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So many thanks to Denise for the creation of these sites and her astonishing levels of support in helping me fill in so many dots in my Glassburn family lineage. I will be ever indebted.
Dianne Glassburn Sandau digsie on February 16, 2002

DeniseWhat great things you are doing for the Tampico Area and the Glassburn history. Thanks for working with me on the Denney/Glassburn connectionsRichard
Richard Denney on February 27, 2002

Received the follow email from "citymax" - what a complement! Denise Good Day.Just a quick note to tell you I by took a peek to see how your CityMax website was going – Looks Great!We are presently putting together a gallery of some of some the best CityMax websites to use as examples for others and I would like to include yours.If that is ok please just respond to my email with an AOK and I will pass it along to our design team.Keep up the great work,
Dean H Gagnon COO MeZine.com Inc. www.citymax.com   on April 10, 2002

Just want to say "thanks" for putting together this great website. It's been very helpful in researching my Tampico relatives, the RUCK family. Thank you!
Lisa Ferris Ferrisla on April 23, 2002

Hello and Thanks! Very nice Web site, Denise...I have added you to my favorite list. There is a Glassburn Family Reunion in Galipolis, OH in June ... I'll post details in the near future...Kindly, Scott Scott Glassburn on April 23, 2002

Thank you all for taking the time to post your messages. What great news....I'll try to pass on the reunion info to the Glassburns that I have email for. Lisa Ferris? There is a Ferris line in the Glassburn genealogy - any relationship?I personally met Mr. Glen L Glassburn this past week and we have exchanged info. He will be updating some of the misinformation quoted in the "Glassburn Book."I hope you will all continue to visit us and tell your friends about this site. I like that it is interactive and perhaps you will all be able to "connect the dots" on your family quests. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see posted. I haven't had the time I would like to devote to the site lately. I'm still trying to get those darn cemetery directories posted. I've gotten a few hot leads on my own genealogy quest, so have been a little "side-tracked" lately - sorry!May I suggest that you all sign up as Members of site (free) and list a "contact" or email address (I recommend a seperate email just for this site....just in case there is any abuse, you can delete the email). If you do that, people will be able to just "click" on your name when you post and respond directly to you - although I hope you will continue to share your family information with us. Let us know of any success stories in your family searches, especially if they were a direct or indirect result of this site. (It helps motivate me, too!) Happy Hunting, Denise
Administrator on April 27, 2002

Your Citymax Website is so much better than the Cityslide. It's very fast in opening pages. I enjoyed the Photo Albums and the Tampico pages.
Aloha from Hawaii. on June 9, 2002

Your web is GREAT ! just happened onto it and will be using for further genealogical work in the Dow line of the Tampico area.Thanks for all the hard work in pulling this together
Bob Dow  bobdow@apci.net  on July 14, 2002

denise, you are doing a great job. bob
bob johnson on August 20, 2002

The info I found on the McKenzie family was of interest to me, as Robert and Chauncey McKenzie were brothers to my Great-Grandfather Lyman William McKenzie. Lyman moved on to Iowa and Kansas after the Civil War so he was not well known by the rest of the McKenzie Clan in Illinois.I have just finished THE McKENZIE CLAN booklet, with the help of many, which I hope will be of interest to my children when they get older. Thank you for the time you have put into this. Virginia Phillips Ott on March 30, 2003

Virginia, We would love to have a copy of your Family History if you would be willing to share it with us. We are setting up a Family Histories/Research section at the Museum. Thank you, Denise Denise on April 5, 2003

I am Evelyn Henry's niece - Seymour -Whitmer - Bowman line. Will be coming through the area next month and will try to stop by if the timing is right. Interesting stuff. Jana
Jana Partain on May 24, 2003

TO: Jana, Oh how I wish you could have been here for the Memorial Day Cemetery Walk. Fred & Emma Seymour were portrayed so wonderfully by Geri & Bob Cassens! Please see Seymour Photo Album for pictures of the occation - You're going to love it! Looking forward to meeting you! Denise on May 27, 2003

My maternal grandmother's family, the Darbys, came from Tampico and I visited there in 1962 for a family reunion. It was great to see pictures of my great-uncles, Charles, Thomas, James, John and Hubert, on the website, as well as my great grandparents. Thank you!
susan on August 1, 2003

Hi.....I noticed on one of your sites listing marrage licenses, that both my Grandfather, John Anthony Badgley, and my Father and Mother, Edgar Oscar Landstrom and Annette Badgley, were listed. I have some limited information on the Badgley side, but almost none on the Landstrom side. I know my father was born in Rockford, Il and believe my mother was born in DE Kalb or Malta, IL. I would really appreciate any information you could provide on how to find more. Thank you, John B. Landstrom Corona del Mar, CA  jbl2@cox.net  949.640.4717
John Badgley Landstrom on August 21, 2003

love this site! it's fun finding articles on my family line which is the mckenzie/foy/greenman line. iam trying to find info on john greenman born abt 1874 in tampico or prophetstown ill. last child of his was born in 1911. then john dissapears. his wife maude foy remarried later.
kim  kasweetwood1@yahoo.com  on September 2, 2003

I'm up here north of St Paul, MN... still in the Navy (even in Minnesota!) I met a Mr & Mrs Stoner... she was originally a Wilson, from Tampico. Mr Stoner is from Leaf River. She's 82, & he's 89. Say Hi to Granma Aldine... & pray for our troops deployed. -Andy Hinton
Andy Hinton on September 4, 2003

IN RESPONSE TO JOHN LANDSTROM'S QUERY -1930 CensusName = Edgar O. Landstrom Age = 32 Married Age at first marriage = 30y 1930 Estimated Birth Year = 1897 Occupation = furniture manufacturer Birthplace = IL Father;s birthplace = Sweden Mother’s Birthplace = Sweden Relation to head-of-house = Head Race = W Home in 1930 = Rented (City,County,State) = Rockford, Winnebago County, IL Part of Ward 4Wife = Annette H Age = 25y Age at first Marriage = 28 Born = IL Father’s place of birth = IL Mother’s place of birth = Oregon

SSDI (Social Security Death Index) EDGAR LANDSTROM SSN: 273-05-1727 Last Residence: 91786 Upland, San Bernardino, CA Born: 27 Feb 1893 Last Benefit: Died: Dec 1967 State (Year) SSN issued: OH (Before 195)
Surname Given Name Middle Name Sex Birth Date Death Date Birth Place Death Place Social Security # Mother's Maiden Name Father's Surname



Others researching this surname: (Found on Ancestry.com) Contact: MIKE PRICE mike.price@eds.com  
PRICE family tree

