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Tampico Tornado, Sat., July 1, 1893

Stewart - Gifford

At the home of the bride's parents, in tampico, Ill., Thursday evening, June 29th, 1893, by Rev. Geo. Wels, Mr. Frank R. Stewart of Hume, and Miss Ella L. Gifford, of Tampcio.

The ceremony was witnessd by a goodly number of relatives and friends of the contracting parties. At eight o'clock the bridal party entered the parlor and took up their station beneath a large bell, made of evergreens an flowers, which was suspended from the ceiling in the northeast corner of the room, in full view of the spetators who whitnessed the ceremonies. After those pressent had extended their congratulations teguests were imvited to the dining room, hre awaited them a substantial supper.

After supper the guests listened to fine instrumental music by Mrs. Wahl and Mrs. H** Willett on the piano. Miss May Myers sang a peice in her usualy fine style and then Rev. Wells took his seat at the piano and his song was well rendered. He hadly finished before the attention of all was attracted out door, where in front of the house on the lawn the Tampico Band had taken its station, and as the sweet strains of music *******and then Rev. Wells and Dr. Wahl executed a drum solo, upon the bass and snare drums with telling effect. The bride and groom gave the band a hearty welcome and in return were extended the congratulations of each and every member.

Frank R. Stewart, the groom, is a young man of exemplary habits, of sterling worth and high integrity. He is a farmer and promises to be a successful one. He is highly esteemed by all and a favorite in the circles in which hemoves.

Miss Ella L., the bride, is the second daughter of editor Gifford. She is a young lady of refinement, is of a social and pleasant turn and has many warm and true friends.

The happy couple will commence housekeeping immediately, at the homestead farm, the house having been newly refitted and furnished for them. To their new home they will go, not only accompanied by many a fine and substantial gift, but will have the well wishes of a large circle of friends, who wish them a hearty "God Speed," and that their days may be many and full of sunhine and happiness.

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