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Tampico Tornado Saturday, May 26, 1894

Saturday, May 26, 1894
There have been three deaths by consumption in the country around here within the last week. Mrs. Gus HEIN, her sister, Mis DAWSON, and Mrs. Wm. SHERE.



Died at her home near Yorktownm Ill., Monday, May 21, 1894, of consumption, aged 37 years and 11 months. The funeral took place Wednesday afternoon at theYorktown church and the remains were interred in theYorktown cemetery.


From the Bureau County Times - June 8, 1894

Mrs. William Shere passed away May 21, 1894, at almost 9:00 am. She was born in Orange County, N.Y. June 10, 1856 and so attained the age of 37 years 11 months and 11 days. She had three brothers and five sisters, all of whom survive her. The family consisted of two sons and two daughters: Clarence and Albert, May and Darlene.

Mrs. Shere took sick about October 1st with soreness of the throat which continued to grow worse from day to day until at last she was bed ridden. Her children ministered to her daily, which was a great comfort to her. She showed heroic patience and characteristic concern for the well being of others more than for herself. She gave repeated assurance that she rested on Jesus for future salvation and desired to depart and be at rest. Her funeral services were held at the church in Yorktown, at 2 O'clock, Wednesday afternoon May 26th conducted by Reverend Fahr, between three and four hundred people attending. The pallbearers were: Marion Ladue, Werner Cox, Sherman Comings, William Lane, and William Forward. The long procession went to the Fairfield Cemetery on foot. Thus, we laid to rest on that beautiful day in May one of that beloved pair, whose remembrance on account of their jovial friendship, generous hospitality, honesty, thrift and interested helpfulness to all in need of help, is entwined with grateful reminiscence in the memory of people in the Bureau and Henry Counties. The thanks of the family are rendered to many friends.

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