1. ID: I02359
Name: Edgar Oscar LANDSTROM 1 2
Sex: M Birth: 30 NOV 1898 in Rockford, Winnebago, IL 1 2
Marriage 1 Anette BADGELEY b: 16 AUG 1904 in Malta, DeKalb, IL Married: 9 DEC 1928 in (Rockford, Winnebago, IL) 1


1. Title: Nadyne's James Faulkenberry

.FTW Repository: call Number: Media: Other Text: Date of Import: Dec 31, 1999
2. Title: Master800.FTW Repository: }Call Number: Media: Othe Text: Date of Import: Jan 14, 2001 Faulkenberry Lynn Tree Entries: 10863 Updated: Wed Mar 19 19:17:07 2003
Contact: Nadyne Faulkenberry Lynn ID: I00481
Name: Edgar Oscar LANDSTROM Sex: M Birth: 30 NOV 1898 in Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois Death: Deceased in Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois Burial: Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois Reference Number: 483Marriage 1
1. Anette BADGELEY b: 16 AUG 1904 in Malta, DeKalb, Illinois Married: 9 DEC 1928 in Perhaps Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois
HOPE THIS IS HELPFUL ~ Denise on September 6, 2003

Wish I could visit some day. Regards, Melanie Professional Genealogist Ancestral Branches  http://www.ancestralbranches.com 
Melanie on October 19, 2003

Melanie, Thanks for 'stopping by' I visited your website as well and was quite pleased with the services you offer. Denise (web host, Tampico Historical Society) Denise on October 31, 2003

Denise - Loved the photos of the Memorial Day walk and the Cassans portraying Fred & Emma Seymour.Wish I could have visited last summer. You're doing a cool job. Jana
Jana Partain on December 23, 2003

Keep up the good work! We do mean "WORK" as this has taken lots of time and effort. Tampico needs more willing workers like you. Thanks.............
Don & Shirley Lester on December 30, 2003

Dan Batten on January 6, 2004

I am from Tampico Mx. I would like to know, why your town is name Tampico, I have the doupt, sorry for my English.
eduardo on January 10, 2004

I was looking for info on the Hooppole, Yorktown & Tampico Railroad, and was delighted with the article about it on your website! I've known of the railroad and location for a while, and have an old USGS topographical map (15 minute series) of the Prophetstown quadrangle that clearly shows the HY&T. Your website is quite professional and easy to use. Thanks for the help!
Ashley Kennedy on January 12, 2004

In response to Eduardo in Tampico Mexico; It has been local legend that Tampico got it's name from a North American Indian tribe. I think the name came, as did many other midwestern town names identical to Mexican locations, from the veterans of the Mexican war of 1848-49. Illinois sent a lot of militia troops to Mexico and many of our towns were founded just a few years after they returned. There is also a Tampico, Indiana, about the same size as our Tampico..
Richard Hinton on January 16, 2004

WOW - I haven't visited here in a few months - You have really been busy - and its looking great!! So much good info - and great photos..
Christine Walters - IL Trails, Whiteside County on February 12, 2004

About the meaning of the word Tampico... a small contribution. Tampico is a Mexican native word, from a tribe that still exist called The Huastecs, Huaxtecs or Huastecos. This tribe were part of the MesoAmerican cultures. From archaeological remains, they are thought to date back to approximately the 10th century BC, although their most productive period of civilization is usually considered to be the Post-Classic era between the fall of Teotihuacan and the rise of the Aztec Empire. The huastecs live now in 3 mexican states.. Tamaulipas (which shares borders with the state of Texas in the north), San Luis Potosi, and the state of Veracruz. Their borders never extended beyond these three territories.

The word Tampico is made of two roots from the Huastec language.. Tam ... which means place Pico .... which means Otter (the shaggy mammal that lives in rivers or seas). Tampico Mexico is a city founded before spaniards arrived to Mexico more than 5 centuries ago, and got its name from this culture that lived there because there was a'lot of otters in that land, nowadays otters in Tampico Mexico are under extintion.

Arround the area of Tampico Mexico, there are other small cities, towns with the prefix Tam.. like Tamasopo, Tamiun, Tamazunchale, Tamalin, etc.. again, words that derived from the huastec. As an example , Tam was for the huastecs as land for british people (England or the land of the Anglos, Portland, Maryland, or the land of the queen Mary, etc.).

I do not know how does the word Tampico reached Illinois, in this forum someone wrote that came from veterans from the war, but now the questions rise.. were those mexican veterans from Tampico Mexico?? Antropoligical, and culturaly speaking huastecs did not have any similarity to the language that was spoken by the tribes of Illinois, or the states of the great lakes, therefore I am more prone to think that Tampico Illinois derived from the Huastec name and possibly from immigrants that lived in Tampico Mexico.
Emile Cioran on February 13, 2004

All I can say to Neil and Martha Wolf is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Those fantastic pictures of Yorktown are incredible and just what no-one has been able to find until now... I is wonderful what the community is now doing to preserve it's legacy....
Richard Hinton on April 8, 2004

WOW!!!you're a celebrity - but, of course - I'm impressed
Sharon on June 9, 2004

Great site, My family is from Tampico father born and raised, I was born is Rock Falls/Sterling son of Russell and Julia (frieberg) Wescott. Now live in Charlotte N.C. come home any chance I can and visit the local cematery (Grand parents Father and many Aunts and Uncles). Again great site. Ron Wescott on June 9, 2004

Does anyone have any information on Harriet Drew of Wayne H. Moore (born late 1890's, died 1976 and 1982). They were my grandparents and were born in either Tampico or very close by. Harriet was a schoolteacher for a short time, but I am not sure where. Thank you, Peter Lynch peter_lynch@comcast.net  
Peter Lynch
on June 12, 2004

To Peter Lynch, I will "cut/paste" your query to the MESSAGE BOARD for better exposure. Denise on June 13, 2004

JAMES DREW : A prayer service for James C. Drew, 89, was held at 9:30 a.m. today in the Grennan and Son Funeral Home fllowed by a requiem mass at 10 o'clock in St. Mary's Catholic Church which was offered by the Very Rev. Msgr. Thomas S. Green. Burial was in Calvary Cemetery.

A resident for the past several years of St. Joseph's Home in Freeport, James C. Drew passed away at 1:15 p.m. Saturday in St. Francis Hospital in Freeport. He was born on June 13, 1874 in Tampico and had resided and farmed in that vicinity most of his life. His parents were the John Drews.

He was the last of him immediate family, having been preceded in death by his parents, two brothers and two sisters. Among the survivors are thre nieces, Mrs. Francis McCarthy, Clinton, Iowa, Mrs. Avis Conard, Sterling and Miss Gladys McGrath, Sterling.

