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Alice Ellison

Alice Ellison

Riverside Cemetery, Prophetstown, IL Contributed by David Ellison Obituary MRS. ALICE ELLISON Alice Heberling was born at Miles, Ia., Nov. 1, 1860, and died Sept. 23, 1935 at the home of her son, Donald Ellison, at Oklahoma City, Okla. She was the daughter of John and [Suzanne] Heberling and was the youngest of ten children, all of whom except one sister, have preceded her in death. She received her education at a normal school and taught school a short time before her marriage. She was united in marriage to Willard S. Ellison of Morrison in July 1886. They moved to Prophetstown three years later and lived here until 1908 when they moved to Iowa City, Ia. While living in Prophetstown Mrs Ellison was active in the work of the Congregational Church. Two sons, Dwight, a druggist in Chicago, and Donald, an attorney in Oklahoma City, and two daughters, Mrs. R. F. Cough of Mason City, Ia., and Mrs F. A. Wahlgren of Chicago, were born to Mr. and Mrs. Ellison and survive them. One sister, Miss Charlotte Heberling of Ardmore, S. D., and five grandchildren, Barbara and Ray Clough, Bob and Mragaret Ann Wahlgren, and George Ellison, son of Mr. and mrs. Donald Ellison, also survive her. Mr. Ellison died October 19, 1907.

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