Index to Remeninceses of Bureau County Illinois,by N. Matson,1872
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Reminiscenses of Bureau Co


Source:  Reminiscences of Bureau County (IL)
In two parts by N. Matson
A reproduction of the original book on CD
Originally published by Republican Book and Job Office
Princeton, IL, 1872
406 pgs


Chapter I. The missionary and the outlaw
Chapter II. American Fur company
Chapter III. Bureau County in a state of nature
Chapter IV. Rev. James Sample preaching to sinners
Chapter V. Thomas Hartzell, the Indian trader
Chapter VI. An old land mark
Chapter VII. A search for a lead mine
Chapter VIII. The great Indian council
Chapter IX. Dad Joe
Chapter X. Commencement of hostilities
Chapter XI. Rev. James Sample and wife
Chapter XII. Bulbona
Chapter XIII. Military force organized
Chapter XIV. Explanation
Chapter XV. Indian Creek settlement
Chapter XVI. Captivity of Sylvia and Rachel Hall
Chapter XVII. Girty's Band visit Fox River settlement
Chapter XVIII. Bearer of the governor's dispatch
Chapter XIX. Boyd's Grove
Chapter XX. Settlers return to look after their cattle
Chapter XXI. Scott's Army passes through Bureau County
Chapter XXII. Girty's arrival at Princeton


Chapter I. Geography of Bureau County 
Chapter II. Indians of Bureau
Chapter III. Arrival of emigrants 
Chapter IV. Exploring the country 
Chapter V. Settlement of Leepertown and Hoskins' Prairie
Chapter VI. Peoria and Galena State Road
Chapter VII. Third Indian War
Chapter VIII. Wild animals Part second. 
Chapter IX. Settlement at Boyd's Grove 
Chapter X. Bureau Country organized 
Chapter XI. Justice Court Part second. 
Chapter XII. Underground railroad 
Chapter XIIII. The magician 
Chapter XIV. Settlement of Green River 
Chapter XV. Progress of settlement

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