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Church of Christ
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Christian Church
The Christian Church or "Church of Christ" located on the east side of town, and was attended by Ronald Reagan and his mother, Nelle. Nelle also taught Sunday school here. Ron's brother, Neil and dad, Jack attended Tampico's St. Mary's Catholic Church.

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Church Board at Dedication of Church Building:

Minister - Wiley B. Cash (1902-03)
Chairman of the Board - George Lytens
Treasurer - Dr. C. P. Horner
Clerk - Mrs. Edith Parent
Organist - Mrs. Cp. P. Horner
F. M. LaDue
George Lytens
A. L. Pierce
E. H. McCracken

Church Board in 1975

Minister - Clarke Devore
Chairman of Board - William Isaacson
Treasurer - Mrs. Larry Musche
Clerk - Warren Anderson
Dean Gilman"Howard Ackeberg
Warren Anderson
William Isaacson
Lowell Egert
Ray Gustafson
Fay Morgan
Dale Greenwood
Murle McDonald
Robert Forward
Kalvin Anderson
Clifford Rosene
Trustees - William Isaacson, Dean Gilman, Warren Anderson
Pianist - Mrs. Roger Larson

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