Pallbearers were Harry Keefe, John J. Cooney, James L. Bradley, Hugh J. Hermes, Wesley Broers, and James Miller.
http://www.iltrails.org/whiteside/obitD.html#jd625 on June 13, 2004

For all that have asked, I ran across this explanation on the "meaning" of Tampico."Tampico's name is derived from a combination of Huasteca words - "tam" meaning place and "piko" meaning "water dogs" or "nutrias" which teemed in the delta waters."The Huasteca Region is a broad, flat plain east of the Sierra Madre Mountains. It is located in the northeastern corner of modern Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico along the east coastConsidering Tampico was almost all swampland at one time, this makes sense. Denise
Denise on June 25, 2004

A lot of good information on this site. I am researching my family history, and on my mother's side it is the Hamblock family. My mother was the daughter of Joseph Hamblock and Delia Hamblock, who farmed a mile or so south of Tampico. I was born in Sterling.I may contact you in the near future about my research. Jim jimr67@yahoo.com
Jim Ruhl on August 4, 2004

Hello and thanks; I am glad to find this site. I will put it with my fav.'s. We have a lot of family history around n.w. il. and east Iowa [ clinton co.] Glad to share it,after we solve the g.f. mystery. Thanks again, Tom
Thomas H. Short on August 30, 2004

Tue Aug 31 - I was copying townships histories and came upon your site. Since I was last in here you have added a lot. My family is the Dirs. The most famous is the Rev. George Dir. Several Dirs are buried in the Tampico cemetery. This family came from Pennsylvania mid 1850's. Thanks for all the great work.
Sue Neslandbunky59474@yahoo.com  on August 31, 2004

i would like to say boy this site really takes my mom SANDY MARTIN(SELLS NOW) BACK IN TIME...iS THERE ANY PIC OF YORKTOWN YOU HAVE
tonia anderson on September 20, 2004

To Tonia: If you go to our Home page and scroll to the bottom, you will find a search-this-site. Type in Yorktown and you will find a plethora of info and photos of Yorktown. Denise
Denise McLoughlin on September 20, 2004

good work denis..e i really enjoyed your home web site
VIRGINIA @RAY MARTINEZ on September 24, 2004

What a great site. The info i found on my gggranfather Martin Coleman, and my ggggrandfather Peter Ford was a great surprise. Thank you for all your hard work
Robert Larson on October 2, 2004

I am very impressed with this web site, I asked about James H Booth and family and also Robert M. Carr. Your information was was very helpful in filling in the blanks. I keep this site on my favorite list and I think you do a great job.I drop into the site regularly. Thank you very much,
Howard Booth on October 7, 2004

To Mr. Booth and all who have taken the time to comment about the web site,Thank you for your kind words. It is always a treat to hear that the web site provided some sort of help and our efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. It's what makes doing this so very worth it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Family History Coordinator Tampico Historical Society
Denise McLoughlin on October 8, 2004

Your site turned up while I was doing a search on my grandfather's name (also the same as mine). I don't know any family connectin between Tampico and our clan in Newfoundland however. George Burden on October 11, 2004

Thanks, Denise, for all your good work in adding to the availability of the knowledge of Tampico Twp and of Whiteside County.
B. Dave Sarles, Jr. on October 22, 2004

What a wonderful site for anyone interested in genealogy. You are doing an unselfish service to anyone, especially with the IL Soldier's and Sailor's Home information. Thank you very much. Deanne Dirden on October 23, 2004

Dear Denise, I want people to know, that you are doing really a big job and that you help not even local people, but also people far away - in Europe, Slovakia. In this way I want to thank you once more, for the information you delivered me and the assistance. P.S.: it was a pleasure to talk with you and now (a few minutes ago)to see you on the web. Best wishes (ahoj) Marian
Marian Slabej from Bratislava, Slovakia (slabej@uc on October 28, 2004

This is an awesome site. I knew some of the Booth family lived in Illinois and Ohio but didn't have exact locations. Info on James Harrison Booth is much appreciated.
Edwina (Booth) Leca on October 31, 2004

I was thrilled to see your site. Just starting to trace my roots and I am so pleased that people like you are volunteering your time to help people find family. I still have family in Rock Falls and have a sister who lives about 5 miles from Tampico. Thanks
Bill Maynard Mesa, Az on November 3, 2004

GARY WOOLSEYwoolseygary@hotmail.com on November 4, 2004

Thanks for posting so much great information. Was surprised at how much information you have made available. Grace Dieckmann 
Grace Dieckmann on November 8, 2004

Thanks "Gracie" ;>)
 Denise on November 8, 2004

You have no idea how much we enjoy the Tampico web site out here in Montana. What a wonderful idea. I made sure my children have the site address too so in years to come they can learn more about the town their mother came from and their grandparents,Doc and Iris Johnson, lived in for many years. Would love someday to see them written up as there are many people there who dad delivered when they were born. They arrived in Tampico in 1936 from Salt Lake City Utah. Thanks for all your efforts!
Carol White on November 12, 2004

Carol, We have a lovely display of Dr. Johnson's things at the museum. I will try to get some photos of it and post to site. I will also be posting the little "bio" on him from the Tampico Centennial Year Book in the near future. I'm glad you found our site and thank you for posting.
Denise on November 13, 2004

I first stumbled onto this website several months ago when trying to find info on the H.Y.& T. My, what a change since then; you've done a fantastic job with it. Keep up the good work. Milo Smith Milo Smith on December 8, 2004

denise, doc johnson delivered me and my oldest daughter, i remember him well. also, sandy sells is my cousin, she lives in galesburg, il. now. i talked to her via email and she said she had a few pics of yorktown. keep up the good work , and i am slowly trying to get you upstairs. will get some thomas, il. info soon to you. bob johnson
bob johnson on December 13, 2004

denise, the write up of yorktown by lyle gudgell mentioned a wolf, his real name was earl, he would walk all over the country in his old dark heavy jacket. his nickname was goofy!
bob johnson on December 18, 2004

This is a great site! Thank you for providing it for us. I had some luck finding info on the Hein family and great luck finding info on the Seely family. Just no luck on the Weber or Crosby families, who are the connection between the Seelys and the Heins. But, I'll keep looking. Again, thanks for this site!
PatC on December 20, 2004

Have been looking for several of my classmates and would like to hear from any of them in the Class of 1963.
Lorinda (Schmitt) Davison on December 20, 2004

You have a wonderful website. A lot of hours is appreciated by many people.
Joe Schmitt on December 21, 2004

