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TAMPICO – Funeral services for MRS. LOUISA DENISON were held Saturday afternoon at two o’clock at the late home. A large number of relatives, neighbors and friends gathered to pay tribute to one of Tampico’s much loved pioneer mothers. The abundance of beautiful flowers expressed affection, reverence and sympathy.

REV. F. T. PALM conducted the services, reading familiar passages of scripture, including the 23rd Psalm and the first 30 verses of the 107th Psalm. REV. PALM used for the text of his message the 30th verse, “Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven.”

Relatives attending the casket were HENRY KOLB, ASA STEWART, R. P. LOUDENBURG, JOHN SHERE, VERNON DENISON and LEROY STEWART. Interment was made in the Tampico cemetery.

Among the relatives and friends attending from a distance were: MR. & MRS. LEWIS WELLS, MR. & MRS. DAN OWENS, MR. & MRS. A. C. WOODRUFF, MRS. NETTIE LOFGREN, MRS. ALICE MYERS of Pecatonica, Ill.; MR. & MRS. H. H. DENISON of Madison, Wis.; MR. & MRS. LLOYD NEWTON and MRS. JESSIE NEWTON of Winnebago; MRS. L. E. BURCH of Caledonia; MR. & MRS. IRVING DENISON of Erie; MRS. JOHN DOROTHY and MR. & MRS. ANTON ROSS of Prophetstown; MR. & MRS. LEE DOW of East Moline; MISS EMMA FALLEN and MRS. MAY STEADMAN of Sterling; and MR. & MRS. FRED PEDERSON of Rock Falls.

Sketch of Life

LOUISA A. NEWTON, daughter of WINTHROP & MATILDA WELLS NEWTON, was born April 30, 1844, at Massena, New York state, and departed this life at her home in Tampico Sept. 1, 1932, at the age of 88 years, four months and one day.

When she was one year old the family moved to Brandon, Vermont, and made that place their home until 1851, when they moved to Illinois and settled in Seward township, Winnebago county, making the journey westward by way of the Erie canal and the Great Lakes. On December 25, 1860, she was united in marriage to HENRY L. DENISON at Seward, Ill. In 1863 she and her husband moved to Tampico township and occupied the H. P. ALLEN farm, now the residence of MR. & MRS. JACK SHERE. After a short time they purchased the farm just north of the cemetery, and here they resided until in advanced age they retired from the farm life and made their home at the present location, and where Mr. Denison passed away Jan. 21, 1925.

She was the mother of seven children: ELMER, who died in infancy, LESLIE W., NEWTON E., TRACY E. and MRS. LUNA CUMMINGS, all of Tampico; MRS. ELLEN M. STEWART of Grand Forks, N. D., and HERMAN H. DENISON of Madison, Wis. Her only ssiter [sister], MRS. MARTHA SEATON, preceded her in death several years.

Besides her children she leaves to mourn her loss six grandchildren, MRS. JACK SHERE, ASA STEWART, MRS. LOIS KOLB, MRS. R. P. LOUDENBURG and RICHARD and VERNON DENISON; eight great grandchildren: LEROY, HAROLD, MERLE and JEAN STEWART, JACKIE KOLB [JOHN L. KOLB] and RALPH PETER LOUDENBURG, JR., HARRY FRANCIS LOUDENBURG and MILTON DAVID LOUDENBURG, and a number of distant relatives.

She was lovingly known as “Grandma Denison” to the residents of Tampico, where she spent 69 years of a useful life. In the early days when the country was new and neighbors few, she went far and near to minister to the sick and gave up this labor of love with regret when the infirmitives of age made it necessary. During the last three years of her life she was nearly helpless and obliged to spend a part of her time in bed, but was cheerful and uncomplaining and clear of mind until the end.

She was tenderly cared for during her declining years by her son TRACY, who made his home with her and did all in his power to make her last years as pleasant and peaceful as possible.

One of the pioneer settlers of Tampico, she lived to see the raw prairie become well tilled farms surrounding a neat little city of modern conveniences. In all of which she had a part, and her passing brings to an end a life of service to her family and the community, and one honored and respected by all.

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