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Transcribed from the Tampico Centennial Year Book 1875-1975 pg 99

The Roy Rosene family lived in the southwestern part of town. The family included, Roy, Lillian, and six daughters. Dorris, Mildred, Blanche, Etta Mae, Helen and Neva. All the girls, except Dorris, were born in the house on Kimball St. She was born on a farm south of town, where Roy and Lillian lived for a couple of years after they were married in 1912.

As far as we know the house was lived in by Lillian's grandparents, the John Howletts, and her parents, Peter K. and Mary Johnson. Their family members were Oliver, Henry, Earl, Ralph, Eva, Lillian and Myrtle. The Rosenes lived here until 1958 when they moved to DeKalb and that was the year Roy passed away. There are many fond memories of this home.

Roy was involved in many occupations. One of them was a pump and windmill repairman. He worked at this for many years until electricity and plumbing came along.

Another job he had was a substitute mail carrier. He worked at this for about 45 years. He substituted for Glen Steadman, James (Jim) Erickson and Boline Olson. It was interesting to hear him talk about his mail delivering experiences. We especially remember him talking about the mud holes and ruts.

Still another job was more seasonal. It came in March, when farmers were moving. Roy and his brother Grover would have a lunch stand at farm sales. Talk about tin cups for coffee, us girls got the job of washing them for a candy bar apiece.

Roy also liked to work on the farm. You see, his father, N.O. Rosene, lived North and West of town on a large farm. In fact, N.O. Rosene farmed a section of land at one time. The family of N.O. Rosene were his wife, Cecelia, and children Fredda, Harry, Edward, Roy, Tillie, Grover and Clarence.

Lillian was not a person to sit by and be idle. She was a midwife for Dr. Terry and Dr. Johnson and probably others. She told about a good many children that she helped bring into this world. She finally did receive her L.P.N. pin. Then she decided to work in the post office and worked there a number of years before moving to DeKalb.

The girls all enjoyed a pleasant childhood in this home. The education they received in the grade and high school was wonderful and it sure helped them to prepare for their lives. The only sadness was when Dorris passed away at the age of twenty one. The other girls enjoy getting together and talking about their memories of friends, band concerts, homecomings, cheese days, ball games and all the other experiences they had.

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