1860 Census-Tampico,IL
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Tampico 1860 Census
Transcribed by D. McLoughlin Households divided by double spacing

TAMPICO, WHITESIDE COUNTY, ILLINOIS                                             

Page # 203 
Post Office: Yorktown 
July 8, 1860

Line 1 & 2 – Sarah Brown, age 2, and Harriett Brown, age 7 mo.s end the enumeration for Hopkins twp.

 Line Entry  Name  Age  Sex  Occupation  Realestate Value Personal Value Place of Birth


Line 3 starts Tampico

BAGLY (Badgley) John P, 27, M, farmer, 1200/395, Ohio

BAGLY “ Sarah A., 21, F,  Ohio

BAGLY, “ Mary J., 6, F, Illinois

BAGLY, “ John A., 5, M, Illinois

BAGLY, “ Ida, 2, F, Illinois

BAGLY, “ Jarrod, 6 mo.s, M, Illinois


RAYNARD, Joseph, 40, M, Farmer, 1200/240, England

RAYNARD, Margaret, 29, F, Ireland

RAYNARD, Mary (Marg?) A., 3, Illinois

RAYNARD, Josephine A., 9mo.’s, F, Illinois

KELLY, Thomas, 41, M, Farm laborer, Ireland

BROWN, Allen, 70, M, Farm Laboer, New York

BROWN, W. (or N.), M, 14, New York


ALDRICH, W., 50, M, Farmer, 2000/465, New York

ALDRICH, J. A., 48, F, Penn.

ALDRICH, Chauncy, 22, M, Farm laborer, Penn.

ALDRICH, Owen, 20, M, Penn.

ALDRICH, Frances A., 18, F, domestic, Penn.

ALDRICH, Julian, 16, M, farm laborer, Illinois

ALDRICH, W. D., 14, M,  Illinois

ALDRICH, Lourain?, 12, M, Illinois

ALDRICH, Clara, 10, F, Illinois

ALDRICH, A. B., 8, F, Illinois

ALDRICH, Alando, 6, M, Illinois

ALDRICH, Norman, 4, M, Illinois


(Possible alt. spelling: McCabe)

McKABE, John, 27, M, Farmer, 2880/540, Ireland         

McKABE, Rosa, 27, F, New York

McKABE, James, 4, M, Illinois

McKABE, Charles, 6mo.s, Illinois

McKABE, Owen, 30, Farm laborer, Ireland

GLASBY, W. ? , 18, M, Farm laborer, New York


KEMAN, James, 28, Farmer, Personal Val. 215, Ireland

KEMAN, Mary, 26, F, Ireland

KEMAN, Michael, 3, M, Illinois

KEMAN, Elizabeth, 1, F, Illinios


KELLY, John, 62, M, Farmer, PV/50,  Illinois

KELLY, Catherine, 45, F, Illinois

KELLY, Mary, 21, F, Domestic, New York

KELLY, Pat*** F., 19, M, New York (See below)

KELLY, Jane, 14, F, New York

KELLY, Martin, 13, M, New York

KELLY, Margaret, 11, F, New York


(next home unoccupied)


HUGHS, J. B., 35, M, farmer, 1240/1585, England

HUGHS, Ester A., 34, F, (cannot read birthplace)

HUGHS, Miran J., 10, M, Ohio

HUGHS, Martha J., 8, F, Illinois

HUGHS, Frances A., 6, F, Illinois

HUGHS, Wilbur A., 4, M, Illinois

HUGHS, Edgar, 2, M, Illinois

HUGHS, Anna, 3mo’s, F, Illinois


KENNON, Nelson A., 33, M, Farmer, 1200/570, New York

KENNON, Almira W., 32, F, (cannot read birthplace – may be a “ditto” mark for NY)

KENNON, Elnor E., 1, F, (cannot read birthplace – may be a “ditto” mark for NY)

KENNON, Edgar N. 10, M, New York

KENNON, Charles H., 7, M, Illinois

KENNON, Helen, 5, F, Illinois

KENNON, Frances H., 1, F, Illinois


(Next home unoccupied)


COLTON, Oliver C., 69, M, Farm laborer, 400/1000, New York

PINKNEY, John, 51, M, Farm lab., 1400/320, England

PINKNEY, Mary, 48, F, England

PINKNEY, Wm. 19, M, New York

PINKNEY, Anna E., 19, F, New York



ALDRICH, Rufus, 43, M, Farmer, 2000/370, New York

ALDRICH, Mary, 43, F, New York

ALDRICH, J. H., 19, M, Farm laborer, Penn.

