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Obits > Sherman Cummings 1912

Found in book of newspaper clippings - no dates or source shown

Notation penciled in - "Jan. 1912"
Probably from the Tampico Tornado Newspaper


Well Known Citizen Dies Suddenly Following an Operation For Appendicitis

With the opening day of the New Year when prospects were bright for continued happiness and prosperity and with the good cheer of the Christmas spirit still lingering in the happy home, with manhood in its vigor and prime, filled with all life's laudable ambitions, the spirit of Sherman T. Cummings was called to its maker on Thursday morning about 5:40 o'clock, only three days after an operation for appendicitis performed on New Year's day. Peritonitis set in and after several days of intense suffering he passed away. He was only stricken the Saturday before and in spite of everything that relatives, physicians and friends could do death came as the end to his sufferings.

The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Methodist church, Rev. H. A. Snyder having charge of the services assisted by Rev. James Potter of Rock Falls a former pastor of the church who preached the sermon. The Masonic brethern attended the funeral in a body and had charge of the services at the grave. Appropriate music was tendered by Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Fred Brewer. The pall bearers taken from the Massons were: H. C. Pitney, Jack Hellier, Percy Hayes, Geor. Isherwood, T. A. Curnow and Asa Glassburn. There were a number of beautiful floral tributes. Interment was in the Tampico Cemetery.

Sherman Tecumseh Cummings was born March 4, 1865 on a farm southwest of Tampico and spent his chilhood and early manhood days residing with his parents on farms southwest of Tampico, attending the schools and assisting in the management and care of the farm.

When his parents decided to retire from the active duties connected with farm life and move to Tampico, he came here with them and for several years resided at home until he was married to Elsie Lutes, Jan. 12, 1910 and established a home which has been a home in the highest and fullest sense of the word. Always a man of excellent principle and good reputation he further identified himself with the higher and better things in life by joining the church, becoming a member of the Tampico Methodist church, Jan. 29, 1911 and regulated his life by its teachings. Nature had endowed him with a splendid disposition, a considerate feeling for his fellow men and these trails coupled with his honesty and industry won him many firends during his life time spent in his home community where sham and false are descovered by intimate acquaintanceship.

He was a man who especially loved his home and its tender association and the most happy moments of his life were spent in it surrounded by his family whom he showed every consideration. He cared little for the whirl of life but, preferred rather to be at home with his family whose comfort was always first and uppermost in his mind. These characteristics and the love he always manifested for his home makes the blow especially hard for the members of his family. 

His wife stricken and prostrated by his death, his mother Mrs. J. W. Hixson, a brother Emmitt and a step-daughter, Miss Marie Lutes to whom he has been a father  in every sense and whom he loved as his own, are the surviving members of the family. The relatives have lost a good,kind, considerate husband, son, brother and father and the community one of its useful, respected citizens whom make this city and township a peaceful, law abiding place.

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