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Old Tampico Cemetery

Apparently there was some kind of official "reading" done in the mid 90's for this cemetery. There is a handwritten note in our files. I will try to transcribe it to the best of my ability. If anyone can add to this information, PLEASE contact me!

Elvira V. Jackson 1880
Joseph Berry 1876  63 yrs. (I visited graveyard 5/23/05. I did a rubbing. Stone says: Joseph Berry, Died Nov. 5, 1876. Aged 63 years, 6 m, 17 d -

Children of Buedson (sp?)
E.M.K. (note says 2 ft. high)
? Oblisque Edwin  Sept 24, 1874  age 4months (I visited graveyard 5/23/05. Stone reads: Edwin, died Sept 24, 1874. Aged 4m, 25 d)
Jane died Feb. 21, 1870
Alfred Graham (see gravesite photo in photo albums)
William Tusaw   **grave 1872
Catherine wife of Daniel Woodard  187? (Note from Les Niemi:Denise, Catherine was one of 3 wives of my ggg grandfather, Daniel WOODARD. She died September 8, 1872. Les)

On my visit to graveyard on May 23, 2005, I also found the following stone:
EDWARD - Died June 14, 187?, aged ?. I could not even get a good reading from a rubbing. The end of the year of death is broken off. ~ Denise

Janet Goodell of Prophetstown Historical Society has added the following information:

was looking through my cemetery books to get information for Maggie Winkler's requests and ran across a page and paragraph about the "old Tampico Cemetery.  I know at one time I saw something on the message boards about the cemetery one 172 south of Tampico and what it was called.  In this particular book it was stated that the original Tampico Cemetery was a mile or so south of the village.  At least one stone is still visible from the road.  Straight south of Tampico on 172 south, to Jersey Road.  The cemetery is at the southeast corner of that intersection.  It also lists a few names. 

Old Tampico Cemetery (From Janet Goodell, of Prophetstown Historical Society)
Located south of Tampico, on the southeast corner of Rt. 172 and Jersey Road.
May 7, 1980.
Northeast quarter--Elvira V. Jackson, died Feb. 22, 1880, aged 63 yr 6m 17d.  White pyramid stone----ldren of----BUEDSON  ?
Southeast quarter---small broken marker   EMK
White obelisk about 2 ft. high with Edwin died Sept. 24,1874.  Aged 4m 24d.     Jane died Feb. 21, 1870.
Near south fence--Alfred Graham died July 11, 1874.  Aged 49 years.  
William Tusaw died Aug. 22, 1872.  Aged 25 years.   Stone lying on ground.
Catherine wife of Daniel Woodard died Sept. 8, 18 (72?).   Stone lying on ground.



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