ALDRICH, Adeline, 18, F, Domestic, Penn.

ALDRICH, Juliette, 15, F, Domestic, Illinois

ALDRICH, Charles, 12, M, Illinois

ALDRICH, Mary J., 9, F, Penn.

ALDRICH, Emma, 4, F, Illinois

KING?, Joshua, 77, M,  farm laborer, R. I. (boarding with Aldrich family)


CONROY, James, 45, M, Farmer, 600/160, Ireland

CONROY, Margaret, 31, F, Ireland

CONROY, Lydia A., 9, F, New York

CONROY, James, 4, M, Illinois

CONROY, Kate, 2, F, Illinois

FORMAN, Albert L., 5, New York (listed with Conroy family)


MILLER, Aaron S., 43, M, 2600/1600, New York

MILLER, Louisa M, 35, F, New York

MILLER, Celestia M., 15, F, Domestic, New York

MILLER, Aaron H., 10, M, New York

MILLER, Addison, 6, M, New York

MILLER, Ben**** (Benajah?), 1, M, Illinois


JEWEL, Solomon, 40, M, Farmer, PV 760, New York

JEWEL, Phebe O., 36, F, New York

JEWEL, Sally J, 19, F, New York

JEWEL, Helen M., 10, F, New York

STONE, Henry, 19, M, Farm hand, New York


FOY, Daniel, 37, M, Farmer, 162*/720, New York

FOY, Matilda, 38, F, Ky

FOY, Sarah R., 16, F, Domestic, Illinois

FOY, Austin T., 14, M, Illinois

FOY, C. W., 12, M, Illinois

FOY, Morrell, 10?, M, Illinois

FOY, Irene, 8, F, Illinois

FOY, Milton, 5, M, Illinois

FOY, Eva, 8mo’s, F, Illinois

FOY, Jennie V., 8mo’s, F, Illinois


WEST, Isaac, 34, M, Farm laborer, New York

WEST, Charlotte, 28, F, New York

WEST, DeWitt, 17, M, Farm laborer, PV/240, New York

WEST, Charles, 5, M, New York

WEST, Mary, 10 mo’s, F, New York


(Next house unoccupied)


BROWN, Charles, 35, M, Farmer, 2000/860, New York

BROWN, Rosela, 32, F, New York

BROWN, Ja*** R., 10, M, New York

BROWN, Phebe A., 4, F, Illinois

BROWN, Frank, 1, M, Illinois

BOARDMAN, John, 45, M, Farm laborer, England


GLASSBURN, J. W., 26, M, Farmer, 960/600, Ohio

GLASSBURN, Olive, 23, F, Ohio

GLASSBURN, Andrew T., 3, M, Ohio

GLASSBURN, Elizabeth J., 2, F, Illinois

JOHNSON, Samuel, 17, M, Farm laborer, Ohio

KILROY, Albert, 12, M, Wisc.?


GLASSBURN, Thomas, 27, M, Farmer, 960/290, Ohio

GLASSBURN, Mary, 25, F, Ohio

GLASSBURN, M. L., 2, F, Illinois

GLASSBURN, Sarah, 8 mo’s, F, Illinois

NELSON, John, 10, M, Sweden


CURTIS, G. W., 38, M, 2000/445, Conn.

CURTIS, Louisa, 35, F, New York

CURTIS, N. E., 14, F, Illinois

CURTIS, George H., 11, M, Illinois

CURTIS, Jesse, 9, M, Illinois

CURTIS, Wm. E., 5, M, Illinois

CURTIS, L. J., 3, F, Illinois

CURTIS, C. A. 4 mo’s, F, Illinois

LATHROP, Mary, 18, F, School Teacher, Canada


SMITH, A. M., 31, M, Farmer, 1920/800, New York

SMITH, Laura, 25, F, Ohio

SMITH, Vivilla ?, 2, F, Illinois

FISHER, Charles, 18, M, Farm laborer, Ohio


BROWN, Enez, 29, M, Farmer, 1200/520, New York

BROWN, Catherine, 26, F, Ohio

BROWN, Estella, 1, F, Illinois

BROWN, Herbert, 6 mo’s, M, Illinois


LUTYENS, Nicholas, 30, M,  Farmer, 960/150, Penn.

