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Obits > 1926 - Conrad Pleth

Submitted by Melva L. Taylor

The Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois

October 30, 1926 - Saturday, pg 12


Dies Few Hours After Stroke of Apoplexy

Conrad Pleth Stricken Late Friday Eve -- Found Prostrate In Barnyard

Tampico, Ill., Oct 30 - (Special) - Suffering a stroke of apoplexy at the close of a day's work in the field picking corn, Conrad Pleth was found in an unconscious condition about 7 o'clock Friday evening in the barnyard at his home, five miles northwest of Tampico. When a son and a daughter found the prostrate form of their father, they believed him dead.  With the aid of a neighbor, Vernon Lawrence, they carried him into the house and a physician was called.  After a time Mr. Pleth seemed to revive a little, but did not recover consciousness, passing away shortly after midnight.

Mr. Pleth had been in his usual good health and had picked and hauled several loads of corn from the field on Friday.  Evidently he had finished his corn picking for the day and had started to do his chores around the barnyard when he was stricken. When Mr. Pleth was found lying prone on the ground his clothing was wet with water, spilled from a bucket which he had been carrying to some hogs.  How long Mr. Pleth had been lying on the ground is not known, although it is believed that it was sometime between 5 o'clock and when he was found at 7 o'clock.

Mr. Pleth's wife passed away six years ago and he and his two children, Wilbur and Dorothy, make their home on the farm. After the children had been home for some time from Tampico, where they both attend high school, they became worried over the failure of their father to make his appearance at the house. They called a neighbor, Vernon Lawrence, and a search was made of the premises, the prostrate form being found near the hog lot.

Mr. Pleth was about 45 years of age and had been a resident of the Tampico vicinity for the last 20 years. He was a member of a large family of children, who are widely scattered about the country.  Pending word from the brothers and sisters, no arrangements for the funeral have been made. 

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