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Obits > 1883 - Malinda Booth Emmons

Transcribed by Denise McLoughlin

Roll #15
Saturday, July 28, 1883
Page 5; Column 3, paragraph 8
(gossip column)
As we go to press Mrs. Melinda Emmons, widow of the late Samuel Emmons, is lying dangerously ill at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. E. A. Macomber. It is thought she will not live through the day. (first printed in July 23, 1883 Sterling Evening Gazette, Page 4;1)

From Tuesday's Evening Gazette [as printed in Saturday, July 28th, 1883 issue]
Sterling Gazette Weekly
July 28, 1883
Roll #16
page 7; column 2
Death of Mrs. Emmons
Mrs. Malinda Emmons, a notice of whose **** illness appeared in yesterday's Gazette, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. E. A. Macomber, in this city, early this morning. Mrs. Emmons was seventy-eight years of age, and was the oldest daughter of Wm. Booth, one of the early settlers of Whiteside County, who located in Newton Township, in 1839. She was born in Beverly, Va., in 1805, and at the age of twenty years married John Wilson, by whom she had three children. They removed to Missouri, where Mr. Wilson died, and the widow removed to Indiana. She afterwards married Calvin Wells, in Indiana, who removed to Illinois, and died at Galena, leaving one child, Stephen who died in the army during the rebellion. In 1845 she married Samuel Emmons, of Coloma, with whom she lived until his death in February, 1880, and by whom she had two children, Ed. A. Emmons, of Tampico, and Mrs. E. A. Macomber, of Sterling. Her health and faculties have gradually failed for the past three years, and for the past two months she has been totally helpless and confined to the bed. her vitality was wonderfully strong and for more than 24 hours before the end it did not seem possible that life could last more than an hour or two. But rest came at last, and she has gone to the home to which as a devout member of the Baptist church, she had long looked forward; peacefully departing without a struggle. 
The funeral will be held at the Baptist church, tomorrow (Wednesday), afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock.

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