Illinois Uniton Volunteer Regiments
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IL Union Volunteer Regiments

Civil War Vets Buried in Whiteside Co. 
Local Civil War Vets by Residence 
Tampico Area Civil War Vets (includes Whiteside Co., Bureau Co., Henry Co.)
IL Military Tract (War of 1812) 
IL Soldiers' & Sailors' Home - Quincy 1887-1898

The spelling of names and towns has not been altered and are posted as they are listed in original Data bases.

26 Nov 2005    45th Infantry IL Regiment


8 Oct 2005    57th Infantry - IL
Includes history of the 57th and list of TAMPICO soldiers
8 Oct 2005    Tampico Civil War Regiments
5 Oct 2005    141st Regiment, IL Infantry (100 days, 1864)
5 Oct 2005    147th Regiment, IL Infantry (one year - 1865)
5 Oct 2005    9th Regiment, IL Cavalry
5 Oct 2005    54th Regiment - IL Infantry
5 Oct 2005    35th IL Infantry
5 Oct 2005    7th Regiment - IL Cavalry
5 Oct 2005    64th Regiment, IL Infantry (Yates' Sharpshooters)

REVISED OCT. 10, 2005 Includes History of the 64th Regiment and list of local soldiers

5 Oct 2005    34th Regiment, IL Infantry


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