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Obits > 1918 Minnie (Joern) Kolb

Submitted by Lynn Kolb

Tampico Tornado
May 30, 1918 written in ink


MRS. JOHN KOLB died quite suddenly last Saturday morning at 7:20 at the family home in the northwestern part of town. Although her health had been very poor for the past four years and her condition for the past two weeks had been bad, the end was not expected so soon and her sudden death was a shock to the relatives and friends. Death was caused by tuberculosis.

Short funeral services were held at the home at 1:30 o’clock and then at the Methodist church, REV. H. C. BROWN officiating. Music was very appropriately rendered by the Glee Club choir of which Henry, the eldest son of the deceased has been a faithful leading member. The pall bearers: M. R. LYON, CHAS. SMITH, IRVIN HAYES, EARL HALL, J. KIRST and GEORGE ISHERWOOD were members of the Mystic Lodge of which the deceased was a member and held insurance for $1000. Members of the class of 1918 and also members of the High school and MISS BARGER attended the funeral services in a body. There were a large number of beautiful floral tributes among them being pieces from the Mystics, High school, friends and relatives. Interment was in the Tampico cemetery.

MINNIE JOERN was born April 9, 1879 in Germany and was but thirty-nine years of age at her death May 25. She came to this country at the age of four with her parents and has resided most of her life in Chicago where she was married Feb. 22, 1899 to JOHN KOLB. Five children were born of this union, three of whom: HENRY a member of the High school class of 1918, CLARA and GEORGE with the husband and her parents, MR. & MRS. FRED JOERN of Chicago survive. Two children died in infancy.

The family came to Tampico from Chicago in September 1911 and although her health had never been the best she has all through her aches, pains and physical discomforts been a mother in every sense of the word to her children and she had looked forward with particular anticipation and joy to her eldest son’s graduation…[partially torn off]…she was going to set her strength for that occasion when most unexpectedly the silent messenger called Saturday and the anticipation of an occasion of joy and rejoicing in the Commencement time was turned to one of mourning and has fallen especially severe on Henry who has been one of the leading members of the High school and during all his school days has tenderly cared, comforted and nursed his mother and helped with the family cares relieving the father of some of his burdens and permitting him to be [with]out his daily tasks. She was bap[tize]d and confirmed in the German …eran church and remained a …er until death. Schoolmates, …ates and everyone extended to …[mot]herless children, the stricken … and the grieved parents their [sympath]y in this their hour of deep …[sorrow?]

[This is the end of the obit; a small bit is torn off in places]

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