LUTYENS, Ellen, 29, F, New York

LUTYENS, May E,, 6, F, Illinois

LUTYENS, Charles E., 4, M, Illinois

LUTYENS, George, 1, M, Illinois

HAVENHILL, Newton, 20, M, Farm laborer, Illinois

LUTYENS, Elizabeth, 73, F, Domestic, PV/45, Penn.


GRAY, W., 53, M, Farmer, 600/345, New York

GRAY, Ann M., 40, F, Penn.

GRAY, John, 21, F, Farm laborer, Ohio

GRAY, Ranson, 16, M, Farm laborer, Ohio

GRAY, Unreadable, 19, M, Farm laborer, Ohio

GRAY, Susanna, 13, F, Ohio


BROWN, Courtland, 38, M, Farmer, 1200/165, New York

BROWN, Celestia, 34, F, New York

BROWN, Laura A, 11, F, New York

BROWN, Henry, 10, M, New York

BROWN, Amanda ?, 7, F, New York


New page of census – Page # 207

Household # 1544

CONROY, Thomas, 1 mo., M, Illinois

KINSMAN, Simeon, 34, M, Farm laborer,  200/65, England

KINSMAN, Betsy, 32, F, England

KINSMAN, John, 7, M, England

KINSMAN, Elizabeth, 6, F, England

KINSMAN, Lucy, 2, F, England


JACOBS, Joseph, 31, M, Farmer, 960.455, New York

JACOBS, Mary E, 28, F, New York

JACOBS, Alpha E., 4, M, Illinois

SMITH, Louisa, 23, F, School Teacher, New York

(Possible alternate spelling: Van Valkenburg) 

VAN VAUTINGBURG, John, 35, M, Farmer, 2000/1260, New York

VAN VAUTINGBURG, Emma, 4, F, Illinois

HINMAN, Jane, 19, F, Domestic, Penn.

HINMAN, 23, M, Farm laborer, New York

HINMAN, Edward, 5mo’s, M, Illinois

DAVIS, James, 30, M, PV 60, Ohio

DAVIS, Phebe, 22, F, Ohio

DAVIS, R. G., 5, Ohio

DAVIS, Reuben D., 2, M, Illinois


HELLYER, Ezra, 42, M, Farm laborer, PV/300, Penn.

HELLYER, Elizabeth, 40, F, Canada

HELLYER, Hannah, 15, F, Domestic, Canada

HELLYER, Emeline, 7, F, Canada


HELLYER, Amos, 21, M, Farm laborer, PV/275, Canada

HELLYER, Anna, 18, F, Canada,

HELLYER, Minerva J. 1, F, Illinois

VANCE, John,  17, M, Farm laborer, Canada

GRADY, John, 15, M, Farm laborer, Ireland


BELL ? or BALL, John, 38, M, Farmer, 1800/200, Mass.

BELL ? Caroline, 37, F, Conn.

BELL ?, Wilber, 3 mo’s, Illinois

CHAPIN, M. W., 41, M, Farmer, 1320/1200, Mass.

CHAPIN, Desire L., 40, F, Mass.

CHAPIN, Catherine O., 16, F, Domestic, Mass.

CHAPIN, Harriett J., 14, F, Mass.

CHAPIN, Frank, 1 mo., M, Illinois

PLUMBY, John H., 38, M, Farmer, 2400/250, New Hampshire

PLUMBY, Caroline, 32, F, Vt.,

PLUMBY, John, 8, M, Mass.

PLUMBY, Charles, 7, M, Mass.

The following information was provided by CENSUS SEARCH Illinois Census Notes:

Between 1680-1763, Illinois was under the control of France.

Between 1763-1783, Illinois was controlled by Great Britain.

Between 1800 and 1809, Illinois was considered part of Indiana Territory.

On 3 March, 1809, Illinois became it's own territory. 

Federal Illinois census records begin in 1820 and were enumerated every ten years.  Census years available to the public are: 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 & 1940.

Soundex code indexes for Federal Illinois census records are available on microfilm for census years: 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920.

1890 Federal census schedules (including the Veterans and Widows census) were completely destroyed by fire with the exception of a small fragment of McDonough County ED 174.

Illinois state census records were enumerated in 1810, 1820, 1830, 1835, 1840, 1845, 1855 & 1865.  See IL State Census for more info.

State censuses were taken in 1820, 1825, 1830, 1835, 1840, 1845, 1855, and 1865. Unfortunately only the 1820, 1855, and 1865 ones have survived reasonably intact. Most of the county returns for 1825, 1830, 1835, and 1845 are missing and nearly half of the 1840 state census has been lost.













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