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Obits > 1928 - Edward Rosene

Submitted by Melva L Taylor

The Sterling Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois

July 11, 1928 - Wednesday, pg 5


Edward Rosene Killed By Bolt of Lightning

Life of Tampico Farmer Is Snuffed Out While Working In Hay Field

The life of Edward Rosene, 40, a farmer residing four miles southwest of Tampico on the Alfred Smith farm, was snuffed out in an instant about 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon when he was struck by a bolt of lightning while working in the hay field.  Mr. Rosene was driving a team of horses hitched to a hay rake when the fatal bolt struck him.

Ben Tornow, who is employed on the Rosene farm, said Ralph Foy, a neighbor who was assisting in the hay harvest, were within 200 feet of Mr. Rosene when he was struck.  They saw Mr. Rosene fall from the rake and they rushed to his side.  Investigation showed that the bolt had struck the top of Mr. Rosene's head and had continued down into his body.  His hat was burned and his hair was singed.  The lifeless body was taken to the house.

Mr. Tornow and Mr. Foy, testifying at the Coroner's inquest Tuesday evening, stated that they were engaged in loading hay on a wagon not more than 200 feet from the scene of the tragedy which claimed the life of Mr. Rosene.  They saw one bolt of lightning, which was followed almost immediately by a loud clap of thunder.  They saw Mr. Rosene slump in his seat on the hay fork and then fall to the ground.  They rushed to his side, but soon saw that life was extinct.  The horses hitched to his rake, frightened by the thunder clap, made a wild dash, and breaking loose, ran to the barn.

The coroner's jury, composed of Alfred Smith, foreman, Ernest McKenzie, Hugh Leahy, George Newman, Carl Rasmussen and Ben Jones, returned a verdict that Mr. Rosene came to his death by being struck by a bolt of lightning.

Mr. Rosene is survived by his wife and two adopted children, Billie, aged 12, and Mary Margaret, aged 11.  His father, Nels Rosene, and four brothers--Harry, Roy, Grover and Clarence, and two sisters -- Frieda Rosene and Mrs. George Newman, all residing in Tampico, also survive.

Funeral services will be held from the family home at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon.  Rev. John C. Weir of the Tampico Christian Church will conduct the rites. Burial will be in the Tampico Cemetery.

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