For Bob Johnson Thank you for giving the real first name of Mr.Earl Wolf. I must confess that Lyle Gudgell did use the name "Goofy Wolf" in his write-up about Yorktown. I hesitated to use it in case it might offend the family, so I conveniently dropped the "Goofy" part when I transcribed it. I am glad to learn that others called him by that nickname and that it wasn't just Lyle's designation :). Vivian Gudgell
Vivian Gudgell on December 22, 2004

I truly enjoyed visiting your website. It is "genealogy-minded", yet friendly and helpful. Denise was very prompt in contacting me with information. I am very happy to become a member of this group. phylray
phylray on December 27, 2004

Great site! There's a lot of history here, not only about Ronald Reagan but about the history of the community. If you can't visit or live in Tampico this web site is the next best thing.
Dave Fox on December 28, 2004

To Dave Fox, thanks Dave - care to join us at one of the TAHS meetings and help me convince the "group" of your sentiments? :>) Denise
Denise on December 29, 2004

I was given this web site today, I thank you so much. You have helped fill in spaces of my family's past (father side)I may contac you for further help and info. As I understand it my great grandfather was Patrick Dawson, and my grandfather was Lawerence and grandmother was Johanna(McCormick)this has helped me alot. THANK YOU for all your hard work into this loving project of yours! Thanking you again Mary Jo Dawson
Mary Jo Dawson on December 31, 2004

Found your website from a posting you just made on the Whiteside Co., message board.
This is a great website. I just started researching my family history a year and half ago, and that brought me to researching Tampico, IL as my HIXSON branch passed through there long ago.

In my research I have spent many hours in front of the microfilm reader, reading THE TAMPICO TORNADO from about 1886 to about 1902 taking notes and printing out over 250 pages. Spending all those hours trying to find the little bits of information you end up reading about the lives of everyone else, that not only gives you facts but adds flesh to them when taken in the context of townsfolk and their weekly lives in each edition of the paper. You all have made this historical website with facts and added some flesh for a much more enjoyable hunt, and I plan on visiting regularly.
Take care,
Bryan Ballowe
Bryan Ballowe on January 1, 2005

To Bryan: Tom Hickson (Hixson) was a guest speaker a few months ago. He left us with a 5" thick Family History Book with all of his compiled research. It is fabulous! If you are ever in the Tampico area, you must see it! (It would take me years to upload it to the site!!!). I can also put you in touch with Tom if you like. Denise
Denise on January 1, 2005

Dear Denise,
What a wonderful website! Thanks so much for all your effort and time in creating and managing this site for all of us to view at any time. I now live in Southern California and it is so nice to be able to stay in touch with events back "home." I visit the Ronald Regan Presidential Library often since it is located in the same city I now live. The Presidential Library has information regarding Tampico so I never feel too far from "home". Now I have your site to view also. Thanks again for creating this website!
Best regards,
Sharon Ponte (formally Johnson)
Sharon Ponte, daughter of Robert E. Johnson on January 4, 2005

Thanks, Denise, for your great work in posting information, including biographies of people connected with Tampico. Although my families of THOMPSON, HUFFMAN, CARR and REXROAD are primarily from the Fenton Twp I was delighted to see that you had transcribed and posted a biography I was interested in.
Dave Sarles, Houston TX on January 5, 2005

To Dave (and all), If you find a surname listed in the biographies that has not been transcribed, you can just email me and I will transcribe it for you. Thank you for the kind words - it is the currency that keeps me going! (mind you, it is the ONLY currency I receive, but better than dollars any day! giggle)
Denise on January 5, 2005

Thank you, Denise, for posting the Certificate for Postmaster for Washington Thomas. That will make a great addition to my Thomas family genealogy. Washington Thomas was my husband's great grandfather on his mother's side. I have found so many interesting things on this site. Thank you for hosting it.
Vivian Gudgell on January 25, 2005

To Vivian G. It is I that should be thanking YOU. You have contributed so much to the site - it gives me goose-bumps to know that we (TAHS) have been able to add something for you. Denise Family History Coordinator
Denise on January 26, 2005

Thank you for your site.It brings back many wonderful memories of my father..Hope to visit soon... Michael Reagan on February 6, 2005

My mother was born in Prophetstown, IL, in 1909. I believe that location is about 14 miles from Tampico. I saw Bryan Ballowe's post 1-1-05, and will want to share information with him. George Olmstead was a pallbearer at my great-grandfather's funeral. I've got connections to others in the area GREENE, ARNETT, SIEBEN, SMITH. I have obituaries for two individuals mentioned in his post. Thanks for all your hard work making this such an interesting site that is easy to navigate. Susie Roth on February 7, 2005

Susie, I hope you will contact me and feel free to send any info on the families you mentioned. You can click on my name anywhere on this site to send me an email. Or, if you need to snail-mail anything, click on the "Contact Us" section of site for addresses. Thanks so much for the kind words and for "stopping in." Denise
Denise on February 7, 2005

I tried sending e-mail to you, Denise, but not sure it went through. I will snail mail some things to you at your contact address. One of the pages will be snapshots of the Prophetstown cyclone, April 7, 1890. I imagine that event was also mentioned in the Tampico newspaper.
Susie Roth on February 8, 2005

You certainly have put a lot of effort into this sight. I will get a copy of MY "Magnificent McKenzie" book to you soon. Sorry I haven't yet but I keep adding people. You are to be praised. Virginia Phillips Ott on February 16, 2005

I was surfing the web and thought I would do a search for Tampico to see what I could find and I found your site. I was born and raised in Tampico and loved looking at all the history and photos you have posted. I seen my Grandpa, aunts, an uncle and cousins in the yearbook section you have. Even teachers that I had in high school in the early 80's. You've done a great job with this web site and all of us are indebted to you for this. Keep up the great work. Kevin
Kevin from Carl Junction, MO on February 24, 2005

Hello all... Thank you so much for creating this website. My great grandfather is Jacob Cantlin. I was doing a search on my grandfather on google and this site came up. I work for a New Home Builder in Bloomington Indiana, and I recently had the chance to name a street in one of our new communities and deceided to name it Cantlin Drive. I have a 4 year old son, Jacob Cantlin Boesen, and so I told him that the street is named after him and his great/great grandfather. Thanks so much for your website! Anyone with more info on my great grandfather please e-mail me back at  craig@mohneyhomes.com  Thank you
Craig Boesen on March 10, 2005

Craig - I have at least one picture of your great grandmother. One with my grandmother when they were young - possibly high school graduation since there were 2 other girls. I will post them on the website. I think it's possible they were even related. Was her name Darleen and do you know her last name?
Connie Essig on March 14, 2005

