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Submitted by: Chuck Nowotny

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Branson Brewer

Branson Brewer was born in Surry  County, North Carolina, Feb 3d. 1818. At the age of six years he removed with his parents to Wayne County, Ind.  He Resided there until the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Weymyer at about  the age of 21.  Shortly after their marriage they removed to Illinois and settled in Warren County.  From Warren County they removed to the town of Henderson  in Knox County.  He first Reached Mercer County after his removal from Knox, about the year 1815.

His first settlement here was on Pope  creek where the in connection with his brother he engaged in the milling business and also the operation of a carding machine.  After retiring from this business moves were made to Oquawka  and St.  Louis.  Then,  he returned to Mercer Count in March 1850,  settling on Edwards creek near New Boston.  From there he came to the Farm one and a half miles north of town, known as the old Brewer farm, which had been settled by his father.  He resided here until after the death of his wife, which event occurred July 15, 1854. To them had been born eight children, Three of whom died while quite young, Of the five who grew to mature years, all save one were present to-day to pay the last sad rites of respect to an honored father.  To their great regret it has been impossible to reach him with the Intelligence of this father,s death.  After Removing from the farm deceased came to Kiethsburg, where he resided until the Spring of 1859.  From here he went to  Bay Island above Hannibal, Mo and after a short stay there, went again to St. Louis.  In St. Louis during the winter of 1860 he was married to Mrs. Sarah West,  formerly of Keithsburh.  To them two children were born.  One died in Infancy, the other is Mrs. R.D. Seaton.

In August of 1865 his wife died.  He continued in business in St. Louis until  the Spring of 1871 when he came to Keithsburg and took up his residence with his Two daughters  and   grand-children. Here he has remained until the time of death.  The many changing scenes in his busy life had been past and he was  destined to end his days here cared for  by his children, and in the pleasant association of old friends.  His death occurred on the morning of Nov 17th in the  72 year of his age.  He was a gental, kind hearted man, one of whom the old citizens of Keithsburg speak kin the highest terms of praise.  His departure removes one of the old landmarks and he will be missed not only by his immediate connections, but by a large circle of friends.  Funeral services conducted by Rev. Sarchet were held at his late  residence at 11 a.m. to-day.  The high esteem in which he was held was attested by the large assembly gathered to pay him their last tribute of respect.

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