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Tampico Tornado Dec. 15, 1927


Mrs. A. D.FRANCE Died on Last Monday Afternoon After an Extended Illness

Mrs. Adelbert D. FRANCE, one of the most highly esteemed residents of Hume Township, passed away at her home seven and one halfmiles northeast of Tampico last Monday afternoon, December 12, after an illness of long duration, during which she was a patient and uncomplaining sufferer and made a brave fight for life to no avail.

Funeral Services were arranged for at the late home at 1:30 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, December 14, in charge of Rev. William SWENSON, pastor of the Tampico Methodist church, with interment in the Tampico Cemetery.


Alice FRANCE, nee MOATES, beloved wife of A. D. FRANCE, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. MOATES, was born in Washington County, Maryland, and fell asleep in death in her home in Tampico community, Dec. 12, 1927, aged 57 years, 4 months and 15 days.

The inner circle which mourn her departure, consists of husband A. D. FRANCE, parents Mr. & Mrs. John W. MOATES, , sister Mrs. Thomas H. MILLER, brothers Frank MOATES and John V. MOATES, all these of Washington County, Maryland. Also two brothers in these parts, Will MOATES of Dixon and Henry MOATES of Rock Falls.

In April, 1924, the deceased united in marriage with her now bereaved companion, A. D. FRANCE, which union came to an end after 3 1/2 years duration.

Mrs. FRANCE was reared in Dunkard home, a people holding fast to some odd religious options, but a God-fearing people, known for their integrity and sterling qualities of character, After our sister had reached maturity, she united with the Methodist church, and her name is still probably on the church roll of her hoome town.

Concerning her life and character, I cannot speak, since I had no acquaintance with her during her life-time.

To her kinsfolk and others, who fellowshipped with her I would say this simple word, Death almost always brings a heart-break. Sacred ties of blood and fellowship are not ruthlessly broken without a sense of pain and a sense of loss. Sometimes that pain is increased manifold by deep regrets over our own neglect and lack of appreciation of the loved one. But it should also bring comfort thru the healing presence of Him, who is the prince of life , because of the enrichment of our lives through the ministrations of the beloved one; because of the hope of reunion at the end of the day. If there are regrets because of neglect or unkindness in any way to the departed one, we can go forth and be a bit more kind to others that cross our path, and who also will soon have finished their fellowship with us. Of we have done our best to aid and comfort those who have been called home, we have a right to dwell on these memories with a sense of joy and comfort.

Every experience of this sort should also urge us to greater watchfulness and diligence in our own sphere, in the light of this unanswering evidence , that day for us to draweth to a close, and we should be like that servant , which is watching for the homecoming of his Master , that he may be able to make an accounting of his stewardship with joy and not in sorrow ad despair.

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