Denise! at last I have found information on the Maynard and Westcott families. I found that Bill Maynard and I have the same great grandparents, would never have found this if I hadn't found your site. I am also looking for information on my Grandmother, Julia Adeline Maynard born in sterling. She was always very reticent about her life in sterling and there are lots of blank spaces. She married George Albert Barnes, but not until she was 31 or 32.That would be about 1912 or 1913. She was a very interesting person to say the least. The family suspects that she was married to someone else before she married George Barnes. Where would I find this information if it exists? She admitted later in life that she had lied alot about her life, but did not reveal about what! She was born about 1850. My e-mail is mribovick@hotmail.com  
Mari E. Choate Ribov
on March 19, 2005

RODNEY K. GRAHAM on April 5, 2005

To Rodney Graham, I re-posted your message on our message board section to give it better exposure.It is posted with the title "What ever happened to....?" I am sure someone will be able to help you locate old friends (maybe B.J.?) Denise
Denise on April 6, 2005

Hi my name is Emily and i am part of this family LOL my grandpal david glassburn died 3 years ago on christmas it feelt diffrent because he was not there and it made me cry well i still miss him all time .well i have notheing to say talk to you later LOVE:EMILY GLASSBURN
Emily Glassburn on April 22, 2005

Denise Just thanking you once again for the tremendous amount of help you have giving me. If I hadn't found this site, which is terrific, I would still be looking for the information that you graciously helped me with. Thank you Rodney Zinser rock@pressenter.com 
Rodney Zinser on May 3, 2005

Hallo . I am looking for seven brohers and sisters form Sweden, Rydaholm.Emigrate to USA. Carl Anderson born 1865-08-24 To Usa 1884-03-14 Tampico Emelia Anderson born 1868-01-23 Emig. 1892-03-25 Boston Husband Frans Palm. Anna Andreasdotter born 1871-04-28 Emig 1887-10-21 Chicago Husband Fred Johnson. Ida Anderson born1876-01-15. Emig. 1896-04-24 husband C olson. John Anderson born 1878-08-21 Emig 1895-03-29 Boston Axel anderson born 1881-08-30 Emig 1900-04-18 I beliv all siblings in the end live in Tampico, Galva and Prophetstown. Grateful for help. 
gunilla.theuerkauff@comhem.se on May 11, 2005

Just found your web site. Very interesting. My mother, Myrtle Oetzel, was born in Prophetstown in 1918 but moved to Tampico as a young girl. Graduated from Tampico High School. Attended the Methodist Church. We have lots of connections to Tampico. I will pass your URL to the relatives. I'll bet they will be interested, too. Bill May, Camarillo, CA
PS. Mom's still alive and kicking at 86 with a mind that's sharp as a tack!
Bill May on May 15, 2005

Great site for a great town! I just received the link from my brother. Our mother, as my brother indicated, is Myrtle Oetzel May. I was blessed to have been the United Methodist pastor in Tampico between January 1990 to June 1992. Tampico has not only a great history, but truly wonderful people. By the way, our mother and father met in Tampico and were married in the parsonage that I lived in.
Bob May on May 15, 2005

Hi My name is Isaac Rivera Im from Tampico Mexico, and I was interested in Tampico Illinois if it has something to do with Tampico Mexico, because Tampico means Place of watter dogs in Nahuatl The origen is Because there is a Lake in the city and there was a lot of Nutrias ( water dogs )please my email is saacamericanunisys@hotmail.com  
Isaac Rivera on May 17, 2005

Discovered you while perusing Esther Clark Short (my direct great-great-great grandmother) doing research for a story of each branch of our ancestral tree. Was fascinated to read of various contributors' relationships, information, etc. to Esther and Amos M.'s children and also names of their brothers/sisters. Still blank on their parents but have a couple of leads. I will check back for the sheer fun.
CarlaConnellcw@aol.com  on May 21, 2005  

Carla, I moved your message to our MESSAGE BOARDS for better exposure. ~ Denise Denise on May 26, 2005

I have found that my Grandfather, Thomas J. Maynard and Grandmother Julia A. Maynard are buried in Minson Cemetary in Prophetstown, Il. Thomas listed as born 10 Nov 1802, died 04 Nov 1875. Julia listed as born 1813 and died 06 May 1868. This seems to coorinate with Biography by Luman a. Davis stating that Daughter Julia was married to Luman on July 6 1851. This info also states that William, the father of Thomas, was from Mass. but spent his last days and died in Il. I now need to find "William".Any help appreciated. Bill Maynard Mesa, Az
Bill Maynard
Mesa, Az on May 27, 2005

To Bill Maynard, I have copied your post to our Message Board for better exposure. Denise Denise on May 28, 2005

A most interesting and informative web-site. Thank you. I am researching the Marfleet family of Tampico, Prophetstown and Sterling. I have located the references on your web-site but would welcome any other information in particular I am trying to find out more above a photographer's Marfleet and Hart of Sterling (sorry if this is outside your area but I'm calling from UK). My website can be found on  www.marfleet.co.uk  and my e-mail address is  webmaster@marfleet.co.uk  Thank you.
John K. Marfleet on May 28, 2005  

To John Marfleet - I have copied your post to our MESSAGE BOARDS under the topic "Marfleet." This will give your query better exposure. Thanks for the kind words about the site! ~Denise
Denise on May 28, 2005

Hello, I found your site while looking around for my ancestors and found the page on William Alldritt. His father Thomas was I believe an ancestor of mine. I live in Armitage England, Thomas seems to have originated in Yoxall, and others from Longdon, both villages just a few miles away. I wondered if you had any other information for other family members? Neil  neil577777@aol.com Neil Alldritt on June 1, 2005

To Neil Alldritt, I have re-posted your message to our MESSAGE BOARDS for better exposure. Denise Denise on June 1, 2005

You have been asking questions about the "Wittington Cemetary" Since Henry Thackaberry is mentioned on the web page as being buried there and since he and his family are buried in the Geenville-Fairfield Union Cemetary near New Bedford (that was the name in 1958 when the remainder of the graves in the Henry Thackaberry plot were deaded to my great aunt Margaret Rae Thackaberry). It stands to reason that the name used 100 years ago has changed. Henry is the brother to Marcus Thackaberry (also burried there, there is a tall Thackaberry monument, it'sso easy to find). Marcus was my geat-great grandfather.
Mark D. Thackaberry, Jr. on June 3, 2005

To Mark Thackaberry, I have repositioned your post to our MESSAGE BOARD. Les Niemi has responded. THANK YOU for the information! Denise
Denise on June 4, 2005


