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Obits > 1923 - Florence Sollars

Submitted by Melva Taylor

The Daily Gazette, Sterling-Rock Falls, Illinois

February 27, 1923 - Tuesday, pg 6


A Funeral In Tampico

The funeral of Mrs. Leo Sollars which was held in the M.E. church Tampico, Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock was attended by the following relatives from Prophetstown:  Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Beebe, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Sollars, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Beebe and the children of the different families.  These all went on the early morning train.  Others might have made the trip by car.

Funeral of Mrs. Sollars

This community was saddened last Saturday morning, February 24, by the news of the passing of Mrs. Leo N. Sollars, although her condition had been such as to give little hopes for her recovery.

Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at 1:30 at the late residence and at 2:30 at the Methodist Church. Reverend George Gable officiating.  L. E. Chapin, Wesley Goble, Richard Mitchell, Mack Pierce, L. E. Smith and Earl Darnell acted as pallbearers.  The W.R.C. of which she was a member attended in a body, and the pupils of the 7th and 8th grades of the Tampico school were excused from school to attend the services.  A profusion of beautiful flowers bore mute testimony to the esteem in which she was held, and a very large number of relatives and friends attended to pay the last tributes of respect to one whom they held in high esteem.

(Burial:  Tampico Cemetery)

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