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Surnames: A through (Ida) Dixon


From the archives: First Meeting of Fairfield Cemetery Association - Aug. 18, 1927 to reorganize. Meeting called to order by Theodore J. Berge. Claude Brown was elected as Chairman and Theodore J. Berge was elected Secretary. Trustees: H. Shere, Henry Sandrock and Theodore Berge. Association to be known as The Yorktown Cemetery Association.

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Surnames included in this file: Anderson, Bacon, Baker, Barrenthine, Bastian, Berge, Belowski, Black, Blackert, Blair, Booth, Bowels, Brandau, Brooks, Brown, Brinkman, Bruder, Buchwald, Bullock, Bump, Bunker, Cain, Carrol, Cartwright, Cassens, Catlett, Conery, Cooly, Cooper, Covell, Cramphin, Darnell, Detloff, Dixon,

Not on list:
Will Brook d. March 25, 1922

Dale Bunker Greenwood - July 22, 1920-March 18, 2007

PHOTO ALBUM (does not include all headstones - will migrate to album done by Les Niemi)

Photo Album by Les Niemi



James E Bunker, date of death should read December 16, 1931, NOT September 16, 1931

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Yorktown Cemetery

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