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Perry Heller, Yorktown Barber

Perry Heller, Yorktown Barber

Submitted by: Vivian Gudgell I am not sure about the spelling of his name. Lyle had his hair cut by Perry many times, but he never mentioned the kerosene. ha Vivian Gudgell In a prior msg., Bob Johnson wrote: does anyone remember the barber that came to yorktown, i believe, every two weeks? his name was perry hiller or heller. i remember he had an old box car and a stove that he burned cobs in, in the winter time. we would have to stand up and let him get the cobs from under the seat that we sat on. i can also remember about four or five cans of keresene that he had hanging or nailed to the wall, they were like coffee can size, and when his clippers would start slowing down, he would put them in one of the cans, while they were running, and keep them in there until they picked up speed! he would then start cutting more hair and the keresene would drip down on your neck! we never had lice or anything tho.

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