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Tampico Tornado, Friday, December 13, 1907 Page 1, Col. 4


Willard Lutes Dies Quite Suddenly in Estancia Where He Resided for His Health

The community was quite shocked ***** afternoon when James STURM received a message from Estancia, New Mexico, telling of the death in that place on Sunday of Willard LUTES, son-in-law who formerly resided ***** miles west of town. His death was unexpected although he was in poor health.

The remains were brought to Bradford, the deceased's old home where a funeral was held Thursday. On receipt of the message here, Mrs. STURM and Roy McKENZIE left for **** to meet the stricken wife ***** was enroute to Bradford with the *******.

The deceased was thirty-nine years old and was born in New Jersey. He resided at Bradford before moving ****on his father-in-law's farm. Two years ago on account of lung trouble he moved to New Mexico where his health had seemed to be some better. He was a Knight Templar, an Odd Fellow and member of the Eastern Star and also belonged to the Methodist church. The deceased was a man of excellent character and was loved and liked by all who knew him for his gentle, pleasing manners. The wife and little daughter are the surviving members of the family who have the entire sympathy of every one here in their trying hour of grief in a strange land. A fuller obituary will be published next. Week.

Tampico Tornado
Friday, December 20, 1907
Page 1; Col. 1


Particulars of the Sudden Death of  Former Tampico Man at Estancia, New Mexico

The death of Willard P. LUTES which occurred Dec. 8, at Estancia, was particularly sad. After residing in the dry climate of the south west for two years and when relatives and friends were joyful in the h ope that the invigorating air was healing the  the tender tissues of his affected lungs, death came with a terrible swiftness and at an unexpected time. Mr. LUTES was feeling better than usual the day preceding and on the day of his death. Arising on Sunday morning, he felt very cheerful and ate a hearty breakfast after which he started to the barn to do the morning work. Mrs. LUTES heard a sharp yell of pain and distress and saw the happy, cheerful, husband of a few minutes before, seated on a box in the throes of death caused by a severe, unexpected hemorrhage. Reposing in her arms he passed away in a very few minutes while the little six year old daughter was running to the neighbor's some distance away for help.

The shock was a severe one to Mrs. LUTES because he left the house feeling well and had not passed out of the sound of he voice until she was called to hold  him while he passed into the sleep eternal.

Services were held in th Methodist church on Monday at Estancia and were in charge of the Masons and Odd Fellows jointly. The stricken wife left the same day with the remains for Bradford, Illinois, their old home which was reached Wednesday night. The funeral services were held there last week Thursday at 10 o'clock at the Methodist church, the Masons and Odd Fellows attending in a body, former having charge of the services at the grave in the Bradford cemetery. There were a number of beautiful ******offering from the orders ************************. Mrs. LUTES came here with her mother and Roy McKENZIE who had met her at Kansas City. The terrible ordeal through which she passed has completely prostrated her and she lies heart broken at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James STURM.  The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the stricken lady and the fatherless little girl who both loved papa so dearly.  It is hard to see any silver lining in the black cloud that has settled over their happy home but may we all believe that He who has taken know why and best.

Willard Proctor LUTES was born July 14, 1898 near Fairmont, N. J., where he resided until he was sixteen years of age when he came to Bradford, Illinois, and worked on a farm and also farmed for himself until 1898 when he began work as a brick mason. He was married to Miss Elsie STURM March 21, 1900 and they settled in Bradford where Marie, the only child was born March 16, 1901. About this time he was first bothered with a cough which developed in the course of several years into lung trouble resulting in his death in spite of the best medical assistance that money could command and in spite of tender loving care and also  a change of climate. Everything was done but the disease slowly baffled all attempts and finally claimed him. Mr. and Mrs. LUTES moved here in 1902, occupying her father's farm four miles west of town and they resided there until it was thought best for his health to go to  the southwest and after visiting several localities he finally established his home at Estancia, New Mexico, where his wife joined him. They resided there about two years and the relatives and his many friends were hopeful that the dry climate of the southwest was healing his lungs and were terribly shocked at his sudden end.

Mr. LUTES was a man whom everyone liked. To become acquainted with him resulted in loving the splendid, manly, upright, lovable character of the man. He not only has many friends in Tampico and Bradford but during his short stay in New Mexico where people are in a measure calloused to the sufferings incidental to lung troubles, his pleasing manners and character had so commended themselves t the inhabitants of his new home that they sent one of their number,  Sherman JOHNSON from Estancia to Bradford to assist the widow in her lonely journey across a half dozen states.

Mr. LUTES was a man who thought lots ********************************************

*****end of obit*****

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