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Marriages & Engagements > Sept 14, 1878 - Marriage Licenses Issued in Whiteside Co.

Sept. 14, 1878
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Marriage licences issued from the County Clerk's office for the week ending Wednesday, Sept. 11:
Louis Wolf to Amanda O. Brookfleld.
George Sqire to EmmaJ Kennedy.
Stephen Baxter to Lucy K. Curry.
George H. Feldmann to Rosina Mack.
Emanuel J. Garrison to Mrs. M. T. Martin.
Jas. T, Hegunin to Mrs. Martha J. Wright.
George Holger to Mina (Hanlee?)
Wm A. Panamore to Mrs. Elizabeth Pierce.
A. T. Glasburn to Minnie V. Smith
J. D. Conye to Mrs. Amanda S. Taylor

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