Rod, I have emailed Joe with your msg and asked him to reply on the msg board. Denise :>) Denise on June 13, 2005

looking for info on edna mae burch dob 1919-20 st louis mo email to  billandjr@31market.net  
bill williams on June 14, 2005

To Bill, I moved your post to our MESSAGE BOARD for better exposure. Denise on June 15, 2005
Hello my name is Emily Fiffe and this is the emily how sent a message to this site on April 22,05 and know i am married to the boy of my life we are married because we know it was ment to be well I am still sad about my papal but it seams as soon as I sent a message to the Glassburn's web site I meat my husband like my papal sent him to me to make me happy and to not cry over him evey day because I had some very special rite know next to me as special as my papal was and still is love Emily Fiffe
Emily Fiffe on June 16, 2005

My brother-in-law gave told me about this site. It is great! Thank you.
donna on June 18, 2005

My brother, Mark, called me and asked the name of the cemetery where our ancestors are burried. (Greenville-Fairfield Union Cemetery, New Bedford) Today I decided to check the web site he responded to. I found it very interesting. Thank you.
Gail Thackaberry Cocagne on June 19, 2005

I currently live in Edinburgh but my family come from Monmouth, South Wales. Although my grandfather, Edwin James Ruck came from Treharris / Treherbert in Soth Wales. If anybody wants some more Ruck history from across the pond drop me a line
Martin Ruck on June 22, 2005

To Martin, I moved your post to our Message Boards for better exposure Denise
Denise on June 23, 2005

Dear Denise. I work to make a map of Carl Andersons forefather. Me tempo are slow just now. I hope John Gibson will help me . Greetings Gunilla Theuerkauff, Sweden.
Gunilla Theuerkauff on June 25, 2005

Hello Denise, Just a note to let you know we arrived home from our vacation yesterday. It was a great pleasure to meet with you and Bob Johnson while we were in Illinois. Your museum was so interesting. I highly recommend that everyone visit there if they get the chance. We motorhomed almost 9000 miles on our trip, but Tampico and Yorktown were special. Keep up the good work. Vivian vivian gudgell on June 25, 2005

i hope you can help me find my family . we are the maynard of maine my family came from canada in the 1800 , hope some one can help. some of the family name are amos, george , john, david, henry,william,fredrick, this seem to be the name most of the maynard have used
hi everyone on July 17, 2005

Dear "hi everyone" - If you are serious about your research, you should at the very least, leave your name. Your post has been repositioned on the MESSAGE BOARD, along with the other MAYNARD queries. Denise on July 17, 2005

My dad and I were looking for information about the "Little Eight Conference." We appreciated your information about the 1957 et. al. sports trophies. Unfortunately, my dad's interest was the 1928-1932 era when he played for Tiskilwa. Nevertheless, thanks for your input.
Glenn Philpott on July 20, 2005

I was drawn to this website due to some interesting information that was revealed to me at a good friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago (I am a friend of the groom). Sitting in the pew, I was looking over the wedding pamphlet and noticed that the bride's (deceased) grandparent's had the last name of Loomis & Wheelock. This came to a surprise because my great-great-grandparent's last names were Lewis & Wheelock. After the ceremony, I talked to my grandmother and asked her if the names were familiar and she said "Yes". She asked me to find out if they were from Tampico, Rock Falls, or Sterling, and if so, then for sure we were related. Well, I asked, and the bride's mother said that they were from Tampico. From what I understand, her grandparent's are cousin's to my great-great-grandparent's. Small world...not only was a witnessing a good friend of mine getting married, but also witnessing my good friend becoming a part of my family! You have a small newspaper article about my great-great-grandparent's when they were married. My great-great-grandparent's are Myrtle (Lewis) & Clifford Wheelock. I hope to have my family tree included on your website. I will have my grandmother get in touch with you because she has a lot of information that would be useful. Thanks so much!
Jesica on July 31, 2005

Denise, Great site! Came here to check on your info on Bureau County, looking for family from that area-Finley/Hynds (Hynes). I am not familiar with the area so I may ask some dead-end questions. Maybe someday I will get to visit. Looking for info on the Ottsville Cemetery, where is it in relation to you?
Debbie Clark on August 15, 2005

To: Debbie I have re-posted your query on our message board for better exposure Denise
Denise on August 15, 2005

Thank you for the informative work
maria on August 30, 2005

Well, first I'd like to say thanks to the webmaster for the greatest resource on the net. I'm saying "Greatest", and I really mean it. It's been my right hand since I started doing many researches on the internet, which has to do with my current job. I found m any websites through google, many of which are still no better, than "Under construction" pages. What I mean by that is that they don't carry any useful information, which can really help people. Almost none of those are content-based, and the webmasters are just using them to earn some income. Thanks many times, I just wish the resource continues develping and stays free and open to the public Best Regards If you'd like to contact me, please write to  info@keytomarketing.com
Lumi Arismendi on September 2, 2005

How fun to be at work and get this information from my brother Mathew Staelens in Wisconsin. I looked up a few things and will hold this site in my address book for future use. It's a nice web site and I wish you the best of success in the future. For a moment I went back in time.
Patricia Staelens Buck on September 12, 2005

Thank you for all the time and effort you've put into this great site! We've found some very interesting and helpful information here.
The Kolbs on September 19, 2005

I stumbled across your website today, while looking for items in Bureau County, IL. Great job! I'll send you some files on some Tampico, Whiteside County residents from the early 1900's in a few days.
William J. Bonner on September 27, 2005

Dennise, Yesterday, I decided to enter 'GUDGELL' into GOOGLE IMAGES and was surprised to find all the old pictures that I had submitted to the Tampico Historial Society posted there on Google. I wonder how Google gets access to all the material that they have. They don't miss much. BTW it is very good advertising for you because your web site comes up with each picture from your site. Vivian
vivian gudgell on September 30, 2005

Hi, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed attending the Yorktown Cemetery Walk this week. I grew up on Yorktown Road about 3 miles north of Yorktown and visited often during my childhood. Perry Heller gave me my first haircut. Also have been enjoying your website. I graduated from THS in 1960 and have lived in Prophetstown since then. Keep up the good work and I'll keep checking back to see what is new.
Jana (Waldbusser) Oppendike, Prophetstown on September 30, 2005

Keep up the good work! Lots of interesting information on the site.
Dorothy FASSETT PETRY on October 6, 2005

Denise, Thanks so much for posting the bios of Leander and Sterling Pomeroy and Warren Poole. What a great service you are providing. Now, if only more historical societies could do what you are doing, how much easier our genealogical searching would be!
Mary Ann Pomeroy Hagen on October 18, 2005

