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Saturday, October 17, 1896


Leonard J. Coster Meets Death Under the Cruel Iron Wheels

Our quiet little village was thrown into a furor of excitement last Saturday evening by the report that a brakeman had been run over and killed by the cars. The facts in the case, so near as can be learned are these: The evening way freight was here switching. It was after six o'clock and cloudy and dark. Several of the train men were up at the east switch, picking up and switching cars. Leonard J. COSTER, a brakeman, stepped in between the cars  to pull out a pin to uncouple, and in walking along stepped into the cattle guard and fell, and two cars passed over him. P. H. DAGENHART, a fellow brakeman, noticing that he had disappeared and his lantern had none out, at once signaled the engineer to stop and gave the alarm. His cries brought several of our people to the scene. Among the first to arrive was Geo. DRAYTON. He says they found COSTER laying beneath the cars with his head upon a tie and bleeding profusely. Dr. WAHL was summoned and Undertaker PARENT came with a stretcher and theunfortunate man was placed upon the t\stretcher and carrioed to the depot. Upon examination it was found that the wheels had passed over his right leg, commencing just above the knee and running upward and diagonally across and above the thigh, also breaking his right arm. Everything was done for the sufferer that could be done; but he was beyond human aid and only lived about fiftyminutes. He was conscious until within a few minutes ofhis death, which was a peaceful sleep. His brother, Henry COSTER, was conductor of the train and was by his side during his last hour of life. A special train was sent from Mendota, which conveyed the deceased to his home in Fulton. Leonard COSTER was about 29 years of age, unmarried. He has been in the ******* for ten years and was a faithful employuee and an agreeable fellow workman. He leaves his parents, five brothers, three sisters and a large number of firends to mourn his untimely death.

The funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church in Fulton, Tuesday. The services at the cemetery were under the auspices of Heart andHand Lodge No. 505, Brotherhood ofRailway Trainmen, the services being conducted by F. J. MORSE and John WILSON.

The deceased carried $2,400 life insurance.

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