History of Swedes in Illinois
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History of Swedes in IL

The book, "History of the Swedes in Illinois, Part III – Biographical Sketches with Portraits – Counties at Large," by Ernst W. Olson and Martin J. Engberg, printed by the Engberg-Holmberg Publishing Company, Chicago, 1908.

HISTORY OF SWEDES IN ILLINOIS IS AVAILABLE ONLINE - GOOGLE BOOKS-SWEDES IN IL. Use search box on their site to find surname of interest.


Part III, on this CD, provides information on early Swedish immigrants to Illinois for counties other than Cook County in metropolitan Chicago. The counties covered are: Henry, Knox, Kane, Rock Island, Bureau, Winnebago, DeKalb, Ford, Warren, Mercer, Whiteside, Peoria, Marshall, Grundy, LaSalle, Livingstone, McLean, Vermilion, McHenry, Lake, Will, and Cook (outside of Chicago).

 The 7.0" X 10" book has 268 pages including a fully linked index. This book is FULL of genealogical information about Swedish immigrants to Illinois. Please see the list of individuals indexed below. Please note that for each of these persons there is usually a lot of data concerning their parents, spouses, in-laws, and children. Each indexed individual is usually illustrated by a photograph.

The following individuals are profiled in the book:

Charles Adams, William A. Alsterlund, Adolf I. Anderson, Adolph T. Anderson, Andrew W. Anderson, Andrew Anderson, Andrew G. Anderson, Andrew J. Anderson, Andrew M. Anderson, August Anderson, Claus Anderson, John A. Anderson, John B. Anderson, John O. Anderson, Jonas M. Anderson, Nels F. Anderson, Oscar Anderson, Oscar B. Anderson, Otto F. Anderson, Swan A. Anderson, Swen Anderson, Gustav A. Andreen, Fritz N. Andren, Rev. Alfred Appell,

Rev. Jonas O. Backlund, August E. Bargren, Olof P. Bartleson, Rev. John A. Benander, Rev. Carl J. Bengston, Frederick Bengston, Rev. Axel F. Benson, Charles P. Benson, Edward W. Benson, Rev. John A. Berg, August W. Berggren, Albert E. Bergland, Anders O. Bersell, Rev. P. Olof Bersell, Nels J. Billstrom, James O. Bjorkman, Dr. Carl O. Blomgren, Isaac O. Bloom, Carl P. Bohman, Jan M. Bonggren, Rev. Per J. Brodine, Nels M. Burgland, Alfred Burgquist, John Byquist,

Algot Carlson, Carl G. Carlson, Carl O. Carlson, John L. Carlson, Nels A. Carlson, Peter Carlson, August Carlstedt, Oscar E. Carlstrom, Herman Cathony, Olof Z. Cervin, Charles Champene, Sven J. Chilberg, Peter Christianson, Rev. Herman Colliander, Claus Collin,

Rev. John G. Dahlberg, Charles T. Dahlgren,

Frank L. Eckdahl, Gust Ed, Rev. Carl P. Edblom, Rev. A. Edgren, Dr. Emil A. Edlin, Louis M. Ekstrand, Charles W. Elfstrand, Rev. Axel E. Elmquist, Charles Eng, Eben O. Engstrand, Jonas M. Engstrand, Charles V. Engstrom, John P. Engstrom, Johan Enwall, Alexander G. Erickson, Charles A. Erickson, Dr. Albert F. Ericson, Rev. Gustaf Erikson,

Johan A. Fair, Charles J. Fairvalley, August P. Floberg, Dr. Nils Forsander, Charles A. Forsberg, Claude W. Foss, Andrew Fredlund, John A. Freeman, Peter A. Freeman, Rev. Magnus Frykman,

Fritz Gafvert, John A. Godehn, Fred Graflund, Olof Grafstrom, Dr. Carl O. Granere, Philip N. Granville, Rev. Paul Gullander, Rev. John Gustafson, Nels P. Gustafson, Oscar T. Gustus,

Charles A. Haddorf, Nicholas A. Hagg, Andrew G. Hammarstrand, John Hed, Victor L. Hedman, C. A. Hellerstedt, John F. G. Helmer, Rev. Carl A. Hemborg, Rev. Gustaf E. Hemdahl, John E. Hillberg, John A. Hinquist, Rev. C. Emanuel Hoffsten, Rev. Oscar V. Holmgrain, Joel A. Holmgren, Charles W. Holmquist, Gideon A. Holmquist, Peter E. Holmstrom, Wesley Holt, Dr. Oscar W. Hubbard, Frank Hubenet, John L. Hull, Charles F. Hurburgh,

