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Thursday, June 8, 1876

FOUND DEAD - Mr. William S. Gibson, who lived about four and a half miles south--west of Tampico, was found dead in his field on Wednesday morning. He went to turn the cattle into the pasture, and his family noticing that the cattle were not turned out, went to see what was the matter, when to their horror they found him dead. He probably died of heart disease, as he has been in poor health for a number of years. A coroner's inquest was held on the same day, to learn, if possible, the cause of his death. We understand that he is to be buried on Friday by theMasonic Lodge, as he was a member.

Thursday, June 15, 1876


Gibson - In Tampico, Illinois, on Wednesday, June 7th, 1876, William S. Gibson, aged 44 years and 4 months.

The funeral of Mr. Gibson took place in this city last Friday under the auspices of the Masonic Lodge of this place. The funeral was largely attended by friends and members of the Masonic Order.

Below we give the resolutions passed by the Masons of this place in memory of their departed brother:

WHEREAS, It is our faithful duty to chronicle the sudden death of our worthy brother Wm. S. Gibson.

WHEREAS, The Brethren of the Lodge have always respected him as a worthy citizen, and an esteemed brother, and feel that in his death, we have met with a great loss. Therefore,

Resolved, that we as a Lodge sadly miss and deeply mourn the loss of our brother, and offer our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved family and mourning friends.

Resolved, That a page in our records be left blank upon which to inscribe these resolutions in memory of our departed brother, and that a copy be furnished the Tampico Tornado for publication.

By order of Yorktown Lodge, No. 655, A. F. & A. M.

Tampico, June 10th, 1876.

A. W. Bastian - Com.
T. M Wylie - Com.
M. A. Myers, Jr. - Com.


(Seperate article - same issue of Tampico Tornado)

INQUEST - A coroner's inquest and post mortem examination was held on the seventh inst., on the body of William S. Gibson, near Tampico, of wose sudden death mention was made in these columns last week - Doctors C. M. Morrill and A. C. Smith conducted the examination and discovered "ossification of the cortic semilunar valves, causing regurgitation of blood and congestion of the lungs producing death from asphyxia," The coroner's jury rendered a verdict in accordance with the foregoing. The body was intered last Friday.



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