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Venerable James Davis Dies On Christmas Shortly After Family Reunion

Children and grandchildren who gathered at the home of the venerable James E. Davis had scarcely finished their merry making and big dinner**** with his honor and presented him with a gold watch when the Christmas *** ****** *** melted into black sorrow by ****sudden death about 5 o'clock in the **ning. He had been complaining **** ek about rheumatism and on ****mas evening went out to assist **** the chores. He went into the ***house with a bushel of corn for *** pigs and his son Earl noticing that *** did not ***** *** promptly went in *** found him lying flat on his face unconcious. He was removed to the house and Dr. WAHL summoned but was dead before the doctor reached the house five miles from here. His death was due torheumatism of the ***rt from which he was a sufferer. ***funeral service will be held Saturday at 10:30 at the Baptist church. ****Wright officiating. Interment **** the Tampico cemetery.

**** passing of James E. Davis *side loses another pioneer, as ****tled near Swan Lake east of *** in 1856, about twnety-five years after his birth which occurred Aug. ?7, 1831, in Morgan County Ohio. He ***me here first in 1853 and returned the next year to claim his bride, Miss Phoebe P. Work whom he left behind **** married April 30, 1854. Since 1856 he resided on his farm two miles northeast of here until last year when he moved south of here. For years *** was a school director in his old home district. He was of a good joyful disposition and an upright man esteemed *** his acquaintances. He leaves a *** and six children as follows: **** L, De Rothral, Erwin C., ***** Dora Williams and Mrs. Ef****

Tampico Tornado
Jan. 3, 1903

The funeral services of the alte James E. Davis were held Sunday morning at 10:30 in the Baptist church Rev. C. G. Wright preaching a very touching sermon. a large concourse ofsorrowing relatves and friends were present at the services. Interment was in the Tampico cemetery.

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