Denise Found your site and thanks again with your help on Henry Thomas. Cool site Jerry
jerry king on October 19, 2005

Enjoyed browsing thru this site.I am a THS graduate of 1952.I remember the HY&T and found it very interesting
wayne bollivar on October 28, 2005

I was referred to this website through Classmates. You do a great job. I was raised in Tampico and have attended some of the Alumni reunions. It appears I am the last of the class of 1938. At the last reunion I was given the name of Lauren Gerber as still be alive, but received no reply to my letter to him at the address given. Does anyone know if he is still alive? I was interested in the postings by Lillian Gudgell. Lyle was one of my classmates. At the 2005 reunion I did get to chat with Maynard and Verna Peterson and with Doc Temple - a couple of other oldtimers. Keep up the good work. Bob Maxwell
Robert Maxwell on November 3, 2005

to bob maxwell. yes, lauren gerber is alive and living in princeton, il. bob johnson on November 4, 2005

You have a wonderful web site. Thanks for doing that. I was looking for information about Henry Thackaberry who also lived in the village of New Bedford. I think he first settled in Thomas. I am compiling the history of New Bedford. Several of the settlers are common to Yorktown, Thomas and New Bedford, Illinois. Carol
Carol Gingrich on November 10, 2005

It's me again. I just thought of something else. Perhaps some with a connection to New Bedford's early settlers might see this. I am interested in being in touch with anyone who has information about this little village. Carol Gingrich
Carol Gingrich on November 10, 2005

Thanks for the web site. I am 73 yrs old. My wife and I have lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan for 45 years. I was raised in Sterling and went to St. Mary's Church with my grandparents many times. They were Frank and Margaret Egan. Everyone called them Mom and Pop. My health makes it impossible for me to get to Tampico anymore. When I could I enjoyed talking to Terry, the owner of the Dutch Cafe. A great place to eat. I still have some relatives around Tampico. Marge Egan, her son's Jimmmy, Doug and Gary and also Rita and Mike Peach. If you know them tell them hello from me.
Jack Gleason on November 26, 2005

to jack gleason, i talked to terry , at the diner , in tampico and he said to tell you hi. my neighbor , rita lindelof said that she knew you also. bob
bob johnson on November 30, 2005

I was born on a farm 3 miles west and 3 miles south of Tampico. 12 Sept 1937. I think Marlin Nealson is on the farm now. I moved from Tampico March of 1954, and went to Polo, Ill. ehbenson37@hotmail.com  
Elmer H. Benson on December 2, 2005

Elmer, Do you have any relation to Anna or Alice? Les
Tampico Tornado: August 1, 1903 YORKTOWN Mrs. Elsie McKENZIE and Anna BENSON accompanied her home for a few days visit.
September 19, 1903 Elsie McKENZIE and Anna BENSON are visiting friends in Tampico.
July 5, 1907 Miss Alice BENSON of Prophetstown visited Minnie EMMONS last Friday and attended the concert at the Baptist church.
Les Niemi on December 2, 2005

This website is wonderful. Thank you so much for the help you gave in researching my George HOWELL 45th ILL Inf veteran. I'd been going in circle until you provided me with the links I needed. Kudos to you
Darlene Griffith on December 6, 2005

Dropped by to see if any new information came up on the Zinser family in Yorktown Township. Didn't see any. My new e-mail address is  rock2@usfamily.net Thanks Rodney 
Rodney Zinser on December 27, 2005

To Rodney Zinser, I tried to email you and received the following msg.: This is an automated message, do not reply (replies will be ignored). This is to notify you that the email from your address: To: rock2@usfamily.net Re: Zinser Query has been detained by the USFamily.net mail filtering system, because one of the host computers listed in the mail headers is on our blocking lists. Please click on the following link to "appeal" this host block. If the link does not seem to work, please forward this notification email (do NOT forward a copy of the email that was blocked) to: abuse@usfamily.net. I was sending it from the tahs email account. Any suggestions?
Denise on December 27, 2005

thank you for putting all of this information on-line. I just found my step-great-great-grandmother chandra brown on December 27, 2005

Thank you for your interest in our family history. Bob Mosher had posted a message at Ancestry.com that made it possible for my cousin to find information about our gggg grandfather, Alexander J Seely.
Cheryl Mauer on December 30, 2005

I was just watching the Spelling Bee on TV and I got the urge to look up Tampico. It's been years since my family moved but it still holds a place in my heart. That is where I was when I got the opportunity to go to D.C. for the National Spelling Bee. Anyway... just a quick hello from San Antonio.
Sara Harris "Morales" on January 2, 2006

I was googling Deer Valley Golf Course and found this site. If anyone has pictures of the golf course I would be curious to see. We haven't been back since we sold the farm though I hope to visit sometime soon. My e-mail is  emily.oneil@gmail.com 
Emily O'Neil on January 5, 2006

This is by far one of the best sites I have ever used and I've been doing family history research for 10 years now. Continued success and have a great 2006.
Kent Harrington on January 7, 2006

does the shere place still exist,its not to far from yorktown, I think maybe freddie siler might live there. thanks
michael shere on January 16, 2006

To Michael Shere I re-posted your query to the MESSASGE BOARD - "SHERE Homestead" for better exposure.Thanks for visiting
Denise McLoughlin
TAHS Family History Coordinator
Denise on January 16, 2006

Fred and Alice they still around Alice was my Grandpas sister Alice Carroll
charlie on January 16, 2006

I decided to do some research on the canal since I live very close to it, and I found this site very interesting. My father grew up on and near the canal, as his father and grandfather were both locksmen. Thank you for the work you've done to keep this history of the canal.
Marla Johnson on January 16, 2006

My 4th great grandfather, Asa Crook, is supposedly to have had the first house in Prophetstown. My grand father, Douglas Eugene Fuller Sr., was born at Spring Hill. My great grand father Erastus Fuller, was a 2nd lieutenant from Whiteside County in the Civil War. Erastus Fuller married Louisa Besse, Daughter of Peter B. Besse. In my research of Whiteside County, I find the public records very accurate and have helped me a lot. I once was a member of the Whiteside Genealogists and would like to join again. My e-mail: dustinf@trib.com.  Please give me the address to this group. Dustin Fuller on January 19, 2006 P.S. This web site is very good. I will study it more when I have time.
Dustin Fuller on January 19, 2006

