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Obits > 1928 - Harley Edson Reeves

Submitted by Melva L Taylor

The Sterling Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois

July 31, 1928, Tuesday, pg 5


Funeral of H. E. Reeves Today at Rock Island

Was Formerly In Charge Of Canal In Rock Falls -- Was Born In Tampico

H. E. Reeves, formerly in charge of the government engineering office at the Hennepin canal guard lock in Rock Falls, passed away Saturday night at his home in Rock Island. Details of his illness were not received here, other than the fact that his death was sudden and unexpected.

Mr. Reeves was a Tampico boy who made his way to responsible engineering in the employment of the war department.  He was graduated from the University of Illinois some 33 years ago and is remembered at the university as one of the best football players of his time.  His brother, Rear Admiral Reeves of the United States Navy, played tackle on the Annapolis _____ team at the same time he played tackle in the Illinois team. 

From 1909 to 1914 Mr. Reeves was employed in engineering work on the Hennepin canal and from 1910 to 1914 he made his home in Rock Falls.  He had charge of the construction work of the Atkinson, Annawan section of the canal.  Later he made a survey of Rock River to Janesville, Wis.

During their residence in Rock Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Reeves made many friends in this community who will be grieved to hear of his sudden passing.  He was a fine type of cultured gentlemen and was held in the highest esteem by his associates in the war department and by all who knew him.

Born in Tampico

Mr. Reeves was born at Tampico, Ill., on March 21, 1875, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reeves.  On Nov. 28, 1901, he was united in marriage with Miss Helen Nowers at Atkinson, Ill.  For some time the family had made its home in Sterling-Rock Falls and about 15 years ago moved to Davenport.

Mr. Reeves was a graduate of the University of Illinois and held membership in the American Engineering Society.  He is survived by the widow, a son, James Edson, two brothers, Howell Reeves of Albany, N.Y., and Rear Admiral Joseph H. Reeves of the United States Navy, and a sister, Miss Frances Reeves of Schenectady, N.Y.

Funeral Today

The Rock Island Argus of Monday, July 30, contained the following comment regarding Mr. Reeves:

Funeral services for Harley Edson Reeves, associate United States engineer in charge of the Mississippi River from the mouth of the Wisconsin River to the Moline locks, who died at 9:45 o'clock Saturday night at his home, 828 River Drive, Bettendorf, will be held Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in the late residence.  Mr. Reeves had been ill of heart disease.  He was 53 years old.

Mr. Reeves was attached to the United States engineers' office in the Rock Island federal building, holding the position of associate engineer.  Among his works were the supervision of the building of the LeClaire locks, supervising various sections during the construction of the Illinois and Mississippi canal which extends from the Illinois River at Hennepin, Ill., to the Mississippi River, Rock Island, and the survey and examination of Rock River from Sterling, Ill., to Janesville, Wis.

Mr. Reeves was rapidly advanced in the government river ranks.  On Oct. 1, 1899, he began as a rodman, or an assistant on a surveying party.  Five months later he was promoted to inspector and in less than two years was made junior civil engineer.  On Sept. 1, 1911, he was again advanced, being made assistant civil engineer.  His last position he had held since Oct. 1, 1926.

"Mr. Reeves was considered as one of the leading engineers in his type of work due to his wide experience," stated Richard Monroe, principal assistant United States engineer, in his office at the Federal building this morning.  "He was a gentleman at all times, making it a pleasure and .........

(Buried:  Tampico Cemetery)

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