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Obits > 1946 - Sadie (Glassburn) Harrison

Submitted by Melva L. Taylor

The Sterling Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois

February 18, 1946 - Monday, pg 10

SADIE  (Glassburn)  HARRISON

Many Pay Final Tribute To Beautiful Life of Mrs.Sadie Harrison Sunday

Funeral services for Mrs. Sadie Harrison were held Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Parent Chapel where a large group of friends and relatives gathered to pay their final respects.

Mrs. Dwight Ellison, a close friend and a former member of the local society, now of Chicago, read the Christian Science services. She read a poem from the Christian Science Hymnal, "O, Life That Maketh All Things New," by Samuel Longfellow, and read selections from the Bible and Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, and the Lord's prayer.

Mrs. William Staack, a friend and former member of the church in Tampico, now of De Kalb, sang "Shepherd Show Me How to Go" and "Mother's Evening Prayer," both written by the revered leader, Mary Baker Eddy, accompanied by Mrs. R. F. Woods at the organ.  Mrs. Holger Pederson and Mrs. Mildred Corlett were in charge of the many beautiful tokens.

Burial was in the Tampico Memorial Cemetery, with Glenn, Gordon, Kenneth and Harold Glassburn, Ernie Clapper and Tom Marshall of Freeport, serving as pallbearers. 

Friends from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. William Staack of De Kalb, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Ellison of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Crossell, Mr. and Mrs. John Woods of Sterling, Mrs. Anna Murray and Mrs. Anna Simkins of Walnut, Miss Kate Person of Dixon, Miss Janice Munson of Normal.

Cousins from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Marshall of Freeport, Mr. and Mrs. George Hyde of De Kalb, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Welch, Rachel Jacobs of Malta, and Miss Ruby Denison of Aberdeen, S.D.


Sketch of Life

Mrs. Sadie Harrison was born Sept. 23, 1859, in Hahanman Township, the daughter of Thomas and Mary Glassburn. She was educated

in the Tampico schools and summer school at DeKalb and did her studying while herding cattle on the prairies.  Started to teach school at the age of 16 and taught the primary department in Tampico school for six years.  She was married to William H. Harrison on Christmas day, Dec. 25, 1883, in Tampico, at the home of her parents.

She and her husband conducted the largest dry goods, ready to wear and grocery store in this locality for years, in which they were successful. They sold their business to A. E. Bennett Jan. 27, 1915.  Mr. Harrison passed away April 27, 1916.  Her only sister, Miss Mary Glassburn, who made her home with Mrs. Harrison after the passing of their parents, passed away in October 1940.

Mrs. Harrison was of a pioneer family.  Her parents came here in 1856 from Gallipolis, Ohio, residing in the early home built by her uncle, John W Glassburn, the "father" of Tampico.  She was a charter member of the Christian Science Society of Tampico, and of the The Mother Church in Boston, Mass.  She served as a member of the board of directors for a period of years and as first reader for the three-year term.

Successful Business Woman

She was best known throughout this part of the country as a successful business woman.  Her mind was keen and alert and she continued to ably manage her business affairs, even on the day of her passing.  She cared for and accumulated a large fortune, consisting to a great extent of real estate.  She always supported activities for the betterment of the town.  In addition to here own affairs she found time to give her interest and financial support to community activities. She served as a trustee and vice president of the Tampico Memorial Cemetery Association for many years.  During her earlier years, she was a member of the Royal Neighbor Lodge, Tampico Woman's Club and other local organizations.

A philanthropist in the biggest sense of the word, she gave quietly to many in need.  Donations were made to charitable institutions in all parts of the country, such as orphanages and old people's homes, even supporting and educating European children.

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