Ronald Reagan Photo Gallery,Tampico,Illinois
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Ronald Reagan Photo Gallery
This page is a work-in-progress.  Please check back often as we continue to add to the collection.

RELATED LINKS: The Ronald Reagan Birthplace/Museum (for hours of operation and contact)


Many of these photos are available for purchase as postcards.  Please contact the Reagan Birthplace & Museum for details. Address: P.O. Box 248, Tampico, IL  61283, Phone: 815-438-2130

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  1. 1)Prophetic Rainbow,2) Reagan - includes Bio, 3)Church of Christ, 4) St Marys Church, 5) Homecoming Parade 1950;  6)Reagan Family Christmas Card
  2. 1)Capt. Ronald Reagan; 2)Cavalry Reserves; 3)Reagan Training Film; 4)Wedding day w/Jane; 5)Reagan in Sunday School; 6)Front Room, Reagan Birthplace
  3. 1)Birthplace/Front Room; 2)Reagan's 4th Grade Class; 3)Reagan's bedroom; 4)kitchen of birthplace; 5)Reagan House in Tampico; 6)1944 Movie Ad
  4. 1)Brother Rat 1944 Movie Ad; 2)1944 news clipping; 3)1945 "Released from Army" clipping; 4)1946 Gossip Column; 5) 1946 Holiday Greeting from Reagans, posted in Dixon paper; 6)Birth notice of Michael;
  5. 1)1946 Gossip Column; 2)1946 Interview; 3)  Political article referencing the "conflict" between Maureen, 4)"Society Column" referencing Mrs. Neil Reagan, 5)1948 - Jayne & Ronnie split!; 6)Jayne's gift to Ronnie (9th paragraph, two weeks later they split);
  6. 1)The Bad Man; 2)Santa Fe Trail; 3)Tugboat Annie; 4)Y" day at Hollywood; 5)1939 Promo for Reagan; 6)The Bad Man
  7. 1)International Squadron; 2)Int'l Squadron; 3)1914 Reagan in parade in Tampico; 4)1980 Reagan w/dog; 5)Pitney Stores where Jack Reagan worked as Shoe Salesman; 6)1976-Reagan Comes Home to Tampico;
  8. 1)1981 Reagan was Shot; 2)1981-"Moon" in Tampico; 3)News article in Wall Street Journal re: Reagan Birthplace in Tampico; 4)Inaug. Day; 5)Reagan Victory Night Celebration; 6)1992-Reagan Comes Home;
  9. 1)Reagans in Tampico 1921; 2)Reagan & Friend



(off-site link) Ronald Reagan & Friends 1941

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