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Obits > 1926 - Delila P. Aldrich

Submitted by Melva L. Taylor

The Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois
November 3, 1926 - Wednesday, pg 5 col. 2 


Tampico, Ill: - Nov. 3 (Special) - The remains of Delila P. Aldrich were brought to Tampico Tuesday afternoon and interment was in Tampico Cemetery.  Tampico was Mrs. Aldrich's home town, where she raised Leslie and Volney Miller, her grandsons, now of Rock Falls.  Mrs. Aldrich was then an active business woman, being in the milinery business in Tampico.

The Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois

October 30, 1926 - Saturday, pg 12, col. 6 


Funeral on Tuesday 

The funeral of Mrs. D. P. Aldrich will be held from the home of Volney Miller, a grandson, 1010 Avenue A., Rock Falls at 1:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.  A prayer service will be held at the grave in the Tampico Cemetery.---------------------------


November 1, 1926 - Monday, pg 3

same as above


November 2, 1926 - Tuesday, pg  5 


Delila PrIscilla Hixson, daughter of George and Priscilla Hixson was born at Niles, Mich., July 5, 1846 and departed this life, Oct. 29, 1926, aged 80 years, 3 months, and 24 days.  She leaves a sister, Jane Brasher, and a brother, Warren, older than she, one daughter, Addie M. Olsson, two grandsons, Leslie and Volney Miller, one granddaughter, Bess D. Raymond of Rockford, Ill., eight great grandchildren, beside nieces and nephews and a host of friends and old acquaintances. 

At about the age of seven years she with her family moved via of Ohio in an old prairie schooner, drawn by oxen to a farm located north of Yorktown, Ill., where she endured all the privations of pioneer life until at the age of nine, she was bereft of a father's watchful care. Thus the mother was left with a large family of eight, five of whom were deaf-mutes.  Delila was the only one who could communicate with them.  Emma attended college for the deaf and dumb at Jacksonville, Ill., where she contracted typhoid fever and passed away.  The mother a frail little woman unable to endure the rigors of severe winters and the hardships of pioneer life, succumbed to the dread disease of tuberculosis and left the family motherless when Delila was only fifteen.  Four years later the married Edgar G. Aldrich. To this union were born, Addie, Claude, who died in infancy, Jennie and Elma, who died later, the latter leaving two boys Leslie and Volney Miller for whom she cared with a mother's love and devotion. 

Her life had been filled with hardships and when she was sacrificing for others she was happiest.  The major part of her life was spent in Tampico where she conducted a millinery store for thirty-five years. She sold her business interests and moved to 208 Dixon Avenue, Rock Falls, eleven years ago, where she had resided ever since.  Burial was made between the two daughters who were laid to rest years ago.

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