Welcome to Tampico, Illinois
Prophetstown Historical Society


Physical location:   Washington Street, Prophetstown, IL  61277


Janet Goodell 
Phone: 815-537-2224
email: jag1939@thewisp.net

Snail-mail inquiries can be mailed to:
Janet Goodell, 2373 Washington Road, Prophetstown, IL  61277


2008 Officers:

Frank Heisner,  President, 815-499-4681

Robert Peterson, secretary, 815-537-2668

Beverly Peterson, treasurer, 815-537-2668

Maisie Kramer - 212 Elm St., Prophetstown, IL 61277, 815-537-5456

Board members in addition to the officers are:

Diane Holtz, 815-537-5310

Barbara Thicksten, 815-537-5280

Juanita Smith, 815-537-2542

 ASA CROOK HOUSE - The house was built by Asa Crook  who came to Prophetstwon in June of 1834. His family lived in a log cabin at first, and then this house. His two daughters are: Sarah Crook Besse and Laura Crook Mattson.

Note from Denise (TAHS):
Janet has been a tremendous help answering questions on our Message Board regarding families from the Prophetstown area.

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Prophetstown Historical Society has relocated since the 2013 fire, but they are still on Washington Street. They are open 10a-12n on Saturdays. 

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