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AKA: Greenville/Fairfield or Whittington








TALMAGE Catherine              
TALMAGE Earl W              
TEED Carrie Beldon   Sect A, Lot 5, Grave 1 Abel Hunt buried July 12, 1880    

Only small fragment of a marker remains

grand neice of Abel Hunt.

THACKABERRY Alvarett              
THACKABERRY Anna E              
THACKABERRY  Clara              
THACKABERRY Ella              
THACKABERRY  Fern              
THACKABERRY Forest Gregg              
THACKABERRY Frank C              
THACKABERRY Frank M              
THACKABERRY Harold (inf)              
THACKABERRY Henry              
THACKABERRY  Israel              
 THACKABERRY Jane              
THACKABERRY Lucille              
THACKABERRY Marcella R              
THACKABERRY Marcus              
THACKABERRY Marcus R              
THACKABERRY Margaret              
THACKABERRY Mary              
THACKABERRY Mary A              
THACKABERRY Mary J (inf)              
THACKABERRY Mary Vivian              
THACKABERRY Milton L              
THACKABERRRY Rebecca              
THACKABERRY Shugart              
THACKABERRY Wayne              
THACKABERRY William H              
THEIBERT A. Lucile [sic]              
THEIBERT *** J. (Tebby) first name illegible on list              
THOMPSON Alice N              
THOMPSON Clifford H    A-1-3B Frank Rasmussen/Kenneth & Margaret Sibley  Sept 8, 1915-Aug. 23, 1992   Lulu ____ West side of cemetery/Old section
THOMPSON Clifford Jr.  

Sect. A



   1954 (only one date stated)     West side of cemetery/Old section
THOMPSON David V.              
THOMPSON Dennis Obit 2 1/2m Sect A, Lot 1a, Grave 1b Frank Rasmussen/Kenneth & Margarite Sibley  Nov 21, 1948-Feb 5, 1949(only one date stated on grave, but info found in obit) Clifford & Lulu Thompson   West side of cemetery/Old Section
THOMPSON James A.              
THOMPSON Jean A              
THOMPSON Kathryn V.              


Lot owned by: Frank Rasmussen & Kenneth & Margaret Sibley

  Feb. 11, 1921-No Death Date stated


  Clifford H Thompson West side of cemetery/Old section
THOMPSON Nancy A    A-1A-1A    d. 1941 (only one date stated)  Clifford & Lulu Thompson    Buried Feb. 18, 1942 West side of cemetery/Old section
THOMPSON Vernie Dell              
TRUEDSON Benta              
TRUEDSON Nels              
TRUEDSON Tomas              
TUCKER Yvonne Arlene (inf)              
ULLOM Albert              
ULLOM Blithe              
ULLOM Daniel T.              
ULLOM Mary A. (inf)              
VAN DEUSEN Betty B              
VAN DEUSEN Caryle R.              
VANCE Eliza              
VAUGHN Jennie B (inf)              
VERDEEN August              
WEBB Earl D              
WEBB Edward A. Jr.              
WEBB Hannah              

WEBB Maude L.

 WEBB Olive K              
 WESCOAT Obediah              
WESCOTT Andrew              
WESCOTT Archie              
WESCOTT Donald Wayne              
WESCOTT Elmer Andrew              
WESCOTT Everett              
WESCOTT Freddie              
WESCOTT Hannah A              
WESCOTT Henry L              
WESCOTT Mabel E              
WESCOTT Mary A              
WESCOTT Myrtle M              
WESCOTT Texas Eugene (inf)              
WESCOTT Thomas              
WESCOTT Wayne C.              
WESCOTT William              
WESSELS Tena              
WHETSTONE Ray              
WHIPPLE Delos              
WHIPPLE George H              
WHIPPLE Hannah E              
WHIPPLE Lucy Evelyn              
WHIPPLE Madeline              
WHIPPLE Rachel              
WHIPPLE Ray or Roy              
WHIPPLE William              
WHITE Amanda              
WHITE Faye              
WHITE Florence              
WHITTINGTON Eugene (inf)              
WHITTINGTON Frank (inf)              
WHITTINGTON Ida (inf)              
WHITTINGTON Jane              
WHITTINGTON jOHN              
WHITTINGTON Juliaett              
WHITTINGTON Milton D (inf)              
WHITTIINGTON Minnie (inf)              
WHITTINGTON **elia (inf)              
WILCOX Job              
WILKINSON  E Burdene              
WILKINSON Robert M              
WILLIAMS Cornelia              
WILLIAMS Eliza J (inf)              

WILLIAMS Jefferson Davis Rev.

WILLIAMS Julia E              
WILLIAMS Marion              
 WILLIAMS Oliver James              
WILSON Viola F              
WINKLER Robert              
WINKLER Robert Mrs.              
WIRTH Kate              
WOLF Marie E              
 WOODWARD (inf)              
 WRIGHT Anna Katherine   Sect A, Lot 4, Grave 3a Miss Sissa Nelson 1863-1946      
 WRIGHT Charles              
 WRIGHT Clarence              
WRIGHT Earl R              
WRIGHT Edith E              
WRIGHT Lee E              
WRIGHT Lucy A              
WRIGHT Mary E              
WRIGHT Moses C              
WRIGHT Ruth M              
WRIGHT S. Beatrice              
WRIGHT Susan P              
WRIGHT Thomas A              
WRIGHT Washington L   Sect A, Lot 4, Grave 3b Miss Sissa Nelson 1872-1960      
WRIGHT William H              
WROTEN Alice E 32y 7m 20d Sec A,, Lot 2, Grave 4 Robert Wroten July 25, 1851-March 15, 1884   Robert Wroten West side of cemetery/Old section
WROTEN Bessie (inf)   Sect A, Lot 2, Grave 2 Robert Wroten Feb 15, 1902-Nov 8, 1906 d/o R & D Wroten   West side of cemetery/Old section
WROTEN Dora E   Sect A, Lot 2, Grave 1a Robert Wroten Sept 21, 1867-April 10, 1940 (buried: April 1?, 1940) nee: Russell Robt. Wroten West side of cemetery/Old section
WROTEN George M Obit   Sect A, Lot 2, Grace 1c Robert Wroten July 4, 1891-Nov 3, 1918     West side of cemetery/Old section
WROTEN Lilllie Belle (inf)  Obit 3y 11m Sect A, Lot 2, Grave 3 Robrert Wroten d. July 11, 1883 d/o R & A Wroten   West side of cemetery/Old section OBIT
WROTEN Margaret              
WROTEN Minnie May (inf)   Sect A, Lot 2, Grace 1d Robert Wroten Dec. 29, 1887-Jan. 6, 1888 (buried Feb. 7, 1888)      
WROTEN Robert   Sect A, Lot 2, Grave 1a Robert Wroten Oct 16, *1846-Nov 22, 1911 (1900 census gives birth year as 1845)  

Dora Russell

Alice E

Metal Marker

M W of A

WROTEN Robert L   Sect A, Lot 2, Grave 5 Robert Wroten 1910-1923 (buried July 22, 1923)     West side of cemetery/Old section
WROTEN Thomas              
YOUNGDAHL "child"   Sect A, Lot 7, Grave-- Lewis Johnson Youngdahl no date Swan Youngdahl   No marker
YOUNGDAHL John Edwin   A, Lot 7, Grave__ Lewis Johnson Youngdahl buried Aug 31, 1884 Swan Youngdahl   no marker
ZELLERS Emeline              
ZELLERS Grace M (inf)              
ZUHL (inf)              



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