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Tampico Tornado, June 26, 1919

Submitted by Les Niemi
Tampico Tornado
June 26, 1919

Wayne GLASSBURN, a young man and a member of two of the old and prominent families of this community and also a grandson of the father and founder of Tampico, died at his home here last week Thursday afternoon bout 11 o'clock after a year's sickness of tuberculosis which affected his bowels principally and made it impossible for him to retain sufficient nourishment to make a successful fight against the slow but sure advance of this disease, although he made a splendid fight, and his relatives gave him the best medical treatment that money could buy including experts advice and examination, good nursing, treatment in sanitariums and loving, watchful, tender care.

Funeral services were held last Saturday at 10 o'clock at St. Mary's church conducted by Rev. L.X. DuFour and internment was in St. Mary's cemetery. There were a large number of relatives and friends present to pay their last respects to the deceased and express their sorrow at the death of one who was cut down in the bloom of manhood. The following young men acted as pall bearers: John and Thomas DARBY, Tom COLLINS, Richard KELLY, Geo. BURDEN Jr., Guy ELMENDORF.

Francis Wayne GLASSBURN was born Nov. 23, 1893 in Tampico and was the third son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred GLASSBURN the former being the son of the late J.W. GLASSBURN the founder and father of Tampico. He secured his education in the Tampico schools and later took a course in embalming in Chicago. He went to work in Ames, Iowa in 1915 for Adams Furniture Co. and a year later entered business in that city for himself which he successfully conducted until March 1918 when he sold out and went to work for a large firm in Chicago. While there his health broke down and he came back to Tampico in July 1918. He was married to Lillian SEEKMAN in Geneseo, April 21, 1915 to which union one child, John Wayne was born in March 1916 and who with the stricken young wife survive. He is also survived by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. ALDRICH, and his mother Mrs. H.A. TERRY, a half sister Mary Ellen TERRY, and his brother Harold who reached home from overseas duty just about ten days before Wayne died and it was a source of satisfaction to the family, the brother who had been in active fighting in France and the deceased that both were permitted to live to see each other. Wayne's father who was a well known citizen of Tampico died in 1900. Universal sympathy had been expressed for the relatives who have been under a double strain the past year. Wayne was sick and it was apparent that in spite of anything that could be done by doctors, nurses or treatment in the sanitariums that the disease woud conquer and while he was gradually growning worse Harold his bother was facing Hun bullets in France with a possible prospect of never returning. When the armistice was signed the relatives hoped and prayed that the son in France would reach his bedside before the summons came and the meeting to the two brothers was most tender and touching.

Wayne while in his health was considered a good business man and was making good until his poor health so sapped his activities that he had to reluctantly give up when prospects were the brightest and when the future with all its promises was bright. He was a good, steady reliable youne man and his taking at the age of 25 has made a deep impression on relatives and friends.

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