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McKenzie Families

First Row: 1) Roy McKenzie, age 4, 2) Robt. McKenzie Home 1909, 3) 1911 - Mrs. Alvin Pierce and grandson, Edwin Pierce, 4) Edna E. McKenzie Plaque 5) Tampico Memorial Day Cemetery Walk 2003 - Edna McKenzie honored.

Second Row: 1-4)  Tampico Memorial Day Cemetery Walk 2003 - Edna McKenzie honored. This is the display presented.  Paul Johnson (Edna's nephew) and Barbara Johnson (Edna's niece) shared some memories of her. 5) Margaret (Sturm) McKenzie

Third Row: 1) Margaret (Sturm) McKenzie, 2) Margaret (Sturm) McKenzie, 3) Oliver & Emily Dow, 4) Oliver McKenzie, 5) Oliver McKenzie, 

Fourth Row: 1) Oliver McKinzie and family; Note from Dr. Weber; R. H. McKenzie; McKenzie/Blecker; 1891 store receipt

Fifth Row: Cantlin/Carter/Marshall/McKenzie; O. W. McKenzie headstone; O. W. McKenzie Headstone; envelope for land-sale contract; land-sale contract

Row 6: notation on back of contract;

McKenzie Family Report (in pdf format)

McKenzie Family Tree (in pdf format)     This is a picture of a 4 foot tall pen and ink drawing of the family tree that my sister did from my grandfathers search of the family. My grandfather died in 1958 so this was probably a year or so before that. It might be an interesting addition to the McKenzie history.

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