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Obits > 1913 - Harriet Emmons Mack




Sterling, IL

Roll #114

August 19, 1913

1; 1, 8



Meets Tragic Death at Home of Daughter, Mrs. Ebersole


Steps into vacancy and Falls to Cement Floor Below - Skull is Fractured By Fall


Mrs. Harriet Mack, widow of the late Theodore Mack and one of the earliest settlers of Whiteside County, was killed by a fall down cellar Monday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Harriet Ebersole on Fifth Street; Mrs. Mack had stepped into the kitchen while the remainder of the family were in another part of the house. Upon her return she evidently mistook the door of the cellar for that of her bedroom, stepping off into the vacancy and falling the entire distance to the cement floor below.

Assistance is Summoned

Mrs. Ebersole heard the noise of her mother's fall and rushed to her assistance, Mrs. Sarah Ward, who lives next door and F. A Melvin, who lives directly across the street, were summoned and carried Mrs. Mack upstairs. A local doctor was notified and responded immediately. The aged lady lived only a short time after the arrival of the physician, however, never regaining consciousness. An examination showed that her skull had been crushed in the fall.

Came Here in 1839

Harriet Emmons was born in New York City, N. Y., April 1, 1838, and came to Sterling in 1839, her parents arriving here the day she was one year old. She was the daughter of the late Asa F. R. and Mrs. Emmons.

Mr. Emmons was a carpenter by trade and erected the fourth house in Sterling, moving a year later to Coloma, where he engaged in building and contracting.

The trip to Sterling from New York was made overland and by water, there being no railroads at that time.

Mother Dies in 1842

Mrs. Emmons died in 1842 and the year following Mr. Emmons married Miss Nancy Booth, who passed away a year ago in this city at the age of over ninety years. Mrs. Mack received her education in the schools of Sterling and Rock Falls and on December 8, 1859, she was united in marriage to Theodore Mack in Newton Township, Whiteside County. Mr. Mack worked at his trade that of printer - during the first ear of their married life, but at the breaking out of the civil war, with the content of his patriotic bride, he enlisted in Company D, Seventy-fifth Illinois Volunteer infantry. He served with distinction during the early part of the war, but was taken ill at the Nashville, Tenn. and was discharged with honor on June 29, 1863.

Establishes Standard

In 1868 Mr. Mack and his brother, Charles M. established the Whiteside Chronicle, conducting it fearlessly for several years. Mr. Mack later purchased his brother's interest and changed the name to the Sterling Standard, later selling it and retiring form active newspaper life.

Mr. Mack passed away in 1903 after an illness of several months.

Lived With Daughter

Since the death of her husband, Mrs. Mack has made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Harriet Ebersole. As a result of the strain of caring of her husband during his illness, Mrs. Mack has never been well since his death and during the past year, has been in an extremely delicate condition. She is survived by two children, her daughter, Mrs. Ebersole and a son, Charles T. Mack of Jersey City, N. J. Two daughters, Myra and Elizabeth, are deceased. She is also survived by two grandchildren, Charles Ebersole, assistant secretary of the Y.M. C. A and Miss Florence. Two step-sisters, Mrs. Charles Hewitt of Rock Falls and Mrs. S. M. Mingle of Sterling, also survive.

Funeral On Thursday

The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ebersole, Rev. C. A. Rile, pastor of the First Congregational church, officiating. Interment will be in Riverside cemetery in the family lot. It is possible that the hour may be changed, the arrangements being only tentative, pending word from the son, Charles T. Mack.


Lifelong Christian

Mrs. Mack was a lifelong Christian. Early in life she affiliated with the First Methodist church and later, thirty-five years ago, joined the Congregational church of which she has since been a faithful and consistent member. Mrs. Mack was a woman of unusual brilliancy and great strength of character a delightful conversationalist, until her last illness, she delighted in and was an authority on the early history of this city and Rock Falls. Her memory was clear and keen and until illness fell upon her she remembered distinctly her childhood life and watched the growth of the two cities with delight.

Mrs. Mack's tragic death has cast a deep gloom over the community which has known her for three-quarters of a century. The stricken family has the sincere sympathy of hundreds of friends.


Sterling, IL

Roll #114

August 20, 1913, 1; 4


The funeral services over the remains of Mrs. Harriet Mack will occur Friday afternoon at 2A:30 o'clock at her late home, Rev. C. A. Riley, officiating. Her son, Charles T. Mack is expected here tomorrow night to attend the funeral.


Sterling, IL

Roll #114

August 22, 1913, 1; 5


The funeral of Mrs. Harriet Mack was held this afternoon at 2:30 at the house of Mrs. Hattie Ebersole on East Fifth Street, Rev. C. A. Riley officiating. The attendance of friends and relatives was large, while the floral offerings were numerous and beautiful. Miss Jane Ward and Miss Ella Richards rendered several selections. Interment was in Riverside.


Sterling, IL

August 19, 1; 7


Mistake in doors leads to fatal drop

Wife of Founder of the Standard Spent Entire Life as Resident of Whiteside County, Coming Here in Year of 1839

Mistaking the cellar door for the door leading into the bath room at the home of Mrs. Hattie Ebersole, on Fifth Avenue, led to the death of Mrs. Theodore Mack, widow of the founder of the Sterling Standard and a pioneer resident of Whiteside County last evening about 7:15 o'clock.

In falling down the flight of steps to the hard floor of the cellar below. Mack struck on her head in such a manner as to cause a fracture of the skull and her death followed shortly after her discovery by her daughter.

Mrs. Mack was the daughter of Asa Emmons, her mother being Elizabeth Bartlett, a sister of the late Hanna Rundlett. She was born in New York City, April 1, 1838, and came to Whiteside County with her parents, at the age of one year.

When four years of age her mother died and Mr. Emmons was united in marriage to Mrs. Nancy A. Booth.

On Dec. 8, 1859 at the family home in Newton Township Miss Emmons was united in marriage to Mr. Theodore Mack. After her marriage with her husband she came to Sterling where Mr. Mack and his brother Charles formed a partnership and started the Whiteside Chronicle. In 1868 Mr. Mack purchased the interest of his brother in the business and launched the Standard which for years was issued as a weekly paper.

To this union were born four children: Myra, who died in 1881, Mrs. Hattie Ebersole of this city, Charles T., of Jersey City, N. J. and Elizabeth who died in infancy.

Two half-sisters, Mrs. Ida Hewitt of Rock Falls and Mrs. B. M. Mingle of Sterling also survive.

Pending the receipt of word from the son Charles, who today is attending the Mack reunion at Hinsdale, Mass., funeral arrangements will not be completed but it is thought likely they will be held Thursday afternoon.


Sterling, IL

Roll #114

August 20, 1; 2


The funeral of Mrs. Harriet Mack will be held form the home of her daughter, Mrs. Hattie Ebersole Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, Rev. C. A. Riley of the Congregational church officiating. Interment will be in Riverside Cemetery.


Sterling, IL

Roll #114

August 22, 1; 4


The funeral of Mrs. Harriet Mack was held from the home of her daughter, Mrs. Hattie Ebersole, this afternoon. The services were conducted by Rev. C. E. Riley and burial was in Riverside. A large number of friends attend the service and there were many beautiful floral offerings. Charles Mack arrived from A New Jersey last evening.

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