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TAMPICO TORNADO March 10, 1911


Ralph FERRIS died quite suddenly last week Thursday evening at 11 o'clock only a few hours after suffering a stroke of apoplexy which came while he was watering the horse in the barn about 8 o'clock in the morning. Mr. BOYDEN  a neighbor happened to be hitchiing up his horse in the alley and hearing groans as if some one were in distress went into the barn and found Mr. FERRIS stricken but still conscious and able to speak to Mr. BOYDEN who at once called Mrs.Albert FERRIS, the sick man's wife being sick in bed. By the tiime they and a physician reached the barn again he was unconscious and nver regained consciousnes after being carried into the house on the lounge, his pulse grwoing weaker until he passed away at 11 o'clock.

Thje funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Methodist church. Rev. POTTER officiating. A quartette consisting of Messrs. Robt. and Jack HELLIER, James JOHNSON and Frank BUREN sang several selections. There were a large number of floral tributes from relatives and friends and the church was completely filled with people to pay their last respects to the diceased. Interment was in the Tampico cemetery and the following were the pall bearers: F. G. BOYDEN, A. T. GLASSBURN, T. A. CURNOW, George JACKSON, C. R. ALDRICH, Wm. RUCK.

Ralph FERRIS was born August 29, 1853 at Metamore,  Indiana, and in 1871 he came to Illinois with his parents who settled on a farm near Tampico. Here he made his home until he was married to Miss Ina I. GLASSBURN, Feb. 5, 1885 after which they moved to a farm in Montmorency where they lived until 1892 when they came here which has been his home since that time. One child was born to this union, Mabel D., now Mrs. Earnest CLAPPER who lives east of Tampico. Mr. FERRIS is also survived by his wife, and four brothers and one sister as follows: Albert of Tampico, John S. of Sterling, Noble of Fabius, Mo., and Edwin D. of Adelia, Nebr., his siter, Mrs. Mary P. GLASSBURN resides in Tampico.

Mr. FERRIS was a very industrious energetic man and one of the best citizens of the community who attended strictly to his own affairs and never spoke in a derogatory manner of any ones character. He was just in his dealings and was a man who always kept his word being slow to promise and punctual to fulfil. During the two years of his life when his health was poor he bore his burdens and afflictions in silence and mingled with friends and relatives in his old cheerful manner. Truly a good man has gone and he will be missed in the community by his many firneds who tender their sympathy to the relatives.

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