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Submitted by Les Niemi


December 21, 1906


Miss Maggie STURM and Roy McKENZIE Wedding Took Place There Dec. 8

News of the marriage of Miss Maggie STURM and Roy McKENZIE which occurred at Santa Fe, Saturday, December 8, reached here last week and came as a decided surprise to the many friends. The wedding was quite romantic in that the bride left here with her parents for their home at Estancia, New Mexico, the Tuesday preceeding and Mr. McKENZIE left at the same time iwth the partey ostentatiously to visit his sister at Kirksville, Missouri, instead he continued with them and xxx xxx Fe, the second oldest xxxx xx xxx United States they were xxxxxxx xxx and wife.

The wedding took xxx xxx xxx Presbyterian manxxxx xxx and was perfxxxx xxx xxx xxxxterian pastor, xxxx xxx xxx the ceremony thxxx xxxxx parents, xxxx a sister of the xxxx Miss Exxxx STURM. From Santa Fe the party xxxxxx went to Estancia where a sister of the bride lives and at which place the xxxx bride's parents will make their home xxx xxx. Mr. and Mrs. McKENZIE are expected xxx back home to Tampico about January 1 and will make their home here with his parents for a short time at leasxxx xxxx. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James STURM unil very recently residents of Tampico. Mr. STURM while here was successfully engaged in looking after his farm and sold real estate. She is a jolly, handsome young lady of pleasing appearance and nice manners. The groom is the son of R.H. McKENZIE, a prominent, wealthy retired farmer, he is a young man of steady habits and many friends who other conxxxtions on his romantic xxx xxx wish him success xxx xxx xx he may go with xxxx xxxx.

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