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Submitted by Melva L. Taylor


The Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois

July 14, 1913


Funeral of Frank Pope

The funeral of the late Frank Pope was held Saturday afternoon at two o'clock at the home of his parents in Tampico.  The assembly of friends and neighbors was very large, the house not accomodating all. The  music was furnished by a mixed quartett consisting Mesdames Snyder and McKinzie, Messrs E. W. Meredith and James Johnson. Rev. Snyder, pastor of the M. E. church spoke a few comforting words from the text "We know not what the day may bring forth."  He pointed out the uncertainty of life keeping very close to the text and bringing out the facts that we may have money, friends, and may plan one day for the next and the future yet what a small hold we have on life.  We may be taken in an instant, may be sick a week or a few days, or we may be ill for years, daily expecting death yet how uncertain this destroyer of happiness and health is. We do not now when it may overtake us.

The remains were laid to rest in the Tampico Cemetery and the following relatives acted as pall bearers: W. H. Harrison, E. E. Pratt, Willard Pope, John Pope, Lloyd Pratt, Will Smith.

Frank Pope was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pope and was born on May 10, 1882 near Morrison, and died at his home on the Albert Ferris farm northeast of town on Wednesday, July 9 after an illness of about an hour.  He was 31 years of age.  On March 29 1908 he was married at Winthrop, Iowa to Miss Minnie C. Pagel, who with one child, a son of one and one half years are left to mourn the loss of a kind and loving husband and father.  Mr. Pope has lived the greater part of his life in this county, having moved to Tampico township only last February, before that he lived near Fenton.  He was a young man ...... etc (missed printing the next column).----------------

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