To Dustin The information you are seeking is on our Whiteside County Contacts page of this site:
P. O. Box 145
Sterling, IL 61081
President of W/S County Genealogist Society, Marilyn Huffman-Anderson (Note: Marilyn is also the director of the Genealogy Research Dept. at Sterling Public Library. Email her at  genealogy@sterlingpubliclibrary.org.
The Whiteside Co. Genealogist Society meets the first Friday of each month at 9 a.m. at 211 Locust St., Sterling, Illinois. Membership dues = $12/year.I hope you have used our site-search engine on Home Page. Bios for both Fuller and Besse are posted.
Denise on January 21, 2006

Many Thanks, Denise, for all the new information you keep posting on your great website. Although my lines are in the Erie and Fenton areas, I have discovered much new information on my Samuel A. THOMPSON, Phebe Ann HUFFMAN + Merrill P. CARR, their descendents and relatives. Would like to have the e-mail address of Howard BOOTH and of "Les"
B. Dave Sarles, Jr. on January 31, 2006

Thank you very much Becky Jones for posting Robert Burchell's biography. Mr. Burchell was my Great Great Grandfarther. Sincerely, Robert Shoecraft
Robert Burchell Biography on February 18, 2006

To B. Dave Sarles, Jr, Please send an email to Denise at this site and she will send you my email address. Thanks, Les
Les Niemi on February 19, 2006

Need to know: Is the Yorktown Cemetery in Yorktown Twp, Henry County, or Fairfield twp, Bureau Co? Your listing says Yorktown (Fairfield) which confuses me. Thanx
melva taylor on March 3, 2006

To: melva taylor, I use to get confused as well. The Yorktown/Fairfield Cemetery is in the VILLAGE OF YORKTOWN, in FAIRFIELD TWP., in BUREAU COUNTY.
Denise on March 3, 2006

I was delighted to read the transcript about David H Lingel. It was full of just the kind of gossipy information you hope to find when you do a family history. It sounds as if it were written by David himself for advertising purposes. I looked up Bert Lingel on Ancestry.com. The only Bert Lingel was in an Illinois State Mental Hospital. Any more news about him? Was he born mentally challenged; did he suffer an injury?
montereyjackie on March 4, 2006

To MontereyJackie,
I have reposted your message on our MESSAGE BOARD for better exposure
Denise on March 5, 2006

Thanks Denise ... old records I have said Henry Co., so you have cleared up my confusion. Sorry about the earlier, I hit a wrong key and zoom .... it disappeared into your column. This technology is "touchy".
Mel Taylor on March 8, 2006

To Mel, Don't worry about the extra entry. As administrator of the site, I have little "edit" and "delete" buttons. As you can see, POOF - it's gone! :>) We do have biographies and other info on Henry Co., so let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Also try the IL Trails/Henry County site for on-line info. See our Table of Contents page > Henry County for bios and links to other sites. Denise
Denise on March 8, 2006

It has been a pleasure going through this web sit. My great grandfather being James Monroe Newell, brother to Bette Ann and Simon Newell. It was interesting to see pictures of the relatives. do you know if there are any pictures of Betsy Ann there mother Thanks Loretta
Loretta J. Barbercheck on March 8, 2006

I was introduced to the site by Classmates. It is great. My parents address was Tampico when I was born but the farm they lived on was five miles south and west of Yorktown. The county line dividing Henry and Bureau is the first road west of Yorktown. Yorktown as you said is in Bureau county and Yorktown Township is on the west side of that road just west of Yorktown but is in Henry County. The Yorktown Cemetery is about two blocks north of the Highway 92 and is on the east side of the road just north of the church. While visiting with the gentleman running the old store in Yorktown, he mentioned that it had been owned by a family named BOOTH at one time in its history. This caught my interest immediately as Uncle Levi Hopkins had married a woman whose maiden name was BOOTH. Levi had a farm about four miles south of the highway on that county line road. Due to some health problems I have not been able to check to see if she might have been of the family of the store. Levi was one of four brothers Levi, John, James, and Merritt, who moved from Weedsport, New York, to that general area. Merritt and John married two sisters, Elizabeth and Susannah hunter. Levi married Mary Booth, and James maried Betsy Road (or Rhodes). John's wife Susannah died in childbirth when their daughter Emma was born. When the Civil War started John joined the Army and his brother Merritt and Susannah's sister took his two children to raise. I believe Levi also was in the Army and both were in Libby Prison when it was liberated just a couple of weeks before the war ended. A couple of years later John married Mary Crakes Minor who was a war widow. They had one son, Leonard, who was my grandfather. I am now sevety-seven years old, had a five-way by-pass, and am diabetic. I live in Wichita, Kansas, which is five hundred miles from that area and the county seats of Morrison, Princeton, and Cambridge. Before I have to check out, I would like to know of any decendants of the four brothers who might read this. Through Ancestors.com I did get in touch with a decendant of the BOOTH family who was wanting to know if anyone had any information on Levi Hopkins. Oh! Yes! About three miles south of New Bedford there is something that I always took family members to see when touring that area. The Hennipin canal crosses Green River. Think on that for a minute. It is an unusal sight. real engineering. Thank you for maintaining this site. We lived in the area until I was nineteen years old and I see many familiar names. Glassburn is one. Hoping to get in touch with Jimmie Gassburn, I did find a Jack Glassburn who told me that Jimmie had married, had several children and had died several years ago. I believe he spent most of his adult life in Wisconsin. Bob Cassens fascinated me on the basketball court. He was real short but made up for it in speed and agility. He was fantastic! My E-Mail address is  DDEHopkins@aol.com
Donald Hopkins on March 8, 2006

To Mr. Hopkins, How wonderful of you to contact us. I have re-posted your lovely message on our MESSAGE BOARD for better exposure for you. Just click on the "Message Board Tab" at the top of this page. Subject line is "Want to connect with old Tampico area buddies." More folks read the message board and I'm sure they will be contacting you either by email or by posting on the board. Denise on March 9, 2006

Denise, Will you double check the year on the 1892 Fairfield map that you posted under maps & atlases? When I downloaded the file, the file name is Fairfield twp_1882. I believe that 1892 is a typo....Vivian
vivian gudgell on March 9, 2006

To Vivian, I'll have to double check with Richard Hinton. He let me borrow them to upload to site. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Denise on March 10, 2006

Note for Donald Hopkins. I believe we are cousins...Leonard Hopkins married into the Markle family, I believe (I don't have my records with me, so this is off the top of my head as I remember). I have recorded as much as I can find on this family from his wife's (Mabel?) ancestors and some of Leonard & wife's descendants and probably have your name in my files. Maybe I can fill in some gaps for you and you for me. I don't have email into my home, but pick it up at Library or my daughter's. You surprised me.
Mel Taylor on March 12, 2006 (this has been posted on our MESSAGE BOARD)

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