John G. Ivarson,

Rev. Albin A. Jacobson, Rev. John A. Jader, Nels T. Johanson, Thure A. Johanson, Andrew C. Johnson, Rev. Andrew G. Johnson, Rev. August Johnson, Dr. Carl G. Johnson, Carl H. Johnson, Rev. Carl J. Johnson, Charles J. Johnson, Charles P. Johnson, C. T. E. Johnson, Frank Johnson, George W. Johnson, Gunner A. Johnson, Gustaf Johnson, Gustaf E. Johnson, H. Julius Johnson, Rev. Joel S. Johnson, Rev. John A. Johnson, Rev. John J. Johnson, Lars E. Johnson, Nels O. G. Johnson, Nils P. Johnson, Peter Johnson, Simon C. Johnson, Sven A. Johnson, William Johnson, John F. Johnston, Rev. Lawrence A. Johnston, Rev. Elof K. Jonson, Gustaf Joranson,

Rev. Carl J. Karl, Linus W. Kling, Carl J. Lager, Rev. Ernest A. Lagerstrom, Frank A. Landee, Per G. Laon, Alfred G. Larson, August Larson, Charles A. Larson, Charles Albert Larson, Emil Larson, John A. Larson, Louis T. Larson, Olin Larson, Oscar W. Larson, Peter A. Larson, Vendela Larson, August J. Laurence, Sigfrid Laurin, Albert Lawson, Rev. Carl J. Ledin, Matthias Lethin, Swan Lethin, Rev. Nels M. Liljegren, Rev. S. P. A. Lindahl, Andrew G. Lindberg, Dr. Conrad E. Lindberg, Frans E. Lindblom, Dr. Anny W. Linder, Augustinius L. Linder, Alfred T. Lindgren, Charles E. Lindgren, Johan G. Lindorff, Rev. Harold L. Lindquist, Andrew O. Lindstrum, Carl M. Lindvall, Dr. Carl O. E. Lofgren, Charles C. Lofquest, Otto E. Loven, Knut J. Lowendahl, Edla Lund, Charles J. Lundberg, Frank A. Lundberg, Rev. Algot T. Lundholm, Johan Victor Lundholm, Hilding Lundmark, Albert J. Lydehn, Andrew J. Lyon,

Eugene Malmer, Frank L. Malmstedt, John F. Mongerson, John Micholson, Rev. John P. Miller, Charles M. Moline, Jonas Mortenson,

Rev. Adolph Nelson, Albert Nelson, Andrew E. Nelson, Andrew M. Nelson, Rev. Charles G. Nelson, David Nelson, Gustaf Nelson, John Nelson, Nels Nelson, Peter Nelson, William Nelson, Emil Newman, Rev. Sven Newman, Fritz C. Noel, Andrew Nordstedt, Dr. Gunner Noren, August Nylander, Axel J. G. Nystrom, Carl A. Nystrom, Carl J. Nystrom, Oscar C. F. Nystrom,

C. Enoch Oberg, Claus J. Oberg, Charles Olson, Lars E. Olson, Oliver O. Olson, Peter T. Olson, Walter Olson, Anna Olsson, Dr. Eric P. Olsson, Victor Ortlund, Louis Ostrom, Rev. Hans P. Ottoson,

Otto W. Paulson, N. H. Pearson, Rev. Peter Pearson, Peter Pearson, Andrew Peterson, August Peterson, Carl Peterson, Charles A. Peterson, Frank A. Peterson, Frank E. Peterson, Franz O. Peterson, G. Leander Peterson, Gustaf Peterson, Johannes Peterson, Oscar M. Peterson, Pehr A. Peterson, Rev. Peter Peterson, Samuel Peterson, Swan Peterson, Rev. Theodore N. Peterson, Victor O. Peterson,

Martin P. Rosendahl, William Rundquist, Rev. E. A. Ryberg,

Rev. Johan Sallstrom, Charles A. Samuelson, Charles G. W. Sandehn, Frank O. Sandsten, Rev. F. A. Seastrand, Rev. Victor Setterdahl, Albertina Setterdahl, Frank W. Shallene, John W. Shallene, Rev. O. Shugren, John E. Sjoholm, Rev. Nils P. Sjostrom, John A. Skarin, Axel G. Skoglund, Rev. Emil Skoglund, Nels J. Smith, Rev. August W. Stark, Rev. Gustaf K. Stark, Carl A. Stephenson, Charles J. Stone, Gust Stoneberg, Frank H. Streed, Carl E. Stromberg, Fred Sundeen, John Sundine, Rev. Carl W. Sundmark, C. Oscar Svenson, Rev. G. A. Swanburg, Charles G. Swanson, J. E. Swanson, Peter Swanson, Peter F. Swanson, Peter N. Swanson, Hjalmar Swenson,

Charles G. Tengdin, Oscar A. Tholin, David H. Tingwall, John O. Tornblad, Carl E. Tragardh, Swan Tropp,

Johan A. Udden, Johanna Udden, Dr. Carl V. Urbom,

Lars P. Wallberg, Rev. Carl G. Wallenius, Peter Westerlund, Swan O. Widell, John Williams, Moses O. Williamson, Rev. Hjalmar W. Willing, Wilhelmina Wistrand, and

Dr. Sven G. Youngert.

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