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Obits > 1894 - Albert J Glassburn

The Tampico Tornado, Saturday, December 22, 1894

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Our people were grea*d and grieved Thursday  morning the news reached here of the death of Albert J. Glassburn. We** re was in town, seemingly in  **** health. He retired at night as u****   seemed to rest well. He slept ((( young son, and early in the mo**** * had the boy get up and st***  the ashes in the stove, M***burn, who occupied a room ************** heard them and she asked Mr. ***** how he rested. He answereed ****** then after a few moments ****tohim again, but not **ceivin****ver, she went to his bedisde ju******re\aised his head and gasped, ****l back upon the pillow and she***** able to arouse him. Dr. A. C. *** as sent for and whenhe arrived ***** nd Mr. Goassburn dead. Mr. **** died of paralysis. He h****nce before and had nvever recovered from its effects. T(((community sympathize w*** fe and children in their a*** Glassburn was on \e of our ***ers and was widely known ***** ut the county. A big gen**** d man, always pleasant and ****nd met his acquaintances wit*** ty hand shake and a  pleasant *** smile. He was a member of Tampico Camp No. 9,  M. W. A.  *aid his last assessment Wednes***.

The funeral will take place today (Saturday) at 1 o'clock **** e house, and 2:30 at the Baptis****

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