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Submitted by Les Niemi


October 2, 1913

Prominent Couple Married

The marriage of Tracy E. DENISON and Miss Jennie SCOTCHBROOK last week Wednesday proved somewhat of a surprise to all but their close friends and relatives who knew of it. Mr. DENISON and Miss SCOTCHBROOK motored to Rock Falls with Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt CUMMINGS and were married at the Methodist parsonage by Rev. James POTTER formerly pastor of the Methodist church here. The wedding party then returned to Tampico to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry DENISON, the groom's parents, where a good, big wedding supper was served to the relatives and close friends. The Tampico Band of which the groom has long been a member serenaded the couple after the concert[sic] on Main street and the members were invited in where they were also given a fine spread.

The bride has made her home in Tampico for several years and is a splendid young lady in every way being active in church circles and has many friends. The groom is the youngest son of a well known, old family of this community, Henry DENISON and at present is employed as patrolman on the Hennepin canal. He is a steaey [sic] young man of ability and good habits. Many nice presents of cut glass, silver ware [sic], etc., were received by Mr. and Mrs. DENISON who are also receiving the hearty best wishes of all their friends for many happy years.

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