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John & Minnie Pope

John & Minnie Pope

Tampico Memorial Cemetery
Section F
John T Pope 1877-1949
Minnie E. Pope 1879-1963
Name: John Thomas Pope
Date of Funeral: Oct. 7, 1949
Funeral Services at Parent Chapel, Tampico
Time of Services: 1:30 pm
Clergyman: Rev. Wharton
Certifying Physician: Dr. Johnson, Tampico
Cause of Death: Toxic myocarditis
Date of Death: Oct. 5, 1949
Occupation of Deceased: Retired farmer
Single, Married, Divorced: Married
Religion: Protestant
Aged: 72y8m13d
Birthplace: Tampico Twp.
Birth Date: Jan. 22, 1877
Father: Aaron Pope
Birthplace: England Maiden Name of Mother: Mary Ann Wetzell Birthplace: PA Name of Wife: Minnie Pope Informant: Minnie Pope Address: Tampico, IL FUNERAL LOG: Name: Minnie e. Pope Female, White Date of Funeral:Oct. 21, 1963 Funeral Services at: Chapel - 2pm Clergyman: Rev. Dahl Place of Death: Lintan(sp?) Home, Sterling Date of Death: Oct. 19, 1963 Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemorhage Certifying Physician: Dr. Johnson, Tampico, IL Single/Married/Divorced: Widow Religion: Protestant Date of Birth: March 19. 1879 Aged: 84y Birth Place: Yorktown (IL) Father: Wm. Parent Maiden Name of Mother: Nettie McKenzie Informant: Esther Ellen A project of the TAMPICO AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com

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