Lewis Holmes; Joseph C. Hopkins; J.K. Hopkins; John Hopler; Martin Hopps; Allen Horton; W.F. Horton; Jacob W. Huffman; O.H. Huntley, M.D.

John Igou; H. W. Immke; James Ingham; Daniel Ioder; William Ioder; William L. Isaac

Roswell D. Jacob; John Jacobson; S. J. Jobling; Hiram Johnson; Hugh Johnson; W. A. Johnson; Daniel Jones; Dr. Daniel Jones; David A. Jones; Joseph F. Jones

John S. Kasbeer
; Nathan J. Keel; M.W. Keigley; Milo Kendall; Alonzo R. Kendall; Lorenzo J. Kendall; Capt. Michael Kennedy; John Casper Kessler; Marion S. Kiser; H. Kitterman; William Kitterman; C. Kitterman; N.J. Knipple; J. B. Knowlton; Judge S.M. Knox; Isaac Kurtz

Abraham S. Lance; Frank Langworthy; P.G. Larson; Watson F. Lawton; Dr. F.W. Lee; H. B. Leeper; F.J. Leibiger; Albert Lewis; ; Joseph W. Lewis; M.A. Lewis; Swan Linn; August Lipke; Elijah Little; Thomas J. Lockwood; Mrs. Harriet N. Loyd

Nathan C. Manrose; Andrew Marple; John Marriott; M.M. Martin; William Martin; Cyrus P. Mason; Marshal Mason; John Masters; C.H. Masters; E.M. Matson; Nehemiah Matson; Neal McArthur; Alexander McCall; McCONIHE FAMILY; John Massillon McConihe;Morris McDonald; W. McFarland; Ezra McIntire; H.M. McKee; O. W. McKenzie; Robert McKenzie; Charles McKune; George S. McLean; John McNally; John F. Meier; John Meisenheimer; Jacob A. Melick; E.K. Mercer; G. W. Mercer; Dr. Joseph Mercer; L.L. Mercer; W.H. Mesenkop; F.C. Metcalf; William Miles; Henry F. Miller; Henry J. Miller; Jacob Miller; Jospeh H. Milner; J.H. Morgan; C.M. Morrill, M.D.; Joseph Morrison; L.O. Morse; Prof. S.W. Moses; William N. Moseley; D.E. Munger; Howard W. Munson; L. B. Muzzy; Augustus Myers

Andrew D. Neely; James Nelson; P.J. Newell; D. T. Nichols; Isaac H. Norris; William Norris; George Norton;

H.H. Obershalp; Philip Ogan; Andrew Oloffson; Andrew F. B. Olson; Daniel O'Shea; George Otley; Thomas C. Otley; W.J. Ott

Stephen Gorham Paddock; Edward N. Page; Isaac D. Page; George N. Palmer; Charles A. Palmer M.D.; Mrs. Martha T. Palmer; Michael Pantenburg; H. R. Parish; Isaac Parsons; James M. Patt; C.L. Pendleton; John Perkins; John W. Perry; J. M. Peterson; M.H. Peterson; John T. Petty; George R. Phelps; Orris S. Phelps; Christopher C. Phelps; John D. Philips; James A. Pierce; William W. Pierce; Leander T. Pomeroy; Sterling Pomeroy; Warren Poole; Jacob Pope; P.R. Porter; John Priestman, M.D.; John Prior; Adam Prutsman; Herbert Putnam


F.D. Rackley; George Rackley; THE RADCLIFFE FAMILY; Joseph Rauh; Hon. Charles G. Read; Henry Ream; H.C. Reasoner; Adam Reder; E.A. Reed; Tracy Reeve; Lewis E. Remsburg; Solomon Remsburg; J.D. Reynolds; P.C. Rhea; Dr. George Iden Rice; O.D. Richards; William Riley; Joseph Riley; Harry C. Roberts; Dr. F.C. Robinson; J.H. Robinson (Indiantown); J.H. Robinson (Princeton); John S. Robinson; S.F. Robinson; W.H. Robinson; H.G. Rosine; Andrew Ross; Jacob Ross; James Ross; Rev. William Ross; Henry Rudiger; W. H. Rule; E.C. Russell; S.S. Russell

George Sadler; S.P. Salmon; H.P. Salmon; G.H. Sampson; Andrew Sapp; Solomon Sapp; W. H. Saunders; Anthony Sawyer; Gustav Schultz; John Scott; R. Scott; John S. Searl; SEATON FAMILY; James H. Seaton; Solomon Seelig; J.Jacob Seibel; Charles H. Seibel; R. W. Sharp; Charles C. Shepard; Albert Shifflet; Nelson Shifflet; Reuben Shilts; Mark Shirk; John Shugart; George W. Sisler; M. Skefington; Richard M. Skinner; Hon. Benjamin L Smith C.L. Smith; D.H. Smith; Daniel P. Smith; Edward Smith; Henry C. Smith; Jonathan Smith;C.P. Snow; Henry Snyder; S. G. Soverhill; J. Y. Spangler; John W. Spratt; G.T. Squires; Christian Stadler; Charles Stamberger; Stillman Stannard; Capt. Charles Stedman; A.L. Steele; STEVENS FAMILY; John Stevens; Justus Stevens; B.N. Stevens; Alden N. Stevens; Charles M. Stevens; Elbridge Stevens; Thomas J. Stevens; A.N. Stevenson; William Stevenson; James B. Stewart; David C. Stickel; Alvah Stiles; Judge George W. Stipp; George W. Stone; Liberty Stone; L.H. Streeter; Theodore P. Streeter; Thomas Studley; Joseph Sutherland; Ferdinand Sutton; Newton B. Swan; Jacob Sweet

James W. Templeton; Marcus Thackaberry; Alexander H. Thompson, M.D.; Charles Thompson; J.H. Thompson, M.D.; Lewis K. Thompson; James Thomson; Andrew Thulean; James P. Tibbetts; Charles Tomlinson; Robert Tonkinson; Matthew Trimble; U. J. Trimble; Wison Triplett; Henry Truckenbrod; John Truckenbrod; Alexander Turnbull; John Turner

 J.P. Ultch

 Ruggles B. Van Law; Thomas Vaughan; E.R. Virden; George L. Vroom

John W. Wade; B.F. Waite; Franklin Walker; Levi Walker; Fred Walters; Courtney Warren; Solomon Ward; Edward A. Washburn; George W. Wassom; E.W. Watson; John Weber; Andrew T. Weise; John H. Weissenburger; J.W. Weller; David Wells; Hon. J.H. Welsh; Fridrick Wendel; W.D. Whaples; Hon. William M. Whipple; Charles O. White; Marion G. White; John C. White; J.P. White; William C. White; William Whittin; Hon. Lorenzo Dow Whiting; John I. Wilkins, M.D.; Orrin Wilkinson; J.H. Williams; B.B. Williams; Solomon Williams; C. Williamson; Charles O. Wilson; J.M. Wilson; William S. Wilson; Henry Wingert; Sino E. Winser; James Winters; W. H. Winter, M.D.; Charles Wixom; John Wolfer; Charles Wolfersberger; Philip Wolfersberger; Jasper Wood; John Wylie

Michael Young; William J. Young

Martin Zearing; Martin R. Zearing; Louis Zearing; David S. Zearing; George